21 November 2007

My favorite Egg Bowl

I've lived through a lot of Egg Bowls. (34) I have several favorite games. My first year at Ole Miss was an exciting game. MSU had numerous attempts within our 10 yard line in the last few moments to tie us in 1992. They failed. Then there was the immaculate deflection. I am not sure what year that was, but I don't remember the game.
My favorite game however was in 1997 when TT , with a gutsy call, went for two to beat MSU 15-14 in Starkville. Both teams were decent that year and the winner had the upper hand in going to a bowl game. We went on to beat Marshall in the Motor City Bowl.

What is your favorite Egg Bowl?


Mommy Cracked said...

Any game that Ole Miss wins! LOL! But I'm more partial to when Eli was playing...those were the glory days!

riplag said...

The Immaculate Deflection! I was blessed to be in the west side just even with the back line of the end zone. I almost got up and left because the Dogs Cosby was a great kicker. The ball was dead center and the 2 officials started to run up thru the end zone lifting their arms to show the kick was good. When they realized the ball landed short, the looked at the ball, then up, and then waved it off. What a great feeling!

Ethanator1088 said...

I would have to say the 99 Egg Bowl.

Anonymous said...

My favorite Egg Bowl has to be this years!!! Ole Miss was dominating the game with one touch down until the fourth quarter and finally MSU, with nine minutes left in the game, came back to win 17 to 14. What a lovely game. It had a great and exciting ending!! Way to keep the fans on their toes!!! GO STATE!!!!

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