25 July 2007

Ole Miss: Your thoughts on the Memphis game.

You've read what Memphis fans think of Ole Miss and the upcoming game. Now read what Ole Miss fans think:

(1) Are you in favor of keeping the Memphis series? Explain

"Only because the road games are 10 minutes from my house. Otherwise, no. Until a couple years ago, when they actually found themselves a strong season base, the argument was easily made that Ole Miss and UT were subsidizing UofM football." --TheRebelAS (Rivals)

"Keeping Memphis game- end it. It was tied to basketball and Calimari ended BB so end the football game. No need to give Memphis $50.00 per ticket for 25,000 OM fans when the game means nothing for Ole Miss." --thp023(Spirit)

"I’ve been in favor of dumping Memphis State for 25 years. It’s a bore. As a football game, it’s often an embarrassingly close game with an inferior program. They’ll whine about that, but go and compare bowl records, national championships, wins against top ten teams, etc..; it’s a mismatch. It’s a practice game that has gotten tough too often. There’s no real benefit to recruiting. We’re better off to let recruits come see SEC atmosphere in Oxford (the CUSA will be a letdown by comparison). " --GeorgePosey(Rivals)

"They ended the basketball series, so we should end the football series -- and baseball too while we're at it." --MidtownReb (Spirit)

"but not every year. Make it an every now and then game. It gets old playing the same teams all the time unless there's a rivalry or the team generates excitement for fans. The series is just old and tired for us and most ole miss fans would probably rather play a Name team to start the year with a bang rather than have it creep along until we hit the conf. schedule. It's kinda like the NFL Preseason; we'll watch bc we are dying for football, but nobody really cares." --KobanT...barain (Rivals)

"Very much in favor. Memphis is an ancient rival and our traditional "kickoff game". The stadiums are always packed, our many Memphis area fans get to see a game in their backyard and it's good exposure for recruiting Memphis. If any of you young'uns had ever been to a Pep Rally in the lobby of the Peabody before the Memphis game, I believe you'd want to continue the series if we'd have that Pep Rally again. They were all unbelievable." --VampirReb (Spirit)

"Yes, it's a no brainier, unless we replace them with the rumored UT home and home, then drop them. Do not drop them for some podunk Ark. State, 1-AA crap."--cogburn8 (Spirit)

"NO. It does nothing for Ole Miss. A win means nothing but a loss hurts us in recruiting. There isn't any money in it for Ole Miss. Better to play someone else in an area where we don't have a recruiting presence." --AlohaReb(Spirit)

" If they will pick us back up in basketball, I will be in favor of keeping the series. As it is now, as much as we've done for their football program, and they drop us at basketball then I'd much rather go to New Orleans and play Tulane. But it is nice having an opening game every year that's either at home or just an hour away." --JaySuede (Spirit)

(2) What are your predictions for the Memphis game?

"I have no reason to believe we won't win. As much as I'd love to see a 34-0 blowout, a more realistic score would be 24-17, Rebels."--TheRebelAS (Rivals)

"Game prediction; OM 28 - -Mem 3." --thp023(Spirit)

"We’ll beat them again in a bitter game. They’ll die inside again and tank for the year. The usual. Outside world will say ho-hum."--GeorgePosey (Rivals)

"Ole Miss 21 Memphis 17" --MidtownReb (SPirit)

"Honestly, it's a game we should never lose. Just looking at history, recruiting, etc. this game should be won by Ole Miss by a TD or more, but unfortunately, we haven't had a strong opening game for a while, and this is memphis' bowl game most years. If we come out flat or sloppy, we could give this one away." --KobanT...barain (Rivals)

"Ole Miss 24- Memphis 13 [they're lucky to catch us early- I don't think they are much good this year]" --VampirReb (Spirit)

"Close win for us, maybe our only win." --cogburn8 (Spirit)

"Ole Miss should win. I think score will be somewhere around 28-21." --AlohaReb(Spirit)

" As every year, it will be close and Ole Miss will probably win." --JaySuede (Spirit)

(3) How do you feel about the Memphis fans?

"To have as little football history as they do, I'm surprised they have that large of a fan base. That said, I've never seen a school whose fan base with that large of an inferiority complex. To hear many of their fans talk it's like everyone imaginable is out to get them from The Commercial Appeal to the SEC teams to the C-USA office to the Big East to the BCS." --TheRebelAS(Rivals)

"Memphis fans=totally obnoxious." --thp023(Spirit)

"I don’t like them much. They’re wretches." --GeorgePosey (Rivals)

"Due mainly to their geography, Memphis fans have a siege mentality. They hate everybody. " --MidtownReb (Spirit)

"I have a number of good friends who are fans or alumni of the school and they're great people, but the fan base as a whole is pretty awful. I know every team has bad fans but the last game I went to at memphis I witnessed a number of deplorable acts including a memphis fan cussing a kid in a stroller and It's hard to overlook something like that. I also dated a girl from memphis whose entire family fit the stereotypical mem st fan: Hates every other team, has a massive inferiority complex about Ole Miss, and cries about the BCS every day." --KobanT...barain (Rivals)

"They'll be more fired up for us than when they play Tenn. always been that way. Helps the atmosphere." --VampirReb (Spirit)

"Indifferent" --AlohaReb (Spirit)

"They are obnoxious and seem to hate us more than we hate them. see MSU fans." --JaySuede (Spirit)

(4) What do you respect about Memphis?

"I respect the fans who waited out decades of bad football teams until they got a good coach and a great player and made three straight bowl trips. "--TheRebelAS

"They get up for the game. They’re essentially outclassed, but they fight off that reality and they get passionate about it. Every fan base and every university has something of quality. You don’t see much of it, but Memphis must have some. I knew one really good professor who went there to teach. It’s close to the Rendezvous. " --GeorgePosey (Rivals)

"they have a good basketball program thanks to Calipari, and the seemingly few respectful fans who didn't just discover the team in DeAngelo's Sr year." --KobanT...barain (Rivals)

"Basketball" --VampirReb (Spirit)

"Their basketball team." --AlohaReb(Spirit)

"Barbeque" --JaySuede (Spirit)

(5) What do you dislike about Memphis?

"The "everyone is out to get us" attitude many of their fans have." --TheRebelAS

"The city was interesting to visit for a while, but it strikes me as filthy and dangerous with a bad highway system, overrun by an underclass. I had to work there once and found it to be swamped with poverty and cheapness, even amongst those with lots of self-importance." --GeorgePosey (Rivals)

"The lack of tradition and the majority of the fans." --KobanT...barain (Rivals)

"Typical urban commuter school- doesn't seem like a college campus- just some buildings scattered out in Memphis [Tulane is similar in N.O.]" --VampirReb (Spirit)

"Nothing really." --AlohaReb (Spirit)

"news"--JaySuede (Spirit)

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