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29 June 2008

How we are perceived: Big East

Last year the Hotty Toddy Blog ran a series on how others perceive Ole Miss. We interviewed fans from the Big Ten and the PAC 10. This year we are bringing this series back. We will start with the Big East.

This year Ole Miss will receive the most national and international attention since James Meridith enrolled back in 1962. Hopefully the media will show just how far our University has come since those dark days in the 60's. Our national image not only affects how others feel about us but it also can seep into the minds of possible recruits.

The series last year was a bit surprising (both good and bad). How we are perceived varied greatly from state to state. As we start out this series that seems to still hold true.

Let's start out with Pittsburgh and Rutgers. New Jersey and Pennsylvania are border states. However, their view of us is as far apart as the lonely 5 hour drive on the Pennsylvania Turnpike that separates Pitt from Rutgers.

First stop Pittsburgh:
(1) What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Ole Miss?

The cracks me up -jrghoul

Nothing really stands out. I guess either Eli Manning, or the unique sounding name.-Or

Unfortunately for ya'll, the first thing that comes to mind is fans waving Rebel flags.-DreamBackfield

If people referred to you as Mississippi or UMiss then maybe it would be better. A University's primary goal is education and then likely research and I just don't see a sentence like: Did you hear about that Cancer breakthrough at Ole Miss?
The first thing that comes to mind is a guy dressed like Colonel Sanders with that string tie smoking a Cigar dressed in a lab coat. I'm not
trying to be condescending here but there is a lot of value in the name.-mdpitt

Archie Manning and the rebel flag. Not necessarily in that order.-wbrpanther

Hot chicks-NTOP

I rarely think about Ole Miss at all.-handbrew

first thing i think of is that they play in the SEC.-johnwwool

Eli Manning-panther94

Goofy looking Eli Manning-Allegenee

It's hard to think about Ole Miss without thinking of Manning.-Panthe...othead

Rebel Flag-IanZiering

BurghGuy68 postED this picture:
Col. Reb and Ed O. ripping his shirt off-woodshedpanther

Used to think Eli Manning, now I think Michael Oher since I just read "The Blind Side" recently. Be interesting to watch his progress this year and into the NFL draft.-BuckNaked1

Faulkner, Grisham, Manning-geriga

Hot, Humid. Eli, Archie.

The rebel Flag controversy. Then the Mannings.

The logo on the helmet. And, Eli Manning falling on his @$ on 4th down against LSU to lose the SEC west title.-ShadySideUP33

First thing? Thing Grisham's book "A Time For Killing". I think Mssissippi Burning. Seriously

I confuse Ole Miss and Mississippi State-dk16000

Manning and if I think back some great teams under Vaught.-

Definitely Archie Manning and the memorable seasons he helped produce back in the 60s. William Faulkner is still my favorite author, anywhere. Red beans & a student I must've eaten a ton of that awesome food! Played a lot of pool down at the Greyhound bus station too. I don't think about the negative racial stuff that is the first thing a lot of people conjure up when thinking about Mississippi as a state. There are rotten people everywhere but I think Mississippi has some excellent citizens that should get as much attention as the losers
portrayed in films..I went to ole Miss for a semester before a death in the family necessitated my return to Pittsburgh. It's a beautiful school/campus and I loved it all but the extreme heat. -PantherMan53

Beautiful southern women, the Rebel Flag and the Mannings.-

(2) What are your feelings about Ole Miss?

Always fighting an uphill battle....especially against some of the big money in SEC land. -jrghoul

Neutral. I follow my in-laws and cheer for Kentucky (after Pitt, of course), so I guess by default I should hate Ole Miss, but since Ole Miss is average at best, there is little reason to love or hate them.-OriginalEther

Usually root for Mississippi St. in the Egg Bowl. See above. Also, I view Ole Miss as a program that could never be successful in the SEC because of the presence of Florida, Georgia, Alabama, etc.-DreamBackfield

As far as sports I think of a school that always has good athletes and a gameday experience that's great. Ole Miss brings emotions of the past instead of moving ahead to the future. That's my ten cents worth of
Market Research.-mdpitt

None at all.-NTOP

No feelings, positive or negative. I know Ole Miss exist that's it.-handbrew

no real feelings. a school we don't play. a school we probably won't play unless the bowl gods align themselves in such a way where it could happen in a bowl game.-johnwwool

I don't know a whole lot about Ole Miss. I guess I have the perception that they are not quite at the level of the higher tiered SEC schools, but they are scrappers. They are the kind of team that will beat you up win or lose.-panther94

