08 July 2008

How we are perceived: ACC : Clemson, NC State & Va Tech

Let's take a trip to Clemson, North Carolina State & Virginia Tech to see how Ole Miss is viewed there.


(1) What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Ole Miss?

Hottie tottie southern women!-tigeronthelake

SEC DIV IA-revrsethecurse04

Archie Manning-icmcumin

Not so great academics-hulluvaengineer96

Traditionally a 4th or 5th placed team in the SEC West-bornin81

50,000 Confederate Flags waving. Dixie. Beautiful coeds. Archie Manning-snakesup

The Mannings-BigPell

Purdy women.-CUFAN85

Beautiful campus and women-mskiner

Campus is beautiful ol' south atmosphere - pretty nice - but too dang hot there.Basically, Ole Miss made a mistake getting rid of Cutcliffe, but made a good hire with Nutt. You'll have some good wins over the next few years. I usually never even think about Ole Miss though - kind of one of those 'also rans' in the SEC - kind of like USuC. I usually pick them to lose, but with Nutt there, I have to look closer.

Good luck - and beat those chickens.-ctiger75

Hot chicks! -MisplacedTiger

My girlfriend. Lol. She went there. Other than that, frat boys trying to compare Oxford to Athens.-TechinItEasy

The Grove and the women-SolidTiger

"When I leave here, it will be in a pine box." Quote from Coach Tommy Tuberville, assuring Ole Miss fans that he would never abandon them. This was right before he flew to Auburn in a private plane called..."The Pine Box". Gotta love the irony!-BamaWillinGA

Confederate Flag and Archie Manning-PawsFan

My cousin got a scholarship offer for baseball but grades weren't good enough, spent a lot of time with the team though...most of my family is from there, so my grandpa likes Ole Miss; oh yeah, and Eli Manning-midwaymonsters07

(2) What are your feelings about Ole Miss?

Great school in a great college town, very much like Clemson with the Oxford Square.-tigeronthelake

It's complicated... I love them but I'm not in love. Errr.... nah I really don't care much about em-revrsethecurse04

A second tier program that is not currently competing with rival top tier SEC schools-icmcumin

Cheer for you when you play the leg humpers-hulluvaengineer96

Dont hate'em. Tend to like Miss. state better though-bornin81

Neutral -BigPell

I love purdy women.-CUFAN85

When deciding on a college, out of ten schools it came down to Clemson and Ole Miss. I decided on Clemson and have never regreted that decision. Miss is a great school and was a close second.-mskiner

I have no real feelings about Ole Miss-ctiger75

Best Mascot in the SEC. -MisplacedTiger

Fairly neutral. Nothing much to do out there though.-TechinItEasy

Feelings? What?-SolidTiger

The only thing hotter than your women is a humid, mosquito-infested afternoon in late August or early September in "The Grove".-BamaWillinGA

Have none-PawsFan

Pretty positive, I also remember my middle school patterned their colors and mascot after Ole Miss before switching to UNLV; have no problem pulling for them.-midwaymonsters07

(3) Are you excited about our upcoming football series? Also, would you like to add us as a basketball regular after our last two meetings?

I didn't know Clemson had a football series with Ole Miss upcoming, but I would enjoy that if it were to come true. Basketball doesn't really matter to me, but Ole Miss couldn't hurt our RPI.-tigeronthelake

Basketball yes. -revrsethecurse04

right now - yawn.-icmcumin

Hope you don't suddenly improve-hulluvaengineer96

Yes, love to go to new places. Basketball, dont really care.-bornin81

Football - Yes, what is basketball?-BigPell

Yes, if you bring your purdy women.-CUFAN85

Very, is that the sport with a hoop.-mskiner

Didn't even know that we'd be playing you guys anytime in our lifetime-ctiger75

Not right now. But, I think you guys are on the upswing.-MisplacedTiger

I'm a Georgia Tech fan, but yes I am excited about our upcoming football series because a) We will have just finished a series w/ your rival and b) I have some sort of connection with your school(see #1)-TechinItEasy

I'm looking forward to the football games. "Excited" may be a stretch. Good OOC opponent for basketball. I wouldn't mind playing the Rebs more often.-SolidTiger

Truth in advertising...I'm an Alabama fan. So, nah, it's hard to get excited about playing any of the Mississippi teams. Nothing personal!-BamaWillinGA

We're playing in football? I guess SC State wasn't available that year.-PawsFan

Yeah, should be a good matchup, and basketball as well, Ole Miss and Clemson both have growing programs-midwaymonsters07

(4)What do you think about the SEC in general?

