02 July 2008

What Ole Miss fans think about the Big East.

Over the past few days, each Big East football member's fans have discussed their opinion on Ole Miss and the SEC. It's now time for Ole Miss fans to share their feelings about the Big East and its football universities.

(1) What do you think of the Big East as a football conference?

In Football, I
consider the Big East "top heavy" and #6 of the 6 BSC Conferences. Historically, I consider Syracuse, West Virginia & Pitt the top Football schools in the Big East. Louisville being the new kid on the block falls right behind those three. Again, Historically, Cincinnati, & Rutgers have not done that well, and South Florida and UConn are too new to Division I Football for me to really have an opinion.-SnapperReb

The Big East seams to be an up and coming conference. They have had a couple pretty good teams the last couple of years. They always seam to choke at the end though.-chumanfu2000

When I think of the Big East I think "the Big Joke." Their in-conference schedule is so embarrassing I can't believe that WVU was even considered for the National Championship game recently. All offense and absolutely ZERO defense (see Louisville last year). Go check their schedules and tell me that any single team plays more than three truly tough games a year. You can't, so don't bother trying.-MobTown Reb

I feel like it as known as the "Big Least" for a reason. I can't believe that they get an automatic bcs game with that kind of conference schedule.-smokerjoe

not a particularly strong football conference, but a few quality programs. I'm sure Big Easterners don't want to hear this but when I think of the big east as a whole, the only thing that really comes to mind is basketball.-KobanT...barian

When the Big East pops into my head I immediately think the "Big Least" since they've lost the only hopes of being considered with the big boys when Va. Tech and Miami left. The conference wasn't that great then. Look at what Miami's done since facing decent competition. Nothing. That said, there are some high quality teams/programs, just not enough of them. I have to admit that I've become a Rutgers fan with their emergence. Leonard and Rice are two of the most exciting players I've seen and I can't imagine having a more potent backfield duo. The Big East is a good conference, just not great. I hate to say it, but after the re-structuring, it is basically an upgraded C-USA with WVU's gimmick offense as an example. Basically, it's a C-USA/Big East/MAC hybrid. Kick out some of the C-USA teams, get Va. Tech and Miami back, and add Notre Dame and you'd be on par with the Big 10. Pitt messed up by not keeping Harris. USF will probably end up owning the conference with their ability to keep reeling in FL athletes.-whacko

Do they play football? Really? When did that happen?-72reb

USF and Rutgers being good last year. That just sounds weak.-Alry45

I think of how knowledgeless some of those people are. Big East has great Basketball, decent but still poor football, and bad baseball. Don't really give a flip about the Big East other than they need to understand their position, step-child.-Rebel5

Recent luck, but overall suck.-Rebsrockem

I think that SEC fans as a whole give the East as little credit as they can. It's a conference on the rise. WVU and USF are recruiting good speed out of the south and it's a matter of time before Cinci and UConn have good teams year in and year out. I think it steams a lot of SEC fans that the good teams in the Big East are the minority but I don't think that is anything that the fans can help. I think that it's a lot like the PAC 10 in that it is an offense based league with out a lot of defense unlike the SEC. They have some truly inventive offenses in the conference. -KentuckyReb

It is top heavy and has some good offenses with no defenses.-Indiana Rebel

Hard to judge base upon how bad we have been lately. We could have possibly lost to 5 of those teams last year in football. Appears to be a balanced conference. Would like to schedule West Virginia, Syracuse, and Pitt in football. Cincinnati, Louisville, and UConn are very good basketball programs.-GoodOReb

None of the other teams excite me in football. I'm not saying the other team are not "good enough", I would just rather play an ACC team given the choice.-2001OleMissGrad

Thursday night football helps me get through the week.-As I Lay Dying

Up and coming conference that seems to be innovative offensively. Not quite ready for the rigors of BIG league play week after week.-BobbyBacala

Weak conference that is getting better, but could not play with the big boys week in and week out.-tsreb

I will say that the Big East has definitely supplanted the ACC for the right to claim 5th best BCS football conference.-GroveReb84

