07 July 2008

How we are perceived: ACC : Ga. Tech & UNC

Today we look at what Georgia Tech & North Carolina fans say about Ole Miss and the SEC.

Georgia Tech:

(1) What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Ole Miss?

The Mannings-ivery40

As for the Ole Miss program, I'm old enough to remember Archie as your QB. I would characterize your team as an average SEC team that occasionally is better than average. The thing I remember most about Ole Miss is your band playing Dixie and the rebel flag.-mistertouchdown

Tailgating at The Grove-gtechsta

The Grove-thwuga

Hot chicks and the Grove-xenoabe

Almost but not quite respectable SEC program, POOOOOR choice in last coaching hire, probably going back to respectability under Nutt although he's weird, Eli Manning, David Cutcliff, Deuce McAlister, lots of girls on campus, hope you beat Ugag-vamosjacket

One of my best friends is an Ole Miss fan.-ontheflats

Archie Manning beating UGA-ctmoore8

Family - I have a lot of family from my dad's mom's side of the family who are all ole miss fans and actually had a few cousins and friends who attended and played sports there (football, baseball, and cheerleading)-BossRoss90

Hot women !-russd25

Beautifull women and a beautiful atmosphere. And beautiful women. Did I say beautiful women. I really truly think they require girls to send a photo with the application and an affidavit from the local clerk's office saying that is you in the picture. Man, really beautiful women. I have to admit this is the best college football venue I have been to (been to a game at almost all ACC and SEC schools - only one I am missing are BC, Miami, Maryland, Kentucky, and Arkansas. I highly recommend going to this game. Oxford is a great place on a fall saturday afternoon. -motyens

Archie Manning, the Grove, beautiful coeds, the town of Oxford, Faulkner, et al.-CCjkt

Eli Manning and Deuce McAllister-VirginiaJacket

That Ole Miss isn't really a reference to Mississippi, but to the head mistress of a plantation, modern version might be the "Old Lady". Heck of a nickname for a college, but I guess Ramblin Wreck is too.-barefootjacket

ohnny Vaught, and all of those great qbs they have had I'll just start with Eagle Day, Jake Gibbs, Glynn Griffing,Perry Lee Dunn, Jim Weatherly,( he wrote MIDNIGHT TRAIN TO GEORGIA by the way), Archie & Eli.-georgytech

Archie and Eli Manning-GTJT622

A mediocre program over the last 25 years who occasionally pops up with a SEC contender.-griswold6571

Beautiful co-eds!-JRandomJacket

One of the 4 SEC schools that aren't even ranked in the top 125 by USNWR? I'm not sure but I seem to remember that two Mississippi schools were out of the rankings along with LSU and one other SEC school.-KevinGT

As someone who grew up in south Louisiana back in "the day", I will never, ever forget the LSU-Ole Miss games I used to listen to on the radio in the 60's. Great stuff (especially since LSU seemed to win all the close ones)!-

The band still plays Dixie and the team still is called the Rebels. I like this because it flies in the face of the political correctness crowd. 80% of the players on the team are Black and it makes no difference to them or they would not be there playing. The trumpet flourish leading into Dixie still raises the hair on my redneck.-JerryJacket

The Grove, the Gals, Party U (go somewhere else if you want an education).-Whatsthegoodword

The first thing that comes to mind for me is Col. Reb, the ex-mascot. I have not followed Ole Miss that much, but Col. Reb seemed to be fairly prominent in the past. It will take some time for a new mascot to develop the same level of brand recognition.-TerminusTechie

Beautiful campus. The Gove is the best place in the south to take in some very fine tailgating. Hands down the most beautiful young ladies on campus in the south and a lot of them.-stingybee

Archie manning...played with cast on left arm my dad's 1953 sugar bowl ring...(at the expense of Johnny Vaught's rebs)-5153yj14

Egg Bowl - Used to love watching Ole Miss and Miss St. play on Thanksgiving night, and the player that got paralyzed, in the early 90s. Can't quite remember his name, Chucky Mullins? and thinking how sad it was...-

(2) What are your feelings about Ole Miss?

