31 August 2007

Ole Miss v. Memphis: Where to watch

Ole Miss v. Memphis will be on CSS tomorrow at 2:30 CST. Since CSS is very limited, I wanted to let everyone know that the game can be viewed on CSTV.com.

For $14.95, Rebel fans can watch the game live on CSTV.com. To sign up click here. The $14.95 fee is for an entire month of CSTV.com's XXL. I went on CSTV.com a bit yesterday and discovered that they carry several college events, including volleyball and soccer.


TinyElvis said...

Hmm.. they have the game listed with a 7:30 start time. :-\

Seth said...

That's interesting because my says 2:30, watch game.
Maybe it depends on where you live.

tennreb said...

Yes, it depends on where you live. If you live in the Comcast service area, then the game is delayed.

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