07 July 2008

How we are perceived: ACC

Over the past week the Hotty Toddy Blog ran a series of blogs on how Big East fans perceive Ole Miss. This week we will focus on the ACC. One would think that the ACC would have a better understanding of Ole Miss becuase most of the ACC is south of the Mason Dixon line and because we have had more contact with ACC universities.

Let's start out with one of the newer members of the ACC: Boston College.

(1) What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Ole Miss?

The script "Ole Miss" on the helmets-DF22

James Meredith.-lanep

Hot Babes-Rock-O

I'll be completely honest. I really don't have any thoughts on Ole Miss, except that I know that Eli Manning went there. And I hate him.-Los2002

The ole miss script, the rebels(which i've always thought was a cool nickname), the grove, would love a home and home in FB, the SEC having a rabid fan base(which i love), but a win at all costs attitude with rules infractions and horrible academics, especially when it comes to their athletes(which i hate).- eaglenation

As I am older, I think of James Meredith first.-RMB'62

Old, deep south money and aristocracy, followed closely, unfortunately, by the KKK and racism.-BC1981

I read Meat Market, so I did get some insight in to Ole Miss -- Ed Orgeron's tenure, southern tradition, babes, family, recruiting in MS, TN (Memphis), and LA. First thing I think of with Ole Miss is actually football. That can be looked at as good or bad, since we all love football but it shouldn't be the #1 point of a university. I am a little jealous of Ole Miss' tailgate scene and the stadium, but I am very proud that we don't go after a lot of guys who are idiots. The book made it seem like if Ole Miss had 20 scholarships, they'd take 25-30 letters of intent knowing 5-10 would not qualify. Every school has their player issues, but I wouldn't be as proud if my school regularly practiced this method. Also, read The Blind Side so whenever possible I check out Ole Miss to see how Michael Oher is doing.-Eagles-00

Eli Manning... not that he really defines Ole Miss, that was just the first thing to pop into my head.-codon2004


Like another poster, Ed Orgeron and Meat Market. Nice of Ed to honestly share a year in the life of college recruiting. Other posters can tell me if it's at all inaccurate.-BC72

Colonel Angus-Eagle Action

Humidity and heat, the egg bowl, hot babes and so so college football.-TheQuietMan

To me Ole Miss (and this is really going to date me) is ARCHIE Manning and Johnny Vaught. Don't have much feel for things down there other than that.-eagle60's

Johnny Vaught and those NY Day bowls back in the early sixties. Ole Miss vs Miss St on Thanksgiving. Never missed it. I hear its a great place for a tailgate or was I thinking of MSU?? Some pretty good baseball players playing in the Cape League from Miss universities. Not much else. Sorry to say. Oh yeah, almost stationed at Biloxi for AF tech training until they sent me to Chanute in early 70's.-greenarthur

Ole Miss is renowned for having some of the best-looking girls in the country. Not really surprising that CaptainHardonforMen has no interest in playing them-PhillyandBCEagles

Ed Orgeron and Meat Market-DavidGordonsFoot

The first thing i think of is you coach Houston Nutt . -bostonbaron


Racism (the State, not necessarily the school or students: sorry, I'm just being honest) -bnchy

It is better than Miss St. -hawaiirob

William Faulkner's hometown and Johnny Vaught-WoandBlue

People rioting to try to prevent James Meredith from registering for class. Long time mascot was a Confederate soldier. In other words, someone who tried to destroy the United States of America. Recent Michael Lewis book "The Blind Side".Recent Dickie Scruggs article in the New Yorker. Apparently 7 out of 9 Justices of the Mississippi Supreme Court went to Ole Miss.-DrJackRyan

(2) What are your feelings about Ole Miss?

