20 September 2009

Two blowouts, swine flu, season begins

The Rebels started out sluggish again tonight but rolled to a comfortable 53-7 win.  After an odd start to 2009, the Rebels real season begins on Thursday against South Carolina.  This will be a true test of where we are. 
South Carolina used several turnovers in 2008 to barely defeat the Rebels.  The SI jinx.  Many would argue this should be a revenge game for Ole Miss.  I think Nutt should sell it that way.

I am a bit uneasy about the game Thursday night.  First I have no feel for this team.  After the first two games, both huge blowouts,  I can't say if I think we look better than the end of last year.  The Rebels seemed lackluster in both wins.  Was it the flu?  The week off in the early season?  Who knows.  Second, it's an SEC game.  Anything can happen when two SEC teams meet.  Third, South Carolina will be pumped to play a top 5 team.  Finally, South Carolina always packs their stadium and it can get loud. 

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