27 September 2007

Q&A with Carolina Dawg

We recently had the chance to ask a few questions to Carolina Dawg (A Georgia Blog) about this week's game.

(1) This will be the first offense we've faced this year that doesn't run some aspect of the West Coast. Tell us a bit about your offense. (style, key players, etc)

Georgia runs a basic set offense, we are one of the few teams in the country that still runs out of the "I" formation. The key players for Georgia are Sean Bailey and MoMass at receiver, Matthew Stafford at QB, Thomas Brown and Georgia's freshman sensation Knowshon Moreno at RB. Georgia uses alot of play action to negate aggressive defense and will occasionally take shots downfield to open up running lanes.

(2) Our offense seems to be much improved this year. We have a balanced attack. What will you do to keep BenJarvus Green Ellis and Seth Adams from having big games?

For Georgia to prevail, the first thing we need to do is stop BenJarvus Green Ellis and force the QB in passing situations on 3rd down. Seth Adams numbers have looked good this season 70/119 for 972 yards 7 TD's and 3 int. Georgia will have to keep pressure on him and not allow him time to find his open receivers.

(3) How are your offensive and defensive lines this year?

Our Offensive line is young this year, we are starting 3 freshmen on the line. However they are holding up fairly well, not allowing a sack against Alabama and only 6 sacks allowed on the season. The defensive line has played well this year. Their play has allowed Georgia to have the second ranked defense in the SEC and 16th ranked defense in the country. The have also manage 9 sacks so far this year.

(4) Where is the best place to tailgate in Athens?

I usually take my 10 year old with me to games and do not participate in much tailgating, so this one I am unable to answer.

(5) What is your prediction for the game?

I see this game playing out much as the Florida game did for Ole Miss. The game will be close for 3 quarters with Georgia pulling away to win by 10 in the fourth quarter. Georgia 31-21.

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Totsi Mantrumpet said...

North Campus is the nicest place to tailgate in Athens--it is the older section of campus, the part nearest downtown (it will remind you of the Circle). I haven't been yet this season, but my friends tell me it is turning into tent city these days, a la the Grove! From the sound of it, Rebel fans will feel most at home there.

As an Ole Miss fan living in Athens, tomorrow is going to be the thrill of the year! YES I think we can do it! NO I'm not betting the farm, but you know what I'm saying :)

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