03 July 2008

Can't we all just get along?

Let me start off by saying that I was somewhat surprised in the responses by both the Big East fans and Ole Miss fans. Message boards are a great way to communicate with other fans and keep up with your team. However, no one should expect anything less than the brutal harsh truth from these boards. Most folks when they talk football face to face with their co-workers and strangers really don't say what they think or what they've just posted. For example, I live and work in Ohio. I am an Ole Miss alum and have been a fan since birth. I have a lot of co-workers and friends who are Ohio State fans and a few pull for other Big Ten teams. When I talk football I have to temper what I say. In other words, my co-workers and friends never know really what I think about Ohio State and the Big Ten. It's the polite thing to do as they probably wouldn't like what I have to say. Why can't message boards be more like this?

To all you Big East fans, Ole Miss is a great University and has great fans. If you met any of us face to face we would be nothing but polite about your team. If you came to a game in Oxford, we would welcome you in our tents and feed you our food.

About our team, we may not have been very good over the past 3-4 season but we are very proud of our university and traditions. No we do not wave the Rebel Flag at football games and you will see very few outside the stadium prior to the game. In fact I see more on trucks and cars up here in Ohio then I do on a fall Saturday in Oxford, Mississippi. (I really don't understand why someone from Ohio would have a rebel flag but that's another issue).

We also have a diverse campus. Mississippi has the largest percentage of African Americans in the country. Our African American enrollment is high compared to other Universities.

Are we perfect? No, but who is? We have our scares from history. But you would be hard pressed to find any other university who has changed for the better. Watch the first Presidential Debate (which will be held at Ole Miss) and I imagine you will see tons of stories on how we've changed since 1962.

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