Neutral. I feel like they're OK in football. Struggle a bit. Moments of glory. Kinda like us. Know nothing of Ole Miss bball. They must have a team right?-Allegenee

No strong is Ole Miss academically ?-goalieman

Good team in a brutal conference. You'd do better playing an easier schedule (but who wouldn't?). Still, it's tough playing those Big Boys year-in-and-year-out.-Panthe...othead

Rebel Flag-IanZiering

Lower tier SEC school that would probably be better off in Conference USA-woodshedpanther

Complete indifference; tend to root for them as I would any underdog-BuckNaked1

Famous old college in a great college town-geriga

I have no feelings good nor bad towards Ole Miss.

I like the old man lo
go and I love the nickname "Ole Miss" for Mississippi (reminds me of "Pitt" vis a vie Pittsburgh) but other than that I've never given Mississippi much thought.-GeneParmesan

I hate Ole Miss because they lose to the SEC schools I hate. But, I continue to root for the underdog. Ya know?-ShadySideUP33

None. Why would I? I do feel that Ole Miss is one of those schools in a big time conference who contributes NOTHING in the national scheme of things while they throw stones at Big East schools and call us "Big Least". Dude, we would pummel you and our football legacy is significant as compared with yours?-

underdog in an impossible conference-dk16000

I root for you against Miss. St. (the oddly named "Egg Bowl"). Fans who bring cow bells to games scare me.-NJBob

One more thing, you guys did David Cutcliffe wrong!

No feelings either way for them, as an underdog I would like to see them win a bit more.-sjerzpitt2

(3) Would you like to play us in football or basketball in the future?

Football will never happen....I can;t see you guys playing in the NE and I don't think Pitt would want ot play one and done down there.--jrghoul

Sure. It's always good to play (and beat) an SEC team. Agree with the previous poster that it probably won't
happen, though.-OriginalEther

I would love to play any SEC team in football. SEC basketball doesn't excite me.-DreamBackfield

As far as the SEC, everyone likely feels that it's great at Football and everyone beats up on each other during the season. Much like the Big East in Basketball. I always have the perception that the Conference as a whole cheats at all costs to be successful. That being said, it's likely not true. I think that some folks perceive athletes ( in Football ) find a way to get into school in the SEC where they may not qualify elsewhere.-mdpitt

Sure, 2 at Heinz Field, one at Oxford. In hoops, 3 at our house, 1 at yours.-NTOP

There would be no advantage to us in playing any sport with Ole Miss.-handbrew

I'd have no problems with either. One less game for people that whine about Pitt playing a weak schedule. But for football, I just don't see it happening, since Pitt would insist on a game happening in Pittsburgh, but Ole Miss appears to be one of those schools with an irrational phobia of crossing the Mason-Dixon line-johnwwool

I would like to play Ole Miss in football very much. I think a four game series would be great for both programs.-panther94

Sure for football. Probably would be competitive. Don't really care to play you in basketball. If we're playing someone from that far south, I'd rather play Florida or Texas.-Allegenee

A two game home
and home series would be fine in might be a good way for your fans and ours to learn more about each other and our schools......would Ole Miss be willing to come to Pittsburgh for a game ?-goalieman

Football, a home 'n home might be fun. Basketball? No way. No offense, but you don't bring enough to the table.-Panthe...othead


Wouldn't mind playing in football because of the perception of the SEC. But we all know that SEC schools refuse to cross the Mason-Dixon line.-

No - there is no recruiting benefit to playing Ole Miss in FB or BB. No history - no reason to get excited about that game.-BuckNaked1

Yes, I'd rather travel to Oxford than Buffalo-

In Football I'd like to play you guys. It would be a great experience for our players who've never gotten a chance to see that part of the country. I almost signed an NIFL deal with the Tupelo team, and the fans and people I met down their were very nice. It would be nice to see you guys come up here instead of the usual Bowling Green's, Akron's, and Toledo's for NC play.. Basketball, I don't think there is any interest at all.-steelcurtain55

Sure, I'd like to go to a game at Ole Miss. I hear that the Grove is something to behold.-GeneParmesan

Nowadays, I don't see the benefit of playing Ole Miss in any sport.-ShadySide
UP33 Not really. Why?-WeRNotTheirRivals


In FB, on a home-and home basis why not. Not really in hoops.-NJBob

Football? Hell yes! I want Pitt to develop a national OOC schedule. Hoops? No. No real reason, just not interested.-PantherMan53

Yes in football, no in basketball.-

(4)What do you think about the SEC in general?

Best conference in football, but on some levels it has a questionable rep....specifically academics and donor influence. I don't know if the rep is earned, but it's there. You're not the most corrupt conference though, that honor goes to the Big Televen.--jrghoul

It is the stronges
t conference in college football and, while I do hate the South for the most part, I do take pleasure in watching SEC teams beat up on Big 10 teams. Would like to proudly point out that since the raid, the Big East is 7-1 against the SEC (again, I still think the SEC is the strongest conference)-OriginalEther

SEC is unquestionably the best football conference.-DreamBackfield

These are all perceptions not built on facts but a lot of folks may agree. Pitt would love to play you (or any SEC team) but SEC teams do not travel North. That's a fact. I think if more

Northern teams played you these stereotypes would begin to vanish.-mdpitt

FB is tough, BB generally overrated. Lots of cheating in FB.-NTOP

The SEC is good in football, but is far behind the BE in basketball.-handbrew

I think their football is good. I'm impressed with the intensity of their fans. Corrupt? probably, but certainly not any worse than anywhere else.-johnwwool

The SEC is the top conference in football.-panther94

Great for football. Decent in bball.-Allegenee

Very good athletic conference.....whispers of bending the rules.-goalieman

The SEC is a great football conference: from top to bottom, it's the best right now. In basketball it's come a long way. Not too impressed with the SEC's academics; maybe I'm missing something and stuck with the old southern stereotypes?-Panthe...othead

Any league that employs Urban Meyer, Bobby Petrino, and Phil Fulmer is dirtier than a landfill-IanZiering

Dirtiest confere
nce in America and perhaps the most arrogant ... if it weren't for the Big MAC.-woodshedpanther

I think the SEC is a 'win at all costs' conference. But they take a lot of pride in their schools which is admirable; some fans can take it to the point of a cult like addiction.-BuckNaked1

Great league, mainly b/c of its members have no academic standards for athletes-

Great football and all around sports conference.-steelcurtain55

Excellent conference. Probably the best in college football. However, not nearly as dominant as many of your fans/media would have us believe.-GeneParmesan

The SEC plays almost no challenging OOC road games. They play no cold-weather games. They build their teams to win warm-weather bowl games in their home states. The NCAA caters to the SEC and if it doesn't change, then the SEC will continue its dominance in recruiting and winning. Change would be good for everyone, but southerners don't understand such concepts.-ShadySideUP33

Self absorbed cheaters, win at all costs, who forget these institutions were not built for football programs. -WeRNotTheirRivals

unbelievably deep and talented conference-dk16000

Always a strong conference with a lot of ethical issues in their academics.-NJBob

Even though I am a lifelong Pitt Panther fan & alum, I have always loved SEC football, especially the Tennessee, Bama, LSU, Georgia and Ole Miss teams of the late 1960s and early 70s. The players, the legends and college football heroes were too numerous to count. Tennessee and Alabama is the biggest rivalry in college IMHO. The game between Ole Miss & Bama...Scott Hunter vs Archie, I think the score was 33-32 Bama was, is simply a classic. The first game in 1968 on the Vols' new artificial turf, the 17-17 tie...what a ball game. LSU losin
g at Notre Dame 3-0 and then beating the Irish the next year in Baton Rouge 28-8, great stuff! Today however, as everywhere else it seems the classy & classic nature has gone by the wayside as the pressure to win has created an overall unsavory environment in college football. Fans are a lot more ignorant and vile as well, shoot, I'm guilty of that myself at times. But the memories of the old days will always warm me.-PantherMan53

SEC while slimy with coaches does produce some of the most exciting college football in the toughest conference.-sjerzpitt2

(5) Have you ever visited Oxford on game day? If yes, what was your experience? If no, what have you heard about our gameday experience?


I haven't been there. I've heard that it sounds really gay (something about orchids?) but actually is a very cool experience.-OriginalEther

Never been to Ole Miss, but have heard a lot about The Grove.-DreamBackfield

Nope, never been there, heard the tailgating was fancy-schmantzy, but fun. We just drink.-NTOP

The best thing ab
out Oxford is the road leading out of Oxford. Sorry.-handbrew

Nope. No plans to, either. From what I understand, people get dressed up like their going to church or something, that the tailgate scene is a lot more laid back. not that that is a bad thing.-johnwwool

I have never been to Oxford, and have no idea about the traditions of Ole Miss.-panther94

Didn't know they played football in England ;)-Allegenee

Never visited Oxford, Mississippi.......I've heard of the Grove and that you have a very good game day experience....tell us more.-goalieman

Never been there, and don't see myself ever coming down, unless it was for a bowl-related experience. I know you have great tradition, along with most schools in the South.-Panthe...othead

I'm not setting foot in a place that is more likely to have a Klan rally than a good football game.-IanZiering

No, but I've heard it's a great gameday experience largely due to the hot, drunken and slutty ole miss coeds.-woodshedpanther

Never visited, would love to. Have heard its a very traditional Southern town with a great game day atmospher

No, but Oxford is a great place to visit.-geriga

never been on Ole Miss's campus before.-

No, I have never visited Oxford. However a close friend of mine attended Ole Miss and he is still trying to get me to come down for a game. Says that the girls are unbelievable and that the Grove is incredible. If Pitt were to play Ole Miss I would definitely make that trip (as I would if Pitt were to play a home and home with any SEC school).-

Oxford? Is that in England?-ShadySideUP33

No. Hot poon everywhere.-

no, have heard nothing- dk16000

No, but a close friend got his law degree at Ole Miss back in the early '70s. Had a lot of good things to say about the game-day atmosphere for FB. Fans treat visitors pretty well.-NJBob

Yes and it was great! I will always be a John Vaught fan as well. The Grove, the coeds....all classic Southern f
ootball stuff every fan should experience at least once in their lifetime.-PantherMan53

Never been to Oxford on gameday but wouldn't mind seeing it. -

Posters are from
Pittsburgh Panther Football (Scout)
Pittsburgh Lair (Rivals)

On to Rutgers:
(1) What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Ole Miss?

Archie Manning and very dark blue uniforms-

The Girls-

Dixie song and confederate flag -

Both Mannings, for sure, but since I've been watching college football since the early 1950's I remember Jimmy Patton (standout DB for the Giants for many years), the great teams that Johnny Vaught coached and other outstanding players such as Charlie Flowers, who I think played in the late 50's-

Colonel Rebel-

SEC team tons of history but seem to underachieve in the modern SEC. -
Chuch Wilder
The Confederate flag. The school had to ban it being waved in the stadium about 10 years ago, which prompted an increase of Confederate flag waving outside the stadium.-Doctor Worm

The first thing I think of when I hear Ole Miss are the first black students at the university and the Civil Rights movement-

The grove. Supposed to be tremendous tailgating. -

I think all RU fans should send a big thank you to Ole Miss for allowing us to get Coach Chris Rippon! He is going to make such a huge difference on our Special Teams this year it is going to be scary-

The SEC.-

First thing I think of when I hear "Ole Miss", is why do they call it "Ole Miss" instead of "Mississippi". I think the name is especially poor, because it conjures up images of "Old" Mississippi from 40 years ago and earlier. And those images are mostly images of racism and bigotry.-

Eli Manning-

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Ole Miss?
a good ol' Southern University -

Eli Manning and Patrick Willis-

Eli Manning-

Coach Orgeron doing the hulk in front of his players.-

The Mannings, William Faulkner and Johnny Vaught -

Eli Manning and the book Meat Market by Bruce Feldman.-

Colonel Reb & the Confederate flag.-RUJohnny99

Confederate Flag-RUfanS...derson

Deep south/southern plantations, and like Upstream, why Ole Miss is used with every reference (except in formal situations, I suppose)-RUnTeX

I like the name "Ole Miss" earthy name not overly formal. Not a fan of the Confederate Flag...although i try not to be too judgmental about it.-Ru2bnj

James Meredith being barred from admission. Followed by Archie and Eli Manning. Go Giants.-srru86

Eli Manning-goldb80

First thing that comes to mind - probably the Grove.-RUtrumpet92

Ole Miss and Miss State game.-fbc1866

(2) What are your feelings about Ole Miss?

Thanks for our SB MVP Eli-

Same as dizzle-

Beautiful campus,great college town and beautiful coeds-

Very pretty campus with a small-town atmosphere. I keep waiting for Ole Miss to break out after a lot of very average seasons. Coach Orgeron came close but couldn't quite get it done.

