22 September 2007

Lowly Ole Miss hopes Florida gets lost.

That is about our only chance, according to ESPN. Today they called us lowly, a few days ago they said the only thing Meyer has to worry about is getting lost in Oxford. Is it me or does it seem the media really loves to pick on us when we are down? Yes, I know, winning would take care of that. Or would it? I remember being called "runts" when we were co-SEC west champs with National Champion LSU in 2003.
Maybe I just pay more attention to Ole Miss, but I don't recall MSU, Notre Dame or other teams being treated this way by the media. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Here are a few things to read while waiting for kickoff:

(Ole Miss fans: Hyped for Florida Game?)

(Ultimate Breakdown of game by Florida Rivals)

Hotty Toddy... Play em hard!

1 comment:

PhilipVU94 said...

Good luck. Got the LF broadcast on right now. Honestly, I don't hold out much more hope than most Ole Miss fans appear to, but it sure would be sweet to see y'all go on to beat some tough opponents this year.

(And it would make it more likely that Coach Orgeron will stick around.... oops, did I think that out loud?)

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