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24 September 2007

Florida fans' thoughts

I've received some e-mails from Florida fans about this past weekend's game. Here is what they are saying:

I made the trip to Oxford for the Gator game as a Gator fan and left a Rebel. Don't get me wrong I am still a Gator but felt a sense of belonging in Oxford. As far as the game goes I, like many Gators, were very impressed with the Rebels! That is quite a team you guys have up there in Oxford. The wins will come, especially if the Rebels keep playing with the "Show Me" attitude that says "you may be the defending National champs, but that was last year." The Rebels are just another reason why the SEC is the toughest conference in the County! Our conference is the closest thing Division 1 football has to a playoff system. Case in point, Auburn was the only team to beat Florida last year and Florida went on to beat the "best team in the country" for the national title. If you can make it out of the SEC then you deserve to play for the title. I'll be watching the Rebs from now on.Hotty Toddy,Lance

You Rebs are a CLASS ACT. We were made welcome everywhere we went. The Grove was a wonderful experience. The students were dressed up and polite. We watched the game from the west stands and had a great time. LSU, Tennessee, and Georgia could take a lesson (Gators too).
A Gator from Gainesville

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