Mid-level SEC program. Capable of beating good schools every once in a while. Had some instability with coaches.-ivery40

Avg SEC team with poor academics that I pull for when they play UGa.-gtechsta

My best man in my wedding went there, and I've enjoyed my visits. Not sure what you're asking here... are you referring to the football program at Ole Miss? I see it as a below-average SEC program. I think Cutcliffe got a bit of a raw deal there.-thwuga

Somewhat Indifferent. Don't love 'em, don't hate 'em.-xenoabe

It's fine I guess, no hatred, would pull for them against most SEC teams-vamosjacket

I pull for them only because my friend does and we both pull against ugag!-ontheflats

Good. I wish they could return to their powerhouse days in the early sixties.-ctmoore8

They are definitely not where I'd like them to be in the SEC. I would love for them to start owning everybody in the west and competing for the SECC every year. I would say due to family ties they are my 2nd favorite team.-BossRoss90

OM has some real talent, but not much depth. They may have it once the series starts. They finally have a div. 1 talent at QB now. He will be a senoir for the first game. Since the series is still 3 years away, it will be hard to make any really predictions. They have made a serious upgrade at the HC position. -motyens

Liked 'em fine till they fired Cutcliffe and hired an idiot. I'm okay with it now that Nutt's there and I wish 'em well. Altho I'm happy for MSU and hope they also do well, cuz if they don't, the SEC might wait 30 years to hire another African-American head coach.-CCjkt


Produces some great writers, but I think their engineering school sucks;-)-barefootjacket

I like Ole Miss, great traditions.-georgytech

Ole Miss made one of the dumbest moves ever in firing Cutcliffe.-

Beautiful campus, particularly the Grove. Faulkner provides a good literary tradition and a unique element. I hated to see the Oxford American leave Oxford. Football has some good history and tradition, but the "big three" of Alabama, Auburn, and LSU have generally dominated the SEC West, just as Georgia, Florida, and Tennessee have dominated the East. Ole Miss and Mississippi State are both in a tough situation. Mississippi produces some good talent, but with three division I-A schools in state competing for a relatively small pool of athletes with the "big three" and other poachers, recruiting is a challenge. -JRandomJacket

Not really familiar with Ole Miss' athletics.-KevinGT

Neutral to positive. Of the SEC programs, Ole Miss seems aceptable and dignified compared to the thug fans one often gets from the powerhouses.-

A place that time has forgotten. Still turns out some fairly well educated folks. Reputation for beautiful women and Southern gentlemen is well deserved. Only disgrace is that the panty waist John Grisham is an alumni.-JerryJacket

I love all the Old South stuff (really - it's a shame the rebel flag has been basically banned), but the poor academic reputation of the University colors everything I think about Ole Miss. I live only 2 hrs away (in Arkansas), but I wouldn't send my kids there. Not trying to flame, just being honest.-Whatsthegoodword

I am somewhat surprised that Mississippi has not been more successful in the SEC. I do not necessarily know why Ole Miss has struggled, but I sure wish that they would start handing UGA a loss on a fairly regular basis. Unfortunately, UGA has always seemed to find a way to come away with a victory, even when Eli Manning was playing QB for Ole Miss.-TerminusTechie
Great southern tradition...used to love to hear the Rebel band play dixie-5153yj14

Mid to Lower tier SEC team... Just to many really good SEC teams to consistently climb over. Eli did alot for the Rebs recent notoriety. -

(3) Are you excited about our upcoming football series? Also, would you like to add us in basketball?