Always root for them against powerful SEC teams-DF22

Auburn fan via family, but no ill will. LEMSDAY!-lanep

Good School in the old South. mediocre sports programs.-Rock-O

No feelings really. See #1 above - respect the former, deeply saddened by the latter.-BC1981

I feel like very few Boston College folks would fit in. The south, the greek system, the racism, the hardcore protestant religious folks, etc are all things that don't mesh with northern, catholic, no frats atmosphere of BC. But it sounds like a great place for those who are from that background.-Eagles-00

Football wise, obviously struggling recently. I figure that any team in the SEC not named Vanderbilt can always be a sleeping giant though. -codon2004

I thought the book portrayed Ole Miss in a positive and somewhat sympathetic manner. I now notice the Ole Miss scores during gameday and root for them to win.-BC72

No real feelings one way or the other.-TheQuietMan

I feel like very few Boston College folks would fit in. The south, the greek system, the racism, the hardcore protestant religious folks, etc are all things that don't mesh with northern, catholic, no frats atmosphere of BC. But it sounds like a great place for those who are from that background."- eaglenation

It baffles me that they are so far behind most other teams in the conference given their location and resources.-DavidGordonsFoot

I had bad feeling before in the 60's and 70's not so much now.-bostonbaron

Underacheivers in sports-bnchy

Read an article in a newspaper a year ago in which some foreign kids complained of the frat culture and not having a place to tailgate. So they started their own frat. Cool article, but it painted an elitist, xenophobic picture of Ole Miss. -hawaiirob

When you sold out your mascot Colonel Reb and banned even the state flag to appease PC totalitarians, you showed you lack cojones.-WoandBlue

(3) Would you like to play us in football or basketball in the future?

Absolutely in football; everyone knows about the legendary tailgating, so I'd love any excuse to go to a game there-DF22

Sure, why not. BC hasn't scheduled a regular season SEC game in ages so the home and home would be an exciting opportunity, and a challenging basketball opponent is always welcome.-lanep

I guess it would be OK, but Ole Miss is not in my top ten out of conference potential opponents.-Rock-O

Sure, but not b/c you're Ole Miss, but b/c it's fun and interesting to play teams you haven't played before. Probably a nice match-up program wise.-BC1981

Would love a football game home or away. A basketball game against Ole Miss wouldn't mean as much to me. There's a million D1 basketball schools and Ole Miss doesn't stand out for any reason over any other.-Eagles-00

If BC played at Ole Miss in football, I would be there in a second. That would be an absolute blast. Basketball I guess would be ok in a year that both teams are actually good. Unfortunately, I seriously doubt BC and Ole Miss' respective ADs have eachother in mind for a future OOC series.-codon2004

Would like to have a home-and-home just to see the tailgate atmosphere.-BC72

I'd like BC to play them but I think Vandy would probably be more realistic choice considering that BC would like to play other schools if possible with high academic standards like ND, Northwestern, Navy, Stanford and so forth.-TheQuietMan

Yes for football, I would love to experience The Grove.-DavidGordonsFoot

A home and away would be nice, you guy's are up and coming.-bostonbaron

I would actually love to play Ole Miss in either sport. A home and home, battle of the Old South vs. a New England Catholic school would be great. I would love to make another trip to the Grove. Plus it should make for an easy win against an SEC opponent.-FSUeagle05

Sure, I always want to play anyone from a power conference that we don't usually play.-bnchy
Yes, would love to play you in football. I have no desire either way to play you in hoops. -hawaiirob


Not really.-DrJackRyan
(4)What do you think about the SEC in general?

Semi-pro football; speed-DF22

Football: The best college football in America, albeit without any pretense of serious academic standards. Except for Vanderbilt, which appears to be lost on its way to C-USA or the ACC. Basketball is solid, I find myself watching a lot of SEC hoops during the season. Definitely hoping for an upswing in Auburn hoops to go along with their planned renovation.-lanep

Slightly over-rated conference. Probably the best conference but the gap isn't as big as the media says-Rock-O

High level of competition, but the closest thing there is in college sports to professional sports. Standards aren't real high for athletes, it's all about State U winning for the alums so the $$$ pours in.-BC1981

I think the SEC is a great conference for talent and fans. I'm not convinced SEC schools play by the rules. If you're not cheatin' you're not tryin', right?-Eagles-00

High end football, low-end academics... football as a religion, great tailgating, party atmosphere, women. SEC country... great place to visit, wouldn't want to live there.-codon2004

