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18 July 2008

Bruce Feldman: Expect more Wins for Ole Miss

We are getting some praise from ESPN as Bruce Feldman writes what most Ole Miss fans already feel. Below is a bit from his mailbag column:

"From Brett in Chicago: I know you've been touting Notre Dame to win a lot more games because of its easier schedule as much as the team is getting older (which sounds a bit like a cop-out to me), but I won't give you a hard time for that. What other mediocre programs are you going to go on record and tout?

Bruce Feldman
: I do expect ND to win at least eight games this year, and I also believe Pittsburgh and Ole Miss will make big jumps forward in the win column. The Panthers get a lot of their key players who were injured back, and they have matured along both lines. Ole Miss gets a huge boost from QB Jevan Snead, the Rebels have a terrific D-line, and their young receivers have kept improving. Vegas agrees with me about the Irish, as this Jeff Haney story explains."

To view the entire column click here.

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