In lieu of scheduling someone like Auburn, it's better than scheduling someone like Vanderbilt. I would feel the same about basketball (but switch the aforementioned examples above- ivery40

Yes. Every fall I do a guy trip with about 14 other fraternity brothers to Biloxi, Vegas, Tunica for golf/gambling. The Ole Miss/Miss St series makes for a great weekend.-gtechsta

Absolutely. See #2. I'll fly down for both games. I'm not into basketball as much.-thwuga

I'm excited about any GT game, but it'll be interesting to see where CPJ and Nutt have the two programs by that time.-xenoabe

Yes and yes. I love playing SEC teams OOC.-vamosjacket

Yes and yes! I'd love to beat Ole Miss and then rag my friend about it! -ontheflats

Basketball series is okay.-ctmoore8

I'd want to play them in anything, good reason to stop off and spend some time with some family and friends.-BossRoss90

Yes. Only series I would prefer more are Tulane (closer and have an apartment in NO) and USM (closer).-motyens

Yes... really looking forward to GameDay in Oxford.-CCjkt


Funny we almost never played Ole Miss or State when we were in the SEC, since us big city boys didn't want to go out to the sticks, but one of the reasons we were never invited back into the SEC. What goes around comes around I guess. Ole Miss has a lot of tradition, and some very nice looking fans. Would like football, but Ole Miss is not known as a basketball school.-barefootjacket


Excited, would like to add basketball too-griswold6571

I'm looking forward to the Ole Miss series and the game in Starkville next year as well. Games against the SEC make sense because of location, recruiting, and tradition.-JRandomJacket

VERY! I love when we play DIV1A schools for our out of conference games.-KevinGT

Excited? Well, it beats heck out of Gardner-Webb. But it isn't as exciting to me as say, Arizona would be.-

Yes. I know Johnny Vaught did not like Bobby Dodd because he did not want to travel to Oxford due to travel conditions and wanted to force Ole Miss to play in Atlanta every year. Vaught refused to do it and basically sided against allowing Tech back into the SEC once they started exploring re-admission. Sort of a source for some old fashioned hate between the 2 schools but probably long forgotten by all but the real football historians. We are 2 wins and 1 loss against the Rebels. We beat them 24 to 7 in the 1953 Sugar Bowl to top off an undefeated National Championship 1952 season and lost to them in the Peach Bowl 41 to 18 in 1971. That's the last time we played. As far as basketball they can cancel it for all I care.-JerryJacket

I AM excited about our upcoming series. I wish we played more often, as I could attend more games and hang out at The Grove.-Whatsthegoodword

It should be fun and a difficult match-up for GT, especially with a new attitude and a highly successful coach of Houston Nutt on board. All the SEC teams play a very physical brand of football, but GT should play a few SEC teams every now and then besides the annual game with UGA.-TerminusTechie

love playing sec teams...don't really care about basketball hookup-5153yj14

I look forward to any series with an SEC team. A good solid non-conference matchup, in basketball too. -GTTiger

(4)What do you think about the SEC in general?

A very good football conference that I would love to knock down a peg or two.- ivery40

Cheaters in general with relatively poor academics minus about 2. -gtechsta

We left for the right reasons, but I'd much rather Tech be in the SEC today. Swofford is a little girl, and the Tabacco Road Bias in the head office is disgusting. The ACC is run like a joke. Geographically, we fit much better in the SEC, and that's where all of our historical rivals are... except for Clemson (and Duke, but people have long stopped caring about them).-thwuga

Love the gameday atmosphere. Hot Chicks (wife is an SEC girl). Lots of cheaters and unscrupulous characters.-xenoabe

SEC is a powerful football conference with a lot of shadiness. It cares way more about football success than academics and would do almost anything in the name of athletic success. It has it's priorities way out of order and is a picture of one of the major problems with our society.-vamosjacket

Personally, I wish we were in it and I pull for the SEC in all sports except for ugag!-ontheflats

In general, the SEC is a very low class conference with sorry academics. They think the conference exists for football. Ole Miss is better than UGA, FL, SC, TN, AR, and AL.-ctmoore8

The SEC is always good for us to schedule because most of our older rivals are from that confrence. The SEC cares more about football than a lot of the ACC teams (namely the carolina teams who can't stop asking "when does basketball start)-BossRoss90

Not much.-motyens

The SEC is the best football league, hands down, no competition. The reason is 2-fold; college FB is one of the reasons for living for their fans, and the talent level for FB in the South is incredible.-CCjkt

If you ain't cheatin' you ain't tryin-VirginiaJacket

Most SEC fans I could do without, Ole Miss being an exception.-barefootjacket

Play pretty good football.-georgytech

I believe it is the best run athletic conference in the nation with teams who win at a national level in most all sports. Note, I wish the SEC would take the lead and push harder for a college FB playoff. While SEC schools have won the last 2 NCAA FB titles, in a 8- or 16-team playoff the SEC would get at least 2 or 3 (possibly 4 if 16 team format) teams in the playoff each year with a chance to win it all. The SEC has the loudest voice and most leverage to make this happen in the college FB scene, IMO. Instead, I think the SEC and its well-crafted bowl set up will do everything it can to keep a playoff from happening. -

Best football conference in the country. football is first and academics second at 11 out of the 12 schools. -griswold6571

I'm glad to see the SEC finally stepping up their non-conference schedules. The West in particular has been downright wimpy. With a 12 game schedule, nine major conference games is the absolute bare minimum for respectability and only five of six teams meet that low threshold. I want to see at least 20 major conference games from the SEC and Big 12 (each had fifteen this year), 18 from the Big 10/11 (from 13), and 22 from the Big East (from 15).-JRandomJacket

Best football conference. Worst academic conference. Most criminal behavior among student athletes. Proof that the three are perfectly related.-KevinGT

Great athletics, sell out academics, exemplifies the problems in college athletics today. $$$$-

The SEC is king in collegiate football. The ACC is still a basketball conference. Georgia Tech needs to find a way to get into the SEC where football carries the appropriate level of importance.-JerryJacket

The Kings of Football. I honestly wish Tech was back in. But, the "win at all costs" tag is deserved, and should be dealt with seriously.-Whatsthegoodword

Well, the SEC sports programs certainly have had success nationally. However, I prefer for GT to stay in the ACC, even if that means a focus on other measurements of achievement for a university beyond athletic success. I have no financial input into the other SEC schools, but as a lifelong Georgian and state taxpayer I would like to see UGA step up and become a lot more Vanderbilt and Florida. It is not productive for economic growth for the state of Georgia to continue to remain near the bottom of national academic achievement for the elementary and high school students while the flagship state university publicly appears to focus more on athletic success than on academics.-TerminusTechie

Sec football is the best...(we have 5 SEC football crowns ourselves)-5153yj14

In general, I'm simply amazed at the quality of coaching depth in the SEC.
Spurrier, Fulmer, Miles, Meyer, Richt, Tubberville, Saban... Jeez, that's more than half your teams... 5 of them have won national titles and Richt and Tubberville have finished in the top 5.-GTTiger

(5) Have you ever visited Oxford on game day? If yes, what was your experience? If no, what have you heard about our gameday experience?

No, but I have heard it's fantastic.-ivery40

Yes. Loved it. The Grove!-gtechsta

Yep, had a great time tailgating in the Grove. One of the best tailgating experiences I've ever had... definitely in the top 3.-thwuga

Nope, heard the tailgating is awesome.-xenoabe

No, but would really like to, as I've heard it's beautiful.-vamosjacket

Yes. I went two years ago with said friend and his dad to the ugag game in Oxford and loved it. Thought it was a beautiful campus and city and I'm looking forward to coming out there again. And the Grove is truly impressive and WAY bigger than I thought. -ontheflats

Never been to Oxford on game day.-ctmoore8

Never been to a live game in Oxford, but will be making the trip when we play in 2011 and will have a whole crew in ATL for the 2010 game. I currently have a cousin who is a professor at Ole Miss and can't wait to catch up with him-BossRoss90

See #1. I have been to countless OM games growing up and while in law school. Absolutely one of the best places to take in a college football game. -motyens

No, but want to and hopefully will when we visit. I have been to Oxford & toured the campus and the city, but not during FB season. [one of the things I learned then is there is a Confederate cemetery right on the campus... no wonder some folks there have a hard time letting go.... you have a constant reminder.... makes more sense to me now.]-CCjkt

No. Something about the grove and sundresses.-VirginiaJacket

I went to a few Egg Bowls when they were in Jackson, but only two games in Oxford. Great town and fans. Of course everyone talks about the Grove.-barefootjacket


Gameday: Excellent tailgating. Beautiful campus. Beautiful coeds. Tradition. Weekend: Nice side trip to the casinos to the southern part of the state can be worked in for folks coming over for the game.-GTJT622

No, would love to-griswold6571

I've visited Oxford but never on game day. From what I've heard, my group will really have to step up our tailgating to meet Grove standards.-JRandomJacket

Never, but I've heard it's great and would love to go.-KevinGT

Nope, only ever heard about it here. Sounds very nice.-Jackets1973

Been there done that and have the T-Shirt to prove it. The Grove is nice but the problem is you have to get drunk to really enjoy it and then you have to sober up enough to get to the stadium and comprehend what is happening on the field. I went with my good UGA buddy to see the Bulldogs squeak one out a couple of years ago. We beat Va. Tech that day and he actually sang rambling wreck with me at a Bulldog tailgate location in the Grove. Caused quite a stir among his fellow Bulldog Cur.-JerryJacket

Yes, I've been to The Grove, and to a game. I could not believe that the urban myth of all these women in sundresses was actually FACT. (In a world where people don't even dress for church anymore, how do you convince women to dress for a football game???) The Party was definitely the Main Event - the game was secondary. While this is cool on some levels, on others it is VERY BAD.-Whatsthegoodword

No, I have not been to Mississippi except for driving through MS to reach other states. I ought to find some time to visit Mississippi just to learn more about the history. I have heard that the game day experience at Ole Miss is pretty fantastic.-TerminusTechie

Oxford is one of the venue's i've not been to ...yet...hope to see you there soon-5153yj14

I've always heard it was a good time in Oxford. Nice college town...-GTTiger

Posters from GOJackets.com (Scout)

North Carolina:

(1) What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Ole Miss?

Archie Mannining and Jerry Clower-scoutsupreme
Some extremley talented authors have called Oxford "home".-BillHeel

Deuce McAllister-nattyraxx
Racist mascot. Sorry, but that's what comes to mind.-JB7TARHILL

Segregation and the stars and bars. I know Ole Miss has changed over the decades but history often is an impression of a place-OldWell99

Old South, beautiful campus, old money public school, great looking women.-One putt

William Faulkner & Archie-johnp64

(2) What are your feelings about Ole Miss?

Traditional school..great athletes-scoutsupreme

School steeped in Old Southern traditions. Not ashamed of their past and embracing the future as we speak.-BillHeel

Of the SEC schools, I am more likely to root for them than most any other team.-nattyraxx

Bad at just about everything academic and athletic, but supposedly a pretty campus.-JB7TARHILL

Hmmm, as for the fans, very 'good ol' boy' ol south, etc. I just picked up on that ol'south mentality, the people who I met were very cordial but you just get the undertone of being on a plantation or something. LOL. Very conservative minded compared to the quasi-liberal/socialist mindset of Chapel Hill, lol. Just seemed people who loved their tradition unaware of how it's perceived or effected by others. The playing of Dixie just seemed out of place. I know they're the Rebels and have 'Rebel calls' and it surely permeates through the stadium. But I just, even as a southern born, sit there wondering how their black fans and players feel hearing all of this. I know most southern schools played Dixie and had the Rebel flags back in the day but I just couldn't see UNC, even with its overly protective image & moderate liberal politics playing "Dixie" As for the school, I assume it's very good within the state of MS??? Not really academically elite or national top notch public university in comparison to a UNC, UVA, GaTech, in the south, etc per se but it seems having been to the area, "OLE MISS" is looked upon favorably in the region. And having meet kids from MS, I guess it's the dream of most kids there. However, I just look at it as probably a school similar to Alabama, Auburn, LSU, Arkansas, & the SEC in general (minus Vandy) very loose on academics per se but looked upon highly by locals -OldWell99

Good education for the money, fun town and atmosphere-One putt

Great Southern school which places it way beyond all non-Southern schools, especially dook.-johnp64

(3) Would you like to play us in football or basketball in the future?

Yes..why the heck not!!-scoutsupreme

Heck yeah! Would seem to be very solid and even match-ups except in mens basketball. Football and baseball would be very good and even.-BillHeel

Football for sure. Basketball is a wash for me.-nattyraxx

Always nice to play a southern school, but it's not any great desire of mine to play Ole Miss. Our football program should be taking off and able to handle you guys just fine. We'd beat you by 50 on the hardwood. -JB7TARHILL

Football sure....basketball, lol, no way! I just don't see the purpose per se-OldWell99

A game in Oxford is something everyone should do once.-One putt

Not really. I'd rather play teams I would love to beat. In the SEC, that would be Tenn or Fla-johnp64

(4)What do you think about the SEC in general?

Tuffest football top to bottom-scoutsupreme

Best football conference in country. Pretty dang good in other sports as well.-BillHeel

Good football. An abundance of arrogant fans. I like the fact that they show much support for their teams, but it seems they feel the need to tear into fans of teams from any other conference whenever given the chance.- nattyraxx

SEC Football = Best in the nation, but largely because everyone cheats and the schools have absolutely no academic pride or standards when it comes to football. Basketball = Florida got hot for 2 years and UK was hot in the 50s other than that who cares? -JB7TARHILL

Schools that cheat or bend the rules. The universities treat their institutions like professional sports franchises. Willing to cheat to win. Fanbases are rabid and really get behind their respective schools and the conference in general in terms of fan support....much more so than the ACC schools. Which seem more apathetic & autonomous minded (with respect to supporting the other conference schools athletically per se). -OldWell99

SEC? A bunch of dang cheaters.-One putt

See answer to #2. In addition, the SEC is by far the best football conference in terms of great teams and the social atmosphere at games.-johnp64

(5) Have you ever visited Oxford on game day? If yes, what was your experience? If no, what have you heard about our gameday experience?

NO..but it seems lively!!-scoutsupreme

Never been to Oxford but I have heard nothing but positives about the entire experience especially the tailgating.-nattyraxx

No. Have been through though. Seems very much like Chapel Hill in size and the way the town revolves around campus. I'd bet it's pretty cool on game day. Was there in summer and I seem to remember a preponderance of very nice looking coed types.-BillHeel

No, but I have heard everything but the football is good on gamedays there.-JB7TARHILL

Yes. Very fan friendly, nice setup. Maybe too much for 'show', almost a 'Gone with the Wind' mentality or production. Similar to UNC but it just seemed that the people go out of their way with it compared to UNC. I guess it just seemed more 'normal' at Chapel Hill...LOL. I suppose if I went to Ole Miss or lived in the area, I would think the same. Overall, the fans do just like to have a good time. Reminds me of Athens, maybe smaller. I do wish UNC would get behind using the 'setting' more as a tailgate backdrop and layoff the socialist mindset in the People's Republic of Chapel Hill with respect to football. Nevertheless, the atmosphere is great, nice southern belles, etc. Decent & o.k looking campus, maybe a little smallish. The architectural design of the buildings remind me of MooU (NCSU) but on grass instead of bricks...lol. The town is quaint and nice, a sleepy environment, throw back of sorts, which I like of college towns. You're not going to see the urban, modern twist or trend of yuppie chain restaurants, $500,000 condos etc which is becoming of Franklin & Rosemary Streets at UNC...along with the panhandlers....-OldWell99

Yes. Great party, gorgeous women everywhere, really fun atmosphere-One putt

No but before I die, I'd love to tailgate in The Grove.-johnp64

Note- I attempted to get responses from the Carolina Scout side but was denied access.

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