I think it is is a pretty decent football league. There are some really good young coaches there(USF, Rutgers, Cincinnati). I do not think any of them will be consistently rated among the top 25, with the possible exception of Pitt and USF. Louisville has had some good teams in recent years, but I do not expect them to be that good year in, year out. There is simply not enough talent in Kentucky to keep them there, and it is not realistic to expect them to take elite prospects from surrounding states. USF is located in a goldmine for talent, and it would not be surprise me to see them hang around the top 25. What may really affect them is the re-emergence of Miami. Cincinnati have a good coach there, but play in the shadows of the Buckeyes. It is hard for me to see them much better than what they had last year. Pitt probably has the best chance to stay strong for the next few years. There is a lot of talent in Pennsylvania, and Penn State cannot sign all of it(although they will get the majority of it). Rutgers- I really like their HC. I expect them to stay in the upper half of the league, although some years will be better than others.WVA is on the upswing, but remind me a lot of Louisville in that there is not much high school talent to draw upon there. I expect them to remain competitive, but nowhere close to where the have been recently. Syracuse will likely have to make a decision on a coach after the year. I have enjoyed watching them in the past-especially when McNabb was there.UCONN- I think they are a solid team, and appear to be well coached, but fall in the same boat as the Cardinals and Mountaineers. All around a good conference that will have a lot of teams who will be up and down in the future.-zricz

There is always a few good teams, but top to bottom, its not very strong. -Reb4DaleMurphy

The Big East is a conference trying to redefine itself. If this were the the NBA the Miami, VaTEch and BC for UConn, S Fla, Cincy and Rutgers trade would have never been approved. Those three defections nearly killed the conference.-IronCityReb

The Big East took a big blow when it lost Miami, V Tech and BC, but it's on the rebound. This is not just a one-team conference as some may think. However, WVU is the only team that can consistently compete with the bigger BCS programs right now. Being a BCS school, however, the Big East will eventually bring up some of these former mid-major schools it now has and make them future title contenders. Right now, however, there is no doubt they are the weakest BCS conference.-YeeOleMiss5

I think the Big Least should stick to basketball. WVU is the only team capable of going toe to toe with the top 5 teams in our conference and they may have lots of trouble with them too. Add in a coaching change and there goes your best team. When BC, Miami, and Va. Tech left the automatic Big Least bid should have been revoked.-ozzy2378
A great basketball conference that is starting to have an impact in football. I'd play any of them any time, any where. -mredge

(2) What's the first thing that comes to mind when I mention the following teams and what general impression do you have of each team? Also would you like to play each team in football?

(a) Cincinnati

Struggles to find Football Identity. When I was in school they were everyones Homecoming Opponent. Yes, I'd like to play them.-SnapperReb

What can you say about Cincinnati. They are doing an alright job of trying to be a 1A team. Still have a long way to go. We used to play them when I was playing at Murray State. They were still 1AA then. Hope they have have put a lot of money into the stadium there, it was a rat hole then.-chumanfu2000

Bob Huggins-smokerjoe

Cincy-Bob Huggins-surprisingly good last year in football. Thanks for letting us have Andy-don;t have much desire to play them in football-KobanT...barian

Cincinnati nothing comes to mind-72reb

Bob Huggins, don't really feel one way or another. I guess I wouldn't mind if we played them in football, my jaw wouldn't drop if I saw them on the schedule.-Alry45

I hope they enjoyed Andy, goofed by not hiring him. Impression is better than good. Yes in football. Go Bearcats!-Rebsrockem

Good coach in football. Team on the rise. Thanx for Andy Kennedy.-KentuckyReb

Had a huge win a few years back (I think Ohio State but I'm not sure) really a BBall school.-Indiana Rebel

Steve Logan is/was an animal -As I Lay Dying

Not much in the way of football. Tough traditional basketball school. I wouldn't mind playing them.-BobbyBacala

They have a good year about every five. Defenses have been pretty good at times. Commuter school.-tsreb

They were stupid enough to fire Andy Kennedy and allow us to hire him-Reb4DaleMurphy

The Wake transfer, Mauck, comes to mind. He definitely helped that team post a record that many would have said would be unrealistic. I'd love to play them in football.-YeeOleMiss5

Cincinnati? I didn't even know they had a football team.-ozzy2378
They face a tough row to hoe since they are in a NFL market-mredge

(b) Louisville

Up and coming Football school where Hoops still is priority. Yes, I'd like to play them.-SnapperReb

Louisville has been pretty consistant the last few years. They always seam to have a good QB. When I was going to school in Kentucky the people from the Ville always seamed cocky and wanted people to think Louisville was like a New York or Chicago or something.-chumanfu2000

Rick Pitino-smokerjoe

Basketball-Notorious trash talkers with little to back it up. Patrino. had a brief run of success that allowed them to escape the black hole that is CUSA. I've been to Louisville and it reminded me a lot of millington and frayser. don't care much about playing them in football-KobanT...barian

Louisville Petrino gave them the shaft-72reb

Rick Petino. Im seeing a trend that Big East basketball coaches come to mind before anything related to football. I would like to play them, they have been fairly solid the past couple of years.-Alry45

Over.......Rated. Almost as arrogant as Alabama, without the history. They are equal to Moo U (Miss. State) of the SEC. They have a great baseball coach. Impression is not good. Bring them on in football.-Rebsrockem

lived there for five years. Fans are some of the biggest bandwagoners I've ever been around. They have the biggest chip on there shoulder as far as football I have ever seen, which can be a good thing. I think this is caused by the local UK fans.-KentuckyReb

Good offenses and QB's. Kind of a comuter school.-Indiana Rebel

Riding a pretty good wave of success the last few years in football. I still think of them as a basketball school first. Denny Crum was one of the best coaches in NCAA history. Would love to get a series going with them in both sports.-BobbyBacala

Really had a couple of good years, but no real history. Help prop up their conference-tsreb

Dan McDonnell coaches there, they have one of the best AD's in the country. Recently have had good teams in all 3 sports.-Reb4DaleMurphy

Oy, oh, boy...did Louisville ever find out that a BCS conference is much harder than C-USA. I usually cheer for them, though, b/c my father took some crime prevention technology courses there. Too bad they have to admit they were ever associated with that slime bag, Petrino. I'd play them in a heartbeat.-YeeOleMiss5

They're ok but like another poster said they found out pretty quick that beating up on the Conference of Unwanted Schools of America is a lot easier than playing BCS level opponents (If you can call Big Least conference games "BCS level"-ozzy2378
Excellent AD who seems to make all the right moves. I'm not sure about the present head coach, but the AD will not let a loser hang on too long.-mredge

(c) West Virginia

Traditionally a tough Football team. We owe them one from the Music City Bowl. Yes, I'd like to play them.-SnapperReb

They have been the best for the longest of the whole Big East bunch. Always do pretty well. I remember a few years ago they played Florida in the sugar bowl and I got to go with a Gator uddy of mine. They scored first then Florida drove down and scored with out even throwing a pass. I told the guys in front of us it was going to be a long day if Spurier could move the ball without throwing it. The gators went on to low them out.Maybe this is when some of the WV fans grew the hate they seam to have for the SEC. Probably my 2nd Favorite BEC team behind S Florida.-chumanfu2000

Don Nalen and our matchup in the Music City Bowl-smokerjoe

party school that lights couches on fire. helped Marshall out of a tragic situation. got shafted by Rich Rod I would like to play them mostly because I have friends who attended WVU and I'd imagine it be fun to burn a couch or a mattress.-KobanT...barian

West Virginia nothing comes to mind-

Kevin Pittsnogle and Rich Rod. I would love to play them in football. Love the offense they run.-Alry45

Recent success in football, speedy team. Impression is good. Yes in football.-Rebsrockem

Probably the closest to SEC fans that I have been around outside the SEC. I am going up there for the Auburn game this year with my father and can't wait. I will never forget Kevin Pitsnoggle (sp?) Quite possibly the ugliest bball player i've ever seen. ha. And also the ass whoopins ya'll have put on UGA, Ok, us, MSU etc. Very good team that SEC fans don't want to acknowledge as good. -KentuckyReb

Great running backs. Great people and like to burn crap when they win a big game!-Indiana Rebel

Pitznogle-As I Lay Dying

Really good football tradition. Hard nosed. Would love to avenge the Music City Bowl. A win over WVU would be a big win.-BobbyBacala

The only team in the conference that is really legit lately. Strength of their conference.-tsreb

They've been a good football team recently, will be interesting to see them without Rodriguez. I thought they would have gone out and hired someone better-Reb4DaleMurphy

