03 October 2007

Chat with La. Tech fans

I recently stopped by Bulldog Barks & Bytes, a La Tech sports website. I asked a few questions to La Tech fans.

(1) Tell us about your team. What are your strengths and weaknesses this year?
Strengths - QB play, WR's, Kickoff coverage, overall depth. Weaknesses - RB's, TE's, defensive front 7, Punting and Return game--atldawg
We are a team under construction after years of neglect. Strengths -- RB, punter, and a defense which is improved over last year.--Tech77
We are going to air it out like we have always done with Rattay and McCown. We had our top receiver out against Fresno so we had to run more, but he will be back and ready to burn you deep. Two of our other wideouts are small, fast guys. Phillip Beck and Philip Livas can really turn it on and we have been trying to use them more. We will use a lot of nickel and dime defenses to stop the pass and force you to run. The more you run, the more the clock runs and the closer we can keep the game. Bend but dont break defense. We are very experienced in the secondary so we have to depend on them.--Jay

(2) What type of Offense do you run?
Spread formations, 5 wide - to take advantage of our senior QB and talented receiving corp--atldawg
Mostly pro-set. Pretty vanilla.--Tech77

(3) What are LA Tech's Keys to victory in this game?
We probably dont have much of a chance, we have to create at least 5 turnovers--atldawg
our best chance at victory is your inept head coach. You guys have SEC/BCS talent. We have the left overs after you guys and the upper crust CUSA teams (Memphis and USM) get though picking. We are just going up there for a paycheck and have no chance at a W.--maddawg
Win the turnover battle, win time of possession, pass well enough to open up the running game. --Tech77

(4) Is there anything else you would like Rebel fans to know?
Cant comment for everyone, but I think you guys are on the rise. Sure wish you would have beaten Florida--atldawg
We are a work in progress. We believe we will be much better in a couple of years.--Tech77

(5) What are your predictions for the game?
Ole Miss 31, Tech 10--atldawg
Ole Miss 28, Tech 14.--Tech77

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