17 August 2007

Arkansas fans discuss this year's game

(1)What are your predictions on our game?

I have gone months without it ever crossing my mind.I guess the thing I would be most curious about is whether Orgeron will make it til then or if we will face an interim coach.--EurekaHog

Game will be over before halftime. DMAC will get to rest and Felix will rack up 150 yards in the second half. Orgeron will give a 15 minute speech to his team at half and only 3 people will understand what he said--HoustonHOG

PAIN - More of the same.--Ham-ible Lecter

I expect a tight game for a half, maybe even a halftime lead for OM. The wheels will come off in the second half for OM though when our stars and superior depth put a death grip on the game. If the game were at our place it would be more of the same from last year. OM is just brutal to play at home though.--pearl ham

UA-24-17--tampabay of pigs

Arkansas 31, Ole Miss 16--Flyman

31-12 Hogs win--JonHog64

Honestly, without Willis, you have absolutely no chance of stopping D-Mac and Felix, so I predict a blow out--esward

Hog win. If at neautal site big Hog win, but ark will win in oxford--lupita

Razorbacks by 3 (touchdowns, that is), something like 31-13 .--EuroHog

I actually expect Ole Miss to be better than last year, I think Schaeffer at QB hurt their offense last year, so I am calling for a 28-17/20 Arkansas win. Hard fought game. --broeric

(2)What are your strengths and weaknesses this year?

Strengths: Running the football down people's throats for 4 quartersWeaknesses: Inexperienced defense..talented, but inexperienced in places.--HoustonHOG

Strengths - running backs, o-line, d-line, linebackersWeaknesses - if there are some, it's potentially at QB (I doubt it) and d-backs.--Ham-ible Lecter

Backs, OL, TE, DL, LB and Safties are strong. Corners, QB, and possibly WR are the only things a team can really attack against us with much hope of putting us down hard. It will be nickel and dime packages that get to our corners, solid CB's and pass rush to affect our QB play, and superior CB's to get at our WR's. Anybody who plays us will have to work their way out of the starters of our balanced sets to get to exploitable players though.--pearl ham

great talent(strength)- depth(weakness)...--tampabay of pigs

Strengths: Running game is the obvious, the OL is the almost-as-obvious, and the DL is not quite as obvious. Weaknesses: Passing game, WRs after Monk, possibly the secondary.--Flyman

Strength- D-line, Weakness-QB--JonHog64

Strengths: Running game. Weaknesses: Passing game--esward


Strength: The running game, obviously. Weakness: The passing game, equally as obvious.--EuroHog

We are certain that running will be our strength...as always. Kind of early to predict weaknesses, but my guess is our inexperience is our biggest weakness.--broeric

(3)What do you respect about Ole Miss?

Ole Miss has great tradition. They have fallen on hard times, but the grove and their history are respectable....kinda--HoustonHOG

John Vaught--Ham-ible Lecter

I respect the strong home field advantage at OM. I respect OM for fielding better than average teams most of the time. I dont respect OM as a legitimate threat to win the SEC though.--pearl ham

Tri Delts & Chi Ho's (hotness taken to another level)....--tampabay of pigs

The tradition of the Grove and their history in the SEC.--Flyman

great tradition & Grove atmosphere, Rebel mascot--JonHog64

Umm not really anything. I wish we had somewhere like the grove to tailgate before the football games yet ole miss fans consider tailgating more important because they know their athletics have no chance--esward

Nothing, almost a non-entity, even though I never take a game for granted. But, now that I write that down, I see that in itself indicates some respect.--EuroHog

Oxford does have some of the prettiest women in the SEC. (Don't tell my wife I said so! ) On a football note, last year your defense was really good.--broeric

(4) What do you dislike most about Ole Miss?

Don't think about Ole Miss enough to really dislike anything.....-- HoustonHOG

All the drunks--Ham-ible Lecter

I dislike the delusions of grandeur. Ole Miss does not understand and appreciate its place in SEC football. It is what it is, and until an Ole Miss team comes along and changes that, worry about getting to a bowl game instead of threatening opponents with superior talent.--pearl ham

Tad Dump errr I mean Pad....--tampabay of pigs

Don't have enough time to write all that down.--Flyman


Most people walk around at Ole Miss with their noses stuck up the air and think their sh*t doesnt stink. Sorry but Ole Miss really has nothing to offer. Horrible athletics, Not very good education, horrible facilities. I guess you have pretty girls but so do we.-- esward

Again, nothing. What is there to dislike?--EuroHog

Eli Manning...oh, I thought you asked who I disliked most! I really don't dislike anything about Ole Miss other than the fact they are not Arkansas.--broeric

(5) What is your most memorable Ole Miss v. Arkansas game and why?

7 overtime game --HoustonHOG, JonHog64, esward, lupita

1983. Ole Miss beat us 13-10 in Jackson after we had beaten them the prior 2 years in a row and it was hell getting out of there alive! I have never seen so many drunks in all my life running around yelling obscenities and acting like they had just won the National Championship. I personally witnessed a drunk Ole Miss fan get his ass whupped that night right after he ran by and yanked a Razorback fans hat from his head. The guy ran him down and beat him like a step child.--Ham-ible Lecter

The 7 OT game is the most fun to remember, but the most disgusting memory was the OM loss in 03. It sealed our infamous 0 for October with one of our better teams in a while. The way OM just handled us was pathetic to watch as a Hog fan.--pearl ham

last yrs game cause it was a "perfect storm" of Hog dominance (score wise at least)....--tampabay of pigs

Can it be anything but the 7OT game in 2001 with 104 pts scored?--Flyman

Dont really have one. I normally cheer for all other sec teams when they are not playing arkansas--esward

The seven overtime win. Anytime a game goes that long, the players on both teams have given everything they have, desperately trying to get that one score or preventing that one score that will attain the victory.--EuroHog

I guess the seven overtime game. But since everyone is saying that I will go with: 1998. We beat you 34-0 that year if I remember right. Game really swung hard in our favor when we stopped Duece on the one yard line. That was a cold day. But a good win. We had Romaro Miller on the run all day. Kept us undefeated....for a while longer.--broeric

(6) Name your second favorite SEC team.

Second favorite SEC team is whoever is playing LSU--HoustonHOG

LSU with Georgia a close third.--Ham-ible Lecter

Alabama--pearl ham

whoever's playing Fla....--tampabay of pigs

Is there such a thing? I'm an LSU fan, but if I had a 2nd favorite team it would easily be Arkansas.--Flyman


There is no number 2 (except sometimes Tennessee seems like number 2, if you get my drift).--EuroHog

I don't have a second favorite SEC team. I respect all of them, though. --broeric

(7) Are you attending the game in Oxford this year?

NO --HoustonHOG

I doubt it.--Ham-ible Lecter

I was actually just talking about that the other day and yes i will be there--esward

Nope, I dont believe in traveling to Missisippi. Its bad for your health.--lupita

No way. Not that it wouldn't be fun, just that it's not high enough a priority for the effort.--EuroHog

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