Several good teams and college environments like FL, LSU, and UGA. Then 6-7 other schools that are just want a be's, and will never be anything more than want a be's like SoCar, KY, and Ark. Then other schools that except their place in the lower SEC and represent the conference well. These teams would be Vandy, Ole Miss, MSU, and AU. All very nice schools with very good fans.-tigeronthelake

USuC tells us how fantastic you are so forgive us if we have a poor aftertaste in our mouths after listening to them.But overall I think we (clemson) can compete with any team in the SEC. Our fans fit in well with the southern passion evident with many of the top tier sec schools.-revrsethecurse04

Very tough football and baseball conference. Basketball is emerging.-icmcumin

Good folks-hulluvaengineer96

Love to watch it, hate to listen to the fans of teams that suck and blame it on their SEC schedule. -bornin81

SEC is way overrated. Three teams: GA, FL, LSU. Stuck with S. Car.-snakesup

Some top tier football programs. The middle tier schools are also tough. And the Coots.-BigPell

What is this SEC? Never heard of it.-CUFAN85

Like to watch their football.-mskiner

It's pretty impressive - strong fb conf.-ctiger75

I think the top tier teams are good and the others seem to be content with living though their victories...USuC-MisplacedTiger

Big fans, Big stadiums, Not much for academics, but overrated in general.-TechinItEasy

Fans of SEC schools love to brag about the SEC. It gets pretty annoying. Yeah, it is probably the best quality football conference top to bottom. But that doesn't make a fan of a particular SEC school any better or worse than a fan of any other school. It just makes a ticket holder get to see some good quality teams. Kind of like us in the ACC with basketball. Be a fan of a school. Who cares what conference it is in.-SolidTiger

I guess it beats being in any other conference, and having to whine about the SEC all the time! Ha! Just teasing.-BamaWillinGA

Over hyped and filled with self importance.-PawsFan

Strongest conference in the nation-midwaymonsters07

(5) Have you ever visited Oxford on game day? If yes, what was your experience? If no, what have you heard about our gameday experience?

I have been to Oxford, and the Grove is as good as anywhere. Very nice setting, with very friendly and hospitable fans. I would recommend everyone go see a game there and experience what college football is all about. Only bad thing is the PC world has cause Ole Miss to get rid of Colonel Reb...Please bring back the Colonel!!!-tigeronthelake

No. Not much.-revrsethecurse04

no, but heard great things about the Old Miss tailgate.-icmcumin


NO, never visited. Will be there when we play. Figure gas should be at $7 a gallon by then so I'll start saving now.-bornin81

I have never been there but I have heard that the most beautiful women that attend college football games anywhere, do it in Oxford MS.-BigPell

Never been there but I heard you have purdy women.-CUFAN85

Never been there for a game but it is on the list of things to do. Have some friend that been and say its a great experience.-mskiner

Not on gameday, but have been twice (daughter had cheer camp there when we lived in Memphis).-ctiger75

Yes. Drove up from Keesler AFB for the Ole Miss/Mississippi game in 99'. Great game day atmosphere. We paid some crackhead at the back gate $20 bucks to let us in. Other than the hot chicks...there were 30k guys in the stadium...but only about 20k teeth.

I would go back to a game if I had a chance.-MisplacedTiger

Yes, on numerous occasions. Overall atmosphere is fun, but IMO the only thing that sets OM tailgating(the grove) off from any other school is the fact that everyone crams in one spot together. Personally I prefer a more spread out, campus wide, tailgate.-TechinItEasy

Yes. I got to "tailgate" or whatever you call it, in the Grove. It was pretty awesome. I really liked the players walking through before the game, and the formality of it all. One negative would be that it was a little snobby, and not quite as inviting and accomodating as at other schools. But that's understandable giving the obvious money spent on some of the spreads. Overall a very enjoyable experience. Clemson fans will love it in a few years.-SolidTiger

Why do you people have to get so dressed up for a sporting event, and act all "Hotty Toddy"?! Still teasing. I think "The Grove" is pretty unique. But, the stadium experience does not compare favorably with the big-time game atmosphere at Alabama, Florida, LSU, Georgia, Tennessee, Arkansas, or even Auburn. It is better than South Carolina, Kentucky, MSU or Vandy, though. JMHO-BamaWillinGA

No, and have heard absolutely nothing-midwaymonsters07


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The Bad Apple (Rivals)
CU Tigers (Scout)

Next let's go to North Carolina State. Not too many folks seemed that interested in answering the questions. I was also denied access to the Scout forum.

North Carolina State:

(1) What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Ole Miss?

Ole' Miss is kind of like N.C. State in that you can't get over the hump. You get high expectations only to have them shot down as the season goes.-Lawwuf

Eli Manning, The Grove, beautiful women.-ncrebel574


(2) What are your feelