10 August 2007

Arizona and Arizona State talk about Ole Miss


Arizona and Ole Miss have never played in football. Oxford and Tucson are 1,487 miles apart.

(1) What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Ole Miss?

Blue Helmets and Red jersies--BradAllis

Ole Mister, lol. No really, a solid school with lots of tradition.--tlinders

rebel flag and racism(sorry, it is the first thing I think about)-glendalecat

red necks, white hoods, burning crosses, rebel flags, NASCAR, Tennessee Williams, William Faulkner, Margaret Mitchell.--MrMeow

Old man Manning at QB--Kainoakat

I can only answer the first question. What do you think of Ole Miss. As many others have stated, The Rebel Flag. Other than that, I know very little. Oh, and Katrina. Major damage. My friend went there to help in disaster relief. --SD Cat

Deuce McCallister, Eli Manning, Terrance Metcalf, and Ansu Sesay!!!--ChiTownCatFan

(2) What are your feelings about Ole Miss?

Kind of like them as I do not like most SEC powers--BradAllis

I have no feelings for or against them, they are perhaps more beatable than most schools in that conference, but would represent a quality opponent and potential win for us in either sport.--tlinders

Gave ASU Rob Evans...God bless you.--Glendalecat

Great uni's, was probably an influence on our new look.--ChiTownCatFan

(3) Would you like to play us in football or basketball in the future?

Sure, either sport. Good, decent BCS conference teams--BradAllis

No. If I was that caliber an athlete I would just as soon go to a place more diverse.--Glendalecat

Sure, why not. Football would be competitive, Basketball...I don't know enough about your squad.--Kainoakat

Wouldn't mind playing Ole Miss in either sport, so long as you don't re-hire that skunk-lid Rob Evans.--ChiTownCatFan

(4)What do you think about the SEC in general?

Great conference. PRobably best overall football conf. Solid hoops conference--BradAllis

SEC has a ton of local talent available and tradition. They are always tough, but sometimes overrated.--tlinders

Great football conference with great venues and great game day experiences--GlendaleCat

SEC-Great venues, Great fans(usually, except for the arrogant ones), Great tradition. Jackass coaches(J/J, just Miles and Spurrier). --Kainoakat

SEC is consistently the best football conference in the country. Everyone outside of Michigan and Ohio knows it. Would love to experience an SEC tailgate party.--ChiTownCatFan

(5) Have you ever visited Oxford on game day? If yes, what was your experience? If no, what have you heard about our gameday experience?

No, but I hear the "Scenery" is tough to beat. Do you still have the rebel flags waving? That was always something I never really liked.--BradAllis


No. Have had family play there...and they say it is a close, wild crowd...--GlendaleCat

Never been to Oxford, but sat next to a kid who is currently a student at Ole Miss while at Eric Clapton's Crossroads Guitar Festival in Chicago last week and he seemed to know how to have a good time.--ChiTownCatFan

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Arizona State
Ole Miss and ASU have never met in football or basketball. Rob Evans left Ole Miss to coach basketball at ASU. This year Ole Miss and Arizona played in baseball in Tempe for the super regional. Oxford and Tempe are 1,564 miles apart.

(1) What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Ole Miss?

Archie Manning.--JustinZ

A fiery coach who appears to be the cerebral lesser to his SEC counterparts. Which is no better than a cerebral coach that lacks fire.(See our ex-head coach).--DevilMo

Rebel Flag, Archie and Eli Manning, Patrick Willis (I'm a SF 49ers fan)--NorCalDevilSouza78

Eli Manning went there--ASUundevilFan

The Super Regional baseball game ASU played against them. Also Eli Manning--MTH12

"Ole" isn't really a word.--SparkyII

Ugly uniforms and helmets--UAHater

Hot Girls...and T.J Beam (a buddy of mine who pitched there in 02-04, now with the Yankees)--godevils420

John Vaught and James Meredith.--OkieDevil

Red-headed stepchild to SEC powerhouses.--Damian

The Orgeron.--AStateBigJon

Ole Miss...the first thing is I miss my oldest daughter who is working on her second masters their now.Ya I'm super proud of her.--DoxieDevil

Archie Manning--SunDevilScott

Great school with lots of history, Deuce Mcallister and the Mannings--smoooothdevil

Baseball regional --sundevilfromminn

(2) What are your feelings about Ole Miss?

I do not like the SEC in general, but since Ole Miss has not had as stellar a record as many of their counterparts in the SEC lately, I often pull for them in conference games. I give MSU this treatment as well.--JustinZ

For some reason I like them every year.--DevilMo

I'm indifferent to Ole Miss.--NorCalDevilSouza78

I have no feelings about Ole Miss, they offer every JC player in the U.S. and Canada--ASUndevilFan

I think they never seem to be too good in either football or basketball (just off the top of my head). I never hear or read much about Ole Miss because they always seem to be mediocre and never get much press coverage.--MTH12

I can honestly say I have no feeling about Ole Miss.--SparkyII

Sub par--UAHater

Dont Care either way!!--godevils420

Never went anywhere, to play anybody; and were dead-last in finally recruiting black athletes.--OkieDevil

Living off of past achievements and reputation - like the UofA.--Damian

They stuck us with Rob Evans, that didn't work out so well. Ole Miss seems like a program that is constantly stuck in the situation of being a cellar dweller even though they don't have Vanderbilt-like academic restrictions. It's never made any sense to me that Bama can be so good and UM can be so bad in the long term. --AStateBigJon

I don't have any really--SunScottDevil

I love Ole Miss but not as much as ASU. Great academics, beautiful coeds, and above average sports programs generally.--smoooothdevil

Don't have any feelings--sundevilfromminn

(3) Would you like to play us in football or basketball in the future?


Football. --DevilMo

I'm always up for playing SEC teams in football or basketball.--NorCalDevilSouza78


Sure, why not? It could be fun to make a trip for an away football game.--MTH12

Yes, of course--UAHater

Football because that is our sport. Basketball sure why not, neither team is consitently very good at B-Ball--godevils

Definitely. Ole Miss has greatly improved their image, over the last 20 years.--OkieDevil

Why not? I'd like ASU to play Ole Miss in baseball again, too.--Damian

I'd love to in both. Scheduling teams from bigger conferences is always a good thing, especially in the wake of the Les Miles "Pac-10 sucks" comments.--AStateBigJon

Second the Summers in Mississippi......NO THANK YOU!!--DoxieDevil

Yes I always love to play the big Conf teams.--SunDevilScott

Absolutely! A football roadie would be pretty awesome so I could get back to Oxford and experience the Grove.--smoooothdevil

Definitely, in both sports...unless it was before I came to school at ASU, I was surprised a home and home was never set up during the Rob Evans "era", but we hardly played an OOC team from a big conference anyways--sundevilfromminn

(4)What do you think about the SEC in general?

I think it's a conference with backwards priorities.--JustinZ

Not the football superior most their fans and coaches think they are. Where it is superior is in the level of fanaticism displayed by their fanbase.--DevilMo

I think the SEC is a good conference but is a little overrated top to bottom. The top 3 or 4 teams are usually among the elite but the bottom rung of teams get grouped in with the power teams when they shouldn't. I also think most SEC teams shy away from tough OOC games, especially on the road. I'd like to see this change and hope ASU is one of the beneficiaries of this change.--NorCalDevilSouza78

The SEC hates passing--ASUndevilFan

I think the SEC is solid overall but also think SEC fans are by far the most obnoxious and arrogant in all of college sports.--MTH12

I think the SEC gets a lot more credit by the press than what it deserves. I also think SEC fans are quite full of themselves and their tradition.--SparkyII

Good conference--UAHater

Over Hyped!!!--godevils420

Exciting matchups (in-conference) and super gameday atmosphere.--OkieDevil

Some of the cockiest fans in the world. Best speed and atheticism around in football, though.--Damian

Great football tradition.--AStateBigJon

Good Conf, but mostly overrated. No slam, just what I think.--SunDevilScott

As a conference the SEC things a little too highly of itself. You would never hear a Pac-10 coach call out a whole conference. Top to bottom they are overrated and no better than the Pac-10. Otherwise the conference is great--smoooothdevil


(5) Have you ever visited Oxford on game day? If yes, what was your experience? If no, what have you heard about our gameday experience?

No I haven't. I would like to, as I would like to visit many of the SEC tailgates.--JustinZ

No. Have heard nothing but great things. I would put in a top ten of games I'd like to experience.--DevilMo

I haven't visited Oxford. If ASU were to play them in a home and home series I'd make the trip. I'm excited to be heading to Georgia in 2 years to see what an SEC atmosphere is like. It would be fun to compare the atmosphere of Georgia and Ole Miss.--NorCalDevilSouza78

No. I hear they have hotties there (from Ole Miss fans).--ASUndevilFan

No. From what you guys keep telling us it is very lively.--No. From what you guys keep telling us it is very lively.--SparkyII

No, nothing specific to Ole Miss, just that SEC tailgating is quite good--UAHater

No have never attended, but have heard it is very raucous (sp) and fun!!--godevils420
Yes, but it was in 1970. Things have changed (for the better) since then.--OkieDevil
No. Like others, have heard the babes are hot. Fans probably eat and drink too much. That's about all.--Damian

No, but I've heard it's one of the better kept tailgating secrets in colege football. Southern hospitality and top notch sundresses. It's on my list of places to go.--AStateBigJon

The SEC is a great conference.Most people I know their schedule their winter events around the football games...Football is king in the South.--DoxieDevil

I have heard it is a great time, smilar to LSU or some of the other southern schools.--SunDevilScott

I have been to Oxford numerous times but not on gameday unfortunately. We are putting together a plan to go check out a football game in the near future. It would be awesome if ASU could play there..--smoooothdevil

Have not, but looking forward to playing Georgia in '09 for an SEC gameday experience--sundevilfromminn

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