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25 July 2007

Ole Miss: Your thoughts on the Missouri game.

As a follow up to my "Ole Miss v. Missouri- What are the Mizzou fans saying? ", I've asked Ole Miss fans on Rivals and Spirit a serious a question about Missouri.

(1) If you made the trip last year, what did you think of the city, University and stadium?

"Been there, everything ok, stadium somewhat bare"--thp023 (Spirit)

"Didn't make the trip last year, but I've been to the area and it is nice." --AlohaReb (Spirit)

"City -- Pretty nice with easily noticeable bad areas; very cool downtown bar scene; really enjoyed my time" --TheRebelAS (Rivals)

"I stayed just outside Columbia, and loved it. weather was great, people were nice, and fishing was unbelievable. I like their stadium for the most part. it had a cozy kind of feel. site lines weren't the greatest but not as bad as sitting in the upper deck of some SEC beohemuth like Neyland Stadium." --KobanT...barian (Rivals)

(2) What are you thoughts on this year's game?

"Mizzou should be a very good team this year, but they are historically horrible on the road (remember their trip to Troy a couple years ago). This, plus it being our first home games, gives me hope we may sneak out of there with a win. " -- TheRebelAS (Rivals)

"I think in keeping with our policy, we’ve played a dud program at its 25 year peak. (cf. Baylor, Wake Forest, Wyoming, etc..). We have a knack for that. They had the talent to win five more games the last two years but not the character. I don’t think they’ll get our deer-in-the-headlights game two years in a row. Ole Miss wins." --GeorgePosey(Rivals)

"This yrs game-Ole Miss wins." --thp023 (Spirit)

"They will be tough. Orgeron MUST win this game. It is our home opener. They humiliated us last year." --MidtownReb(Spirit)

"They are good and we'll have to be better than I think we'll be early this season to beat them. They are serious contenders for the Big 12 North championship." --VampirReb (Spirit)

"We get slaughtered" --cogburn8 (Spirit)

"Missouri wins but it's closer than last year. I will say 31 - 21 Missouri." --AlohaReb (Spirit)

"It's a big game. We will probably be the underdogs and will need to bring our A game. I think our OL and DL will definitely make it a closer game than last year plus home field advantage. It will be a fun game." --JaySuede(Spirit)

"I obviously hope for a different outcome. I think we'll be able to run well and our Defense will be much better particularly on the line where so many Fr were playing last year. I just hope we can slow down Chase Daniels "--KobanT...barian (Rivals)

(3) What do you think about MO fans?

"Don't know anything about them" --MidtownReb (Spirit)

"Seem decent" --cogburn8 (Spirit)

"They seem like friendly people to me." --AlohaReb(Spirit)

"Definitely a different crowd! I saw my fair share of denim shorts, washer pitching, and beanbag tosses." --TheRebelAS (Rivals)

"Most were friendly and did their smack talking in a good natured way. "--KobanT...barian (Rivals)

(4) Would you like to play MO again in the future?

"Sure, but not anytime soon. I'd like to play some Texas schools if we're going to play the Big XII." --TheRebelAS (Rivals)

"Not much. Rather play Wake Forest again. But if they'll both go back to normal until we run up a 20-2 record against them, I could live with it." --GeorgePosey (Rivals)

"Yes. I think this could be a good game for both teams in the future." --AlohaReb (Spirit)

"Rather play Texas in '09." --VampirReb(Spirit)

"not particularly" --MidTownReb(Spirit)

"sure. I'd love to see us get a variety of teams from OOC but playing Mizzou again in a few years would be fine with me."--KobanT...barian (Rivals)

(5) What do you respect about MO?

"Good football tradition" --thp023 (Spirit)

"great school, nice college town" --MidtownReb(Spirit)

"Once had one of the best football programs and HC in the country. Alot of big time tradition but like us, you gotta go pretty far back to know it." VampirReb (Spirit)

"They are a team that seems to be on the rise in the Big 12." --AlohaReb(Spirit)

"The Cardinals, Six Flags, Branson, the Arch, Budweiser, the Fox theater in St. Louis" --JaySuede(Spirit)

"Journalism school. Distinguished past alums. Nice weather. " --GeorgePosey (Rivals)

"They seem to have a lot of pride in their football team and their school." --TheRebelAS

"The fans (one I met anyway)" --KobanT...barian (Rivals)

(6) What do you dislike about MO?

"they beat us last year." --thp023 (Spirit)

"that they trampled us last year" --MidtownReb(Spirit)

"Aside from my views on denim shorts and pregame activities differing, not a lot." --TheRebelAS
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