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26 August 2007


It's time Rebel fans. Game week is upon us. Before we hit the field and take on those Tigers, I thought I would take a look at our schedule for some interesting tidbits.

This year if you are not sure who we play, your best bet is to guess either a bulldog or a tiger and you will probably be right. We face off against four tiger teams and three bulldog teams. We also play some Demons, Commodores, Gators, Elephants and Pigs.

Our overall record against all the teams we play this year is W259 L 272 T 16. We've played Mississippi State the most at 103 times and Northeastern State the least at one game. We've played Memphis more times than we've played Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Arkansas or Auburn.

We play seven game at home and five away. Our closest away game is at Memphis (81 miles)while the greatest distance we will travel is to Athens, GA (409 miles).

Below is a breakdown of how many times we've played each team.

Miss State (103)
LSU (95)

Vandy (81)

Memphis (56)


Arkansas (53)

Georgia (42)

Auburn (31)

Florida (21)

LA Tech (8)

Northwestern State (1)

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