19 November 2007

Egg Bowl Week

It's Egg Bowl week again. No bowl game for us but we can keep the Dogs from going as well. If I am not mistaken in order to get an at large bid a team has to have at least 7 wins. No matter it's nice to beat State.

The LSU game was interesting for a while. It was nice to see the Rebs on National TV and in HD for the first time this year. Every football fan watched part of the game. All my friends up here in Ohio saw part of it. So it was good exposure.

Congrats to the University for getting the Presidential debate in 2008.


Anonymous said...

GO TO HELL OLE MISS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

domesticfailure said...

I was disappointed to learn that the Egg Bowl will not be televised. This year should be an outstanding game, as both teams have shown their potential strength. Regardless of who wins, it will be a game worth seeing.
A Dawg fan

Seth said...

The Egg Bowl will be on LF sports this year. It's not national but if you have game plan or live in the South you can watch it.

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