Best team in the Big East; needless to say, they definitely carry the conference banner proudly. Nonetheless, USF's defensive coordinator seems to have found their offensive secret to success. Oh, and if Eli Manning would have started that Music City Bowl, they wouldn't have won. They couldn't stop him. I wouldn't mind playing them, but I'd rather it be a few years from now since they just played State (sorry for you having to meet their toothless fans, by the way).-YeeOleMiss5

Played a great quarter against UGA in the Sugar Bowl and beat an overrated Oklahoma team. Brightest star in an otherwise dull conference sky.-ozzy2378

Best football tradition in the Big East. -mredge

(d) Syracuse

Traditionally a very tough Football team with lots of history. They've dominated their Conference over the years. Yes, I'd like to play them.-SnapperReb

They are a fine basketball school, not so much in football. They have always seamed to be pretty good against the spread at home tough. -chumanfu2000

Jim Boeheim -smokerjoe

a once good team that has fallen a LONG way-indifferent about playing them.-KobanT...barian

Syracuse nothing comes to mind-72reb

Jim Boeheim. You guys should probably just stick to basketball. No I wouldn't want to play them in football because I know they would want to play one game up there and who wants to travel all the way up to New York just to watch a bad Syracuse team.-Alry45

That big orange walkin' around aimlessly. Impression is fair. Yes to football.-Rebsrockem

Used to have cool unis. Good basketball school. -KentuckyReb

Basketball and Donavan McNabb-Indiana Rebel

D. McNabb & need new uniforms badly-As I Lay Dying

I think of Boeheim and the great basketball teams first, but the 'Cuse did produce Jim Brown and John Mackey, two of the greatest at their positions of all time. Would love to play them.-BobbyBacala

doormat of D1 football. I get the impression that football here is just something to do until basketball season.-tsreb

That big orange globe mascot thing they have-Reb4DaleMurphy

Donovan McNabb, Carmelo Anthony... I'd play them in football, but wouldn't expect them to be nearly as competitive against us as their old teams would have been.-YeeOleMiss5

Haven't been worth a crap since Donovan McNabb and still weren't that great with him.-ozzy2378

Very much like Ole Miss. Their best days were decades ago. They may face an even tougher struggle to come back than Ole Miss.-mredge

(e) Pitt

Fairly tough Football team that is trying to regain their old form. The Panthers have some good Football history. Yes, I'd like to play them.-SnapperReb

Pittsburg has more tradition than any of these other BEC schools. Marino and Dorsett put them on the map then they went away for a long time kinda like Ole Miss in the 80's. I think they tend to be overrated by the east coast media when they do have a decent season. I think Wanstadt (sp) will have some wins if he stays very long.-chumanfu2000

Wannstedt's struggles-smokerjoe

another team with sporadic periods of success- overshadowed by Penn St. I have tons of family in Pittsburgh and love the city-playing them would be fun for me but I doubt many other rebel fans would care much.-KobanT...barian

Pitt Jackie Sherrill cheating big time-72reb

Dave Wannstedt. No real feelings about Pitt. Wouldn't mind playing them one way or another.-Alry45

Dave W. and Tony Dorsett. Impression is fair. Yest to football.-Rebsrockem

There post on your blog made them come off as a bunch of a holes, but hell Im sure ours will portray the same image. Larry Fitzgerald was good but other than him in the last 2o years nothing to write home about. -KentuckyReb

Will show up every so often with a good year, The great receiver that played there and now plays for the AZ Cardnials I believe.-Indiana Rebel

Waiting for them to return to the scene-As I Lay Dying

Makes me think of Hugh Green first and foremost. Dan Marino next. Good history, tough school. Would love to play them and beat them because it would be like sticking it to Jackie Wayne again.-BobbyBacala

Best history of the league. Had a couple of flash in the pan teams lately, but I don't think they will stick as a good team. Maybe I'm wrong, and I hope that I am.-tsreb

They have always have a good hoops team. Football they've stuggled recently-Reb4DaleMurphy

My boy, Dan Marino, and that turd, Mark May. My girlfriend's from there too. I honestly didn't expect Wannstedt to do as well as he has, but they've got a long way to go. Funny thing is...I read where some Pitt fans talked trash about Ole Miss, but have nowhere near the same history. Some of their fans are just like many people around the nation: they forgot that Ole Miss was a mainstay in the postseason before Orgeron got here a few years ago. I'd love to play them. A win would give me bragging rights over my girlfriend's family.-YeeOleMiss5

