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28 September 2007

Will Georgia be ready?

This seems to be the question that folks in Athens are asking. It seems, according to the Georgia masses, that the only way for Ole Miss to win is if Georgia isn't ready to play Saturday.

Tony Barnhart of the AJC was so sure of a Georgia win he wrote an article on the upcoming Georgia-Tennessee game. He drew a bit of criticism for this and responded with:

Yesterday some of you chastised me for writing about Georgia-Tennessee when
the Bulldogs have a game with Ole Miss on Saturday. That’s a fair criticism. So
let’s talk about it. IMO, the Bulldogs and their fans read way too much into
their Sept. 1 win over Oklahoma State and weren’t ready to answer the bell
against South Carolina. Will last week’s emotional win over Alabama cause
Georgia to come out flat against the Rebels? Georgia is a better team than Ole
Miss and they are playing at home. They need to post a solid win and start
building momentum for Tennessee.

Roger Clarkson of Online Athens says "Ole Miss game could be close". He says "On paper Georgia out-mans Ole Miss at about every position." He goes on to say that Georgia was better in every position against South Carolina as well but lost.

The Georgia Sports Blog wants to see Georgia come out strong against Ole Miss. This would be a good tune up for Tennessee. Paul says:

Basically, I want to see us come out and really set the tone for next week.
We need momentum going into Knoxville because we're facing a wounded animal next
week that has had an off week to get healthy and regroup.As a friend of the blog
stationed in Knoxville said, (paraphrase)"There are 10 coaches up here fighting
to keep their jobs and put food on their table. If Georgia wins this game, UT's
season may unravel and folks are going to get fired. We have to be ready to
match their desperation fueled intensity."

It's hard not to blame Georgia fans and the media for their comments. This won't change until we actually start winning games. Do I think Georgia is as much more talented than Ole Miss as they think they are? No. I think we too have a lot of young talent on our team. However, what we as Rebel fans think really won't matter until we get some more W's.

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