05 October 2007

The rest of the season

Ole Miss is coming off one of the hardest stretches in college football with only 1 win and 4 loses. With a 1-4 record and the rest of the schedule slightly easier how well can the Rebels finish?
Any schedule in the SEC is a tough one. However, throw in a good top 25 OOC team and two top 10 rotating Eastern Division teams and you have a nightmare schedule on your hands. The Rebels have played their hardest foes, minus LSU, for the season but with Alabama, Auburn & Arkansas upcoming can the Rebels squeeze out a few victories?
Here is how the rest of the season breaks down:

Louisiana Tech: Ole Miss is favored in this game and probably should win. However, LA Tech has a spread offense which has given Ole Miss problems this year. I think the Rebels win this one and move to 2-4.

Alabama: Yes Alabama has Saben. Yes they started off well. However, they have started to falter lately. This is mainly due to the fact that they have a young team. They also have some line issues on both sides of the ball. Alabama always seems to somehow beat Ole Miss. I think we win our first conference game against Bama. The Rebels move to 3-4.

Arkansas: Arkansas looks flat and unmotivated this year. If they play this way in Oxford we win this one as well. Ole Miss has been very poor this year against the run and well we all know about Arkansas's running game. I think the Rebels will probably lose this one and move to 3-5.

Auburn: Auburn looked poor at the start of the season. They looked much better against Florida. I haven't been impressed with their offense this year. I think we have a good shot of winning this game but in the end I think we come up short. Rebels will move to 3-6.

Northwestern State: Not much to say. We should win this one. Rebels move to 4-6.

LSU: LSU is the best team in the country. Yes they are a rival and we took them to overtime last year in Baton Rouge. I think we can keep this one close. However, I think LSU will win. Rebels will move to 4-7.

Miss. State: Mississippi State is playing better this year. I still believe we have the better talent and will win this game in Starkville. Ole Miss will finish the year 5-7.

If the Rebels can pull off wins against both Arkansas and Alabama then we have a great shot of finishing with 6 wins. Of course it all has to start with a win this Saturday.

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