Can they rewind to the 70s? Does Marino or Dorsett have anymore eligibility? -ozzy2378

Another school whose best days are in the past. In addition, they are in an NFL market which makes creating a strong fan base tough.-mredge

(f) Rutgers
"Flavor of the month." They appear to have a good young coach. They've been tough recently, but can the continue to win? Yes, I'd like to play them.-SnapperReb

Rutgers has had a couple of good seasons the last 2 years. I'm anxious to see what they do this year. They are also overated by no fault of their own, the media from New York wants them to be good really bad to give that area some kind of presence on the college football world. We will see what they do now that Ray Rice is in the NFL.-chumanfu2000

Women's basketball and the Don Imus story-smokerjoe

Hardly knew they played football a few years ago, and now they're a power team in a minor BCS conference. chop wood. - Love their coach but don't have any real desire to play them.-KobanT...barian

Rutgers nothing comes to mind-72reb

Nothing comes to mind really when I think of Rutgers. I guess I would like to play them in football since they have been decent recently.-Alry45

Over.......rated, but not quite as bad as U of L. Impression is fair. Yes to football.-Rebsrockem

Wow, what a turnaround this program has done in recent memory. I can't think of a school that has done a better 180 than Rutgers-KentuckyReb

The huge upset win they had a few years ago when they flooded the field after the game & a great football coach.-Indiana Rebel

DC Jefferson-As I Lay Dying

Good run lately. Not much tradition. Had a physics instructor that graduated from there. He was a jerk. Why not play them?-BobbyBacala

Had the best teams in their history by far the last couple of years. Being in the Big East as it is now should help them remain respectable records.-tsreb

Used to be terrible, but have turned it around recently-Reb4DaleMurphy

Intriguing program, Tony Soprano, etc. all come to mind. Oh, and you're welcome for Eli. Rutgers fans have popped from out of the woodwork the last few years. They are putting together an excellent recruiting class, though. So, while losing Ray Rice may hurt them now, they will compete again in a couple of years. I'd like to play them, but don't really desire a trip to Jersey. Come to the Grove! We'll treat you right.-YeeOleMiss5

one good season in a long line of bad ones. I bet they'd love to have homestate phenom Knowshawn Moreno.-ozzy2378

I don't know how these people can say Rutgers doesn't have a great football tradition. That maybe true lately, but they did happen to play in the FIRST college football game with Princeton.-mredge

(g)South Florida

Not a lot going for them on the gridiron. HUGE school (enrollment wise...over 45,000), but they get lost in the Florida Football mix with Florida, Florida State and Miami. Yes, I'd like to play them.-SnapperReb

South Florida set the CFB world on fire early last year and tanked. That want happen often in a conference like this. They will be the USC of this conference very soon. To much talent n this state not to. They have only been playing 1A ball afew years and look where they are now. WOW! I pull for them above all the others in the BEC.-chumanfu2000

Don't know much, overachieving football team last year-smokerjoe

USSF good team but like most Big East teams I don't follow them much and playing them would just be another game to me.-KobanT...barian

nothing comes to mind-72reb

Tampa Bay. Really becoming a player in Florida recruiting, just look at their commits right now. Id like to play them in football, who wouldn't want to take a road trip down to south Florida for a game?-Alry45

Luck will run out, but welcomed surprise. Impression is good. Yes to football.-Rebsrockem

People better watch out because there location will alow them to recruit the one think that not many teams up north have. Speed, speed and more speed. This team is the next WVU. -KentuckyReb

School on the rise. They have had great recruiting over the past few years. They were fun to watch last year.-Indiana Rebel

non-qualifer/partial qualifer U-As I Lay Dying

Too new to have much of a thought one way or the other. They have the money and location to be a player in the future. Look out for them. I say play 'em.-BobbyBacala

This team has the potential to really skyrocket. They have a great recruiting area and are starting to get some respect. The rest of the Big East may soon come to regret letting them in.-tsreb

Up and comer in the football world. Have a huge talent base-Reb4DaleMurphy

USF, Grothe, and their incredible DE, Selvie--who had 31.5 TFLs and 14.5 sacks last year--are showing they are here to stay. I'd be thrilled to play them.-YeeOleMiss5

Had a good year last year. Believe the Auburn game would rarely turn out the way it did last year for South Florida. Rising star but keep proving it to me. I'm not convinced.-ozzy2378

