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16 October 2007

Faulkner for a mascot, the play and more

A few stories floating around:

ESPN discusses "the play". This was a pretty fair assessment of the situation.

CBS throws out the suggestion that Ole Miss should have Faulkner as our new mascot. -- Let me think about this idea for awhile and get back to you.

College Hoops says Ole Miss is the 143rd best basketball team in the country this year. -- What are these guys Smoking?

1 comment:

tennreb said...

The Faulkner mascot isn't a half bad idea. After all, he was a true rebel, and he supposedly wrote Hotty Toddy. Will they have a Faulkner roaming the sidelines? It will allow Ole Miss to keep the "Rebels" name, using Faulkner as the rebel. I sure miss Colonel Reb, though.

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