Let's see what Ken Hatfield can do-

Love It-

Love the Uniforms, tradition, etc. -
Chuch Wilder

The same feelings I have for the Confederate flag -- and they are not positive. Now I am not saying that is fair. For all I know, the school may now be a shining light of progressive thought, and may have renounced its racist past. But old stereotypes are hard to break.-
Doctor Worm

I also love Ole Miss' uniforms and colors-

Southern. Both the good & the bad that comes with that.-

Have always found myself rooting for Ole Miss.-

My feelings about Ole Miss are tinged by stereotypes of racism from Mississippi's history.
Although I hope that is no longer the case, I really don't know.-

I feel they have great tradition but not great teams anymore.

loved my visit so i have nothing bad to say-

SEC school that should be better than its rival Miss. St.-

I don't think about Ole Miss-

Ole Miss seems like a decent institution with a beautiful campus.-

Very nice campus and your Lyceum is a lot like the Old Queens building is to Rutgers-

Very tough place to win given the strength of the SEC and poor Mississippi schools.-

A really nice school, if you're one of the preferred class.-RUJohnny99


Don't really have feelings one way or the other-RUnTeX

I like the football team's uniform scheme. It seems like a great place to watch a game. -Ru2bnj

Not much different than other large southern public university.-srru86

No feelings good or bad-goldb80

One, I can't see you ever winning the SEC. The in-state talent pool can't compete with the rest of the SEC without drawing from neighboring states, and I imagine the best players in Alabama, Louisiana, etc will prefer to play for LSU, Alabama, or Auburn. If you couldn't win it with Eli, you won't without him.
Two, I've wondered (ever since first arriving at Tech) how you convince some black athletes to attend when the Rebel flag has been prominently featured in the stands for quite some time - plus the mascot evokes images of plantations. I know that image might not reflect the changing reality at Ole Miss. Three, I like the uniforms, and don't mind rooting for you at all. Some of that is my tendency to root for the underdogs. I like the name Ole Miss more than if you called yourselves Mississippi.-RUtrumpet92

Deep South School with alot of tradition (both good and bad). Wondered why they have not been a power player in the SEC the last few years.-fbc1866

(3) Would you like to play us in football or basketball in the future?

I played your bball team when I was in college-

Id love for rutgers to play ole miss in football-


Yes, for sure. I think it would be a great home-and-home series-

Be great-

Love to do a home and home -
Chuch Wilder

Not really.-
Doctor Worm

I would love a home and home series with Ole Miss in both fball and bball, and that goes for
every SEC team except Vanderbilt. I want RU to play it's peers, meaning large state universities.-

I would love to play Ole Miss in anything.-

I would like a home-and-home against Ole Miss, would definitely make the road trip if it weren't too cost-prohibitive.-

Mississippi is not one of the schools I think of when Rutgers talks about toughening its schedule. Mississippi has won 14 games in the past 4 seasons, and finished ranked 80 in last season's Sagarin rankings. Unless Mississippi turns it around, they are not a school which would help Rutgers' strength of schedule.-

I would love to play Ole Miss in Football.-

Would really enjoy a one for one against Ole Miss in football-
Sure if you don't wuss out like every other SEC team when it comes to playing the Big East-RoadCrewFuzz

I think a lot of us RU fans would LOVE playing you guys in football.-

Yes in football-

Yes. Ole Miss is comparable in talent-

In a home & home, sure.-RUJohnny99


Wouldn't mind a home & home in football; rather not in hoops-RUnTeX

I would like to see RU have a home & home with Ole Miss.-Ru2bnj

Sure, why not, but not at the top of my list of schools/places I'd like to play. I would like to periodically get to SEC towns/stadiums but not at the cost of a one and done. With the realities of modern scheduling I'm not so sure it will happen. -srru86

I would like to play you in football-goldb80

Only in a home and home. Definitely would like it in football - winnable (not a gimme, mind you, but competitive), respectable opponent at a site I could easily drive to the game.-RUtrumpet92

I think it would be a good game in Piscataway. I remember the refs during the Women's game need to play in Piscataway.-fbc1866

(4)What do you think about the SEC in general?

I think the top 5 (ufa, bama, lsu, UGA and Auburn)teams are really good, but the other 7 are no greater than other conferences middle of the road teams-

Strongest conference out there and hope one day rutgers can be held in the same standard as some of their top teams-

Best football conference in the land.Crazed loyal fans.-

The SEC is the strongest college football conference in the country, by far. Their fans are very hospitable as well. I've been to Rutgers road games at Tennessee, Alabama and Florida, and we were well-treated at every place-

A true fan, having grown up in Vandy country.-50804742

SEC great conference great rivalries. Entertaining games. Top Notch-
Chuch Wilder

