22 September 2007

Close but...

Another close loss for the Rebels against a Top 25 team. There is a lot of discussion on moral victories on the chat boards. Some folks are sick of them, others are really proud of our team. I fall somewhere in between.
I am really proud of the way the Rebs played today. No one, not even the coaching staff's wives thought we could beat Florida. Florida averaged just over 55 points a game before today's game. 55 points! WOW. To hold them to 30 and have a chance to beat them in the end, I think anyone would take that scenario. It didn't work out. It hasn't worked out the last 4 or 5 times in these situations. But, folks, if we keep playing this way, it will happen.
Yes, I am disappointed in a loss. A win today would have been huge for our program. A close loss, while surprising, is a loss. However, after today, I feel much better about the season. I think we can snatch a win or two against teams we are not suppose to win. That coupled with a couple of wins against La Tech and Northwestern State will put us in good position on Egg Bowl day.
Georgia is up next. Hotty Toddy, go get em Rebs!

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Mergz said...

You gentlemen played us very well. So well in fact that I almost got sick.

I know there are no moral victories, but you left an impression on this Gator.

Good luck the rest of the way.


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