22 July 2008

2008-2009 Basketball Foes

Today the University announced this season's basketball schedule. It is much more exciting than seasons past. I am especially excited about the upcoming game in Cincinnati as I only have to drive 30 minutes to watch the Rebel's play.

Here is the lowdown on the some of the home Out of Conference Foes:

Home Games:
Arkansas St.
Last Season's Record: 10-20

South Alabama
Last Season's Record: 25-7: (NCAA, 1st Round)
Last Season v. Ole Miss: Ole Miss 81 USA 78

Morgan State
Last Season's Record: 22-10 (NIT)

Last Season's Record: 16-15
Last Season v. Ole Miss: Ole Miss 76 UCF 67

West Virginia
Last Season's Record: 24-11 (NCAA)

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