I rarely think of the SEC.-
Doctor Worm

Err keeping it real here, my opinion of the SEC is not that glowing. The SEC is the best conference in football but I find many of the schools and their coaches highly sleazy, and I think there are a lot of under the table payments made to the student athletes. This is not exclusive to the SEC, but IMHO it's most common in the SEC. Not that my opinion means that much to you, but I doubt Ole Miss is one of the prime offenders. To be frank, I find most SEC fans to be unbelievably arrogant about the conference. Yes it's the best, but it's not on some completely different level as many SEC fans would like everyone else to believe. To illustrate, there was a thread last year on the Ole MIss board in which most fans agreed that if the Rebels were in the BE they would win it. Not trying to accuse you personally, 220521, but that is way off base.-

SEC is a tremendous conference, but it gets a positive slant as much as the Big East gets a negative slant. -

Great football conference, by far and away the nations best.-

I think the SEC is a very tough football league, and the toughest league out there. However, it is not as tough as SEC coaches and fans claim it is. I think SEC coaches and fans have confused being number one by a small margin with being number one by a huge margin. The ego of the SEC has probably been stroked by the fact that SEC schools got to play a vastly overrated Ohio State for the last two BCS Championships.-

Best football conference-

SEC - so everybody cheats - nuff said-

I think the SEC is the best conference top to bottom-

Great athletic conference with below average academics-
SEC probably provides the highest level of talent on the field out of all conferences and has great college football tradition.-RutgersLifeR

Very good FB conference but not as good from top to bottom as your fans think it is.-

Great football, lot cheating-

NFL for the south.-RUJohnny99

Great in FB; over rated in BB- love the pagentry of FB-RUfanS...derson

Football is religion in the SEC, which is both a good and bad thing-RUnTeX

Think the SEC is the best football conference..however i think the sports/academic relationship is entirely out of whack.-Ru2bnj

Undeniably great football product on the field. Though hard to shake questions about how that success is achieved at times. SEC basketball is pretty good but can't make the same claim to superiority that football can. -srru86

The deepest conference in the country, I would like to play an SEC team each year-goldb80

SEC - best in football, not as much better as the SEC fans think. I think the conference has more crooked programs than most conferences. Love the rabid fanbases.-RUtrumpet92

The top conference in football, the big east will be knocking on their door in a few

(5) Have you ever visited Oxford on game day? If yes, what was your experience? If no, what have you heard about our gameday experience?

Mississippi guys LOVE their beer but are very kind to strangers-

No, they love their football down there.-

Have been in Oxford,but not on gameday.Saw ole Miss at Tuscaloosa.-

No, but I've seen games on TV. It looks like a great atmosphere

Yes> All four roads into Oxford jammed. Ole Miss fans everywhere-

I personally have not but a buddy of mine said it was a great time. Loved the speed limit in honor of Archie on campus.-
Chuch Wilder

Not in this or any other lifetime. Again, that may be a totally unfair impression, but it is what it is.-
Doctor Worm

Never visited but if we ever played Ole MIss in Oxford I would most certainly be there. Nothing better in college football than road trips to college towns. I have heard the tailgating in "the grove" ( I believe thats what it's called) is among the best in the country.-

I would love to visit Oxford. I have heard great things.-

I have never visited Oxford.-

I have never visited Oxford. I have not heard anything about your gameday experience which is memorable or distinctive. I'm sure your fans are enthusiastic and have a great time.-

Have not visited & not heard much spercifically.-
yes - the Grove was a great time and it was a real good game (you beat the Hogs on espn on Sat nite during Eli's Sr yr)-BuffKnight99

Never been to Oxford, heard and read a lot of great things, especially about the beautiful women at Ole Miss. One other thing, I think you should have given Orgeron another year to let his recruits develop on the field. (Read the book Meat Market)-


Yes to visit but not on game day. Beautiful campus and very nice people but the school is a lot smaller than I expected with under 18k at all levels (if I remember correctly).-


No. The Grove.-RUJohnny99

No and prob would not-RUfanS...derson

Never been but think I'd enjoy a trip down there. The Grove, from what I've heard, it's like 'formal' tailgating - guys in shirt & tie, girls in sundresses.-RUnTeX

No, have never been to Oxford. Have heard it is quite an experience. Most SEC gamedays sound pretty impressive. The only one I've experienced personally is Knoxville. UTenn did not disappoint.-srru86

Never visited, havent heard anything-goldb80

Not yet, and I probably won't unless Rutgers is on the schedule. I hear the tailgating is great (see the answer to #1).-RUtrumpet92

No, heard that it's party time.-fbc1866

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State of Rutgers (Scout)
Scarlet Nation (Rivals)

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