14 October 2007

States: Year to date

National Rank:98th 113.71 per game
SEC Rank: 12
Arkansas: (nat/SEC) 3/1

National Rank: #45 243.3 per game
SEC Rank: 4th
Arkansas: (nat/SEC) 110/11

Total Offense:
National Rank: 80th 357.00 per game
SEC Rank: 8th
Arkansas: (nat/SEC) 21/2

Scoring Offense:
National Rank:95th
SEC Rank: 12th
Arkansas: (nat/SEC) 19/4

Rushing Defense:
National Rank:98th 194.57
SEC Rank: 11th
Arkansas: (nat/SEC) 63/8

Pass eff. Defense: 127.63
National Rank:68th
SEC Rank: 11th
Arkansas: (nat/SEC) 6/3

Total Defense:
National Rank:95th 436.57
SEC Rank: 12th
Arkansas: (nat/SEC)

Scoring Defense:
National Rank: 68th 27.43
SEC Rank: 11th
Arkansas: (nat/SEC) 41/8

1 comment:

Stephen said...

No, Ole Miss touched it first. Hell if ya'll can't win the game with the way Alabama played, you didn't deserve it anyway.

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