Right now they are #4 in Florida but they are about to kick some one to the curb. I wonder whether it will be Florida State or Miami-mredge


Won some games they probably should not have won, but still too new to Big Time College Football. Also very much a Hoops school, moreso then Louisville. Yes, I'd like to play them.-SnapperReb

UCONN is another basketball school. They did have a good year last year or the year before. ESPN loves them cause they are from the same state. Do not really know much about them.-chumanfu2000

basketball, basketball, basketball-


nothing comes to mind-72reb

Basketball being king. Suprised about their good year in football last year. Wouldn't want to play them in football because it's way too cold up there and its too far to get in a car to drive.-Alry45

Basketball school and a darn good one. Impression is good. Yes to football.-Rebsrockem

Another team that is going to be a player in the next ten years. I went to school with a girl from Boston who now works in their AD and she says that they are tirelessly doing everything that they can to build something special in there football program.-KentuckyReb

Basketball school period, and pretty good at that.-Indiana Rebel

Liked watching there football team play last season-As I Lay Dying

Basketball all the way. Could have moderate success in football. Why not?-BobbyBacala

Waiting for basketball. Their football history is awful, but a couple of pretty good teams recently. No big wins.-tsreb

Basketball school, getting better in football -Reb4DaleMurphy

Need to stick to basketball...I don't expect them to even repeat their moderate success of last year b/c the rest of the teams in the Big East (save Syracuse) are passing them by. I don't see what we'd gain out of this game. A historically strong SEC team on the verge of the top 25 in all-time victories (that has 30 bowl appearances) vs. a traditional basketball school. We are currently bringing our program back up, and it will again resemble our teams of the '90s and early 2000's. How bad would our OOC schedule look with UConn on it when we had a winning record against teams like LSU in the 90s?-YeeOleMiss5

stick to basketball-ozzy2378

I just don't see football as happening big here.-mredge

Other comments:

I would not mind playing South Florida, West Virginia or Pitt 1 for 1 in football. Although I see no reason to do it after September, its to cold in Pitt and WV, Now a trip to South Florida would be great late in the season. Don't care who we play in Basketball even though Coach K will have a really good team in the next couple of years.-chumanfu2000

I don't feel strongly about playing any of these teams in football. I guess I would like a chance to get back at WV for that bowl game loss they gave us a few years ago.-smokerjoe

Don't care. It may give us exposure in a new part of the country, but I can't really get excited about playing any of those teams.-72reb

I would love to play any of the Big East teams as long as it was home and away for both football and basketball.-tsreb

I'd like to play any of these schools in football. I like playing teams we don't usually play. -Reb4DaleMurphy

Cincy, Pitt and UConn are all urban schools and have a lot of difficulty filling up their stadiums. If it weren't for Notre Dame and and West Va, Pitt would average less than 25k per game. Louisville gambled on Schnellenberger and hit a home run. Their Fiesta Bowl win over Alabama put them on the map. Then they got lucky with Indiana and Kentucky. Both of those schools were terrible in ALL phase of the game. Bad athletes, bad coaches and even worse recruiting. Louisville was in the right place at the right time. If Kentucky has a resurrgence and if Indiana improves only marginally, then Louisville will suffer. Rutgers will collaspe when Schiano(sp) leaves for Penn State. Syracuse is nearly as bad as their uniforms are ugly and as long as they are in upper state NY they will never recruit well. West Virginia has it figured out and is dialed in for long term success. They would be a very nice addition to the SEC. THey are the only Big East team to consistantly sell out every home game.I would love to play Pitt on a regular basis. There is a glut of talent in Western Pa. There are over 180 football playing high schools in the WPIAL. At one time there were 240 school but many consolidated. Ole Miss could go into that area and clean house. I was dissapointed when we had an opportunity to sign Bill Stull but then passed on him. I thought it would have been a good strategic recruiting move had he been able to win a starting spot at Ole Miss. -IronCityReb

Bottom line. Big Least has 2 teams that MAY be able to compete against the likes of UGA, LSU, Auburn, and either UTrash or Bama. Compare that to the SEC having 3 or 4 other teams not listed that can beat their top teams and the Big Least is less than impressive. Did I mention they need to have their auto-BCS bid revoked?-ozzy2378

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