The SEC does a great job with the college football gameday atmosphere.-BC72

Great but corrupt football, underrated hoop and poor hockey.-TheQuietMan

The SEC fans' passion helps make college football unique, but I think the graduation rates of football programs in the conference are an embarrassment.-DavidGordonsFoot

The SEC is always going to be a premier conference, but we held our own against your conference Granted were 11-18 against your conference look here at our record against your conference http://cfbdatawarehouse.com/da...e/opponents.php-bostonbaron

Probably the best athletic conference in the nation; yet not as far ahead of the other conferences as SEC fans think.-FSUeagle05

Very good but overrated. Fans think they are way better than they are and have no clue what goes on beyong their SEC world.-bnchy

Best football conference. Average hoops. Would love to see SEC play more OOC games in different regions of the country against good teams. -hawaiirob

Overall, the best football league in terms of both quality play and atmosphere, but almost as dirty as the now dead SWC.-WoandBlue

Best football conference in the country. -DrJackRyan

(5) Have you ever visited Oxford on game day? If yes, what was your experience? If no, what have you heard about our gameday experience?

See #3; and heard plenty about the girls....-DF22

I haven't been to Oxford yet, but again the tailgating is considered the best in the south according to several of the sporting publications to which I am privy.-lanep

Never been to Ole Miss, but I've heard that there is lots of tradition and the outcome of the game is not as important as maintaining the atmosphere and tradition-Rock-0

No, never been to a game in Oxford. Never heard anything either, but I imagine it's a lot of fun, just like most college campuses, especially in the South (where CFB, NASCAR, guns and girls are idolized).-BC1981

Never been to Oxford, or anywhere near it, but would love to. Sounds great and I'm confident I'd be treated with hospitality and have a wonderful time.-Eagles-00

No... have heard about lots of tradition, old money, guys dressed like they should be going sailing...-codon2004

Never been there. See #3.-BC72

I have been to Oxford... they beat the hell out of Bama Eli's senior year. Game was at 1:30pm... tailgaiting on the Grove started at breakfast, and resumed for several hours afterwards. Girls were ridiculously beautiful and well dressed, especially the students.Would be very interested in BC playing there, though I don't see the state being particularly fertile recruiting ground for us.More generally, love the passion and pageantry of the SEC, but it strikes me as a dirty conference.-Gasson

No and no.-TheQuietMan

No. Everything I've heard about it was in Meat Market. The Grove, the best looking women in the SEC, people dressed to the nines for a football game, the endless sea of tents...-DavidGordonsFoot

Your tailgating is better than Clemson i must say...-bostonbaron

I went to a game when I was 17. I believe Ole Miss played Tulane when Eli was a sophomore (or red shirt freshman) and he played one or two series. Despite loathing Ole Miss in general, The Grove is still has one of the best pre-game atmospheres in the nation.-FSUeagle05

I have never been to Mississippi but love to go anywhere they have a great game day atmosphere which I understand you have.-bnchy

Ole Miss is supposed to have the hottest women anywhere. Lots of tents and well dressed people. The event is more important than the game type of vibe.-hawaiirob

Yes - well above average-WoandBlue

Never went. Heard it was pretty good.-DrJackRyan

Posters from:

Let's move on to Duke.

(1) What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Ole Miss?

Well, I'm not the one you would care to hear from but I'll put in my 2 cents. I love Duke. I picked them as my team when I was a child and have adored them since. I think making it to so many final 4's but never winning it all made me pull for them extra hard. Now, I've never been to Duke although it is one of my dreams to be inside CIS. This is the kicker for an Ole Miss person...I'm an LSU grad. I was raised on the chant, "go to hell, ole miss--GO TO HELL." Obviously you are looking for ACC answers but I find it funny to have the opportunity to mess w/ ole miss. As LSU has risen in football, Ole Miss has declined and it's not what it used to be. However, we still love to play and win. I remember losing an overtime game years ago that we should have won by 30. I am also a huge Nebraska fan and my first Husker Bowl game was against Ole miss and you pulled the upset that led to Solich being fired and Bill Callahan coming in to destroy all that was good in the world.In sports there are a few things that must happen. Duke and UNC need to be good with the rivalry game topping all college sporting events and Nebraska is supposed to be good at football. Hopefully Pelini gets it done in a few years.-lahusker01


When i think of ole miss the school i think of hot sorority girls, thats about it.-2004Audi

Women! Honestly, I hear they have some great looking women down there at Ole Miss -Detroit Heel

I have two answers to this. First, I think of what a baby Eli was the year he got drafted and said, "I refuse to go to the Charger." Second, I think, "Why did our football board suddenly get invaded with Ole Miss people who hate Cut so much? Oh yeah, cause they had a good coach and traded him for a terrible one."- BlackKnightNut

That little Rebel guy in the Ole Miss logo. -1Dukie

Only comment is that you have one heckuva young coach in Andy Kennedy.- BoilerMax74

I'd say pretty much that Ole Miss is a mystery or unknown to just about the whole country except for their own fans or Miss State for rivalry purposes. Not to sound harsh, but probably not too many people care about Ole miss.I'm told that Ole Miss used to carry some weight maybe in the 40s or 50s, but I'm 45, have been an avid college sports fan since the early 70's and I've never seen Ole Miss do squat of significance in my lifetime like make the Final 4, or go to a high level bowl game. I do remember Miss State going to the Final 4 in 96, and ending a lengthy winning streak by the Alabama football team around 1980 or 81 when John Bond was their QB. Never seen Ole Miss come even close to doing anything notable like that. Until they can do something like that, there's not alot to talk about when Ole Miss comes up in conversation.I know the Rebs got off to a fast start last year in hoops but faded. Perhaps Kennedy is a needed boost in the right direction.-Middle..d Heel

(2) What are your feelings about Ole Miss?

The SEC is dominant in football and the PAC 10 isn't even close despite what ESPN says. They build the PAC 10 up to make it look better for USC when they beat their cream puff conference and I know they beat NU. USC is great but the conference is far away in football from where the SEC is. Basketball on the other hand is underachieving big time. LSU made the final four a few years ago and as a grad I must admit that refs were out to prove they had no allegiance to Duke by allowing the tigers to moleste JJ Reddick.-lahusker01

Eli Manning and Football school.-duke5021

Neutral because I honestly don't know much about Ole Miss - Detroit Heel

I don't care, unless some Ole Miss posters come on the football board going "boo, hiss!" at Coach Cutcliffe.- BlackNightNut

I wonder why they don't do better in football. - 1Dukie

(3) Would you like to play us in football or basketball in the future?

I think Ole Miss would put it on Duke pretty bad in football and get beat equally bad in basketball. SEC is football country and the ACC is basketball country. That may never change. By the way, it was nice seeing LSU back in the world series. That is another thing that's supposed to be a constant in sports.-lahusker01

Sure why not. Let's give Cut a chance to recruit a couple of classes first then we can talk. BBall, whenever you want. -duke5021

Sure, Ole Miss is in a power conference so it's good for your SOS.- Detroit Heel

Nuh-uh. Either of them.- BlackNightNut

Sure.- 1Dukie

(4)What do you think about the SEC in general?

I hate UK. Like Pearl as a coach and think Billy D could sell ice to the devil.-duke5021

The SEC is a very good Football/Baseball Conference. IMO it's the best Football Conference out there.- Detroit Heel

Football is strongest in the land. Completely overrated in basketball, with the exception of a few teams. You can figure out who they are.- BlackNightNut

It's a powerful football conference.-1Dukie

(5) Have you ever visited Oxford on game day? If yes, what was your experience? If no, what have you heard about our gameday experience?

No never been and never heard.-duke5021

No, but I've heard it's a great atmosphere in Oxford on gamedays.-Detroit Heel

No, never plan on it. I heard there's some kind of walk path for the players to the stadium to sign autographs and stuff...-BlackNightNut

I'm going to have to go with a 'no' here. I never heard of it really.-1Dukie

I have heard from many people though that Oxford is a great environment on gameday, and that there are tons of beautiful women there though.-Middle...d Heel

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