31 August 2007

Are you Ready?

It's Football Eve. We've been waiting a long time for tomorrow and it's almost here. The possibilities, the what if's, the chest pounding and the expectations will soon be replaced with reality.

There has been a lot of discussion on the message boards on how the Rebels will do this year. Many feel that with our tough schedule we will yet again be bowless at season end. Others, myself included ,see us as being a bit underrated. Will this be the year we win 6 and head back to Shreveport? I say YES.

Win 6, against who, you ask. Well let me tell you.

We will beat Memphis, Vandy, Louisiana Tech, Northwestern St & Miss. State. We will also beat at least one of the following teams at home: Missouri, Florida, Alabama, Arkansas or yes even LSU.
That's my Football Eve Prediction.
**Disclaimer: I have the write to change my prediction if and when we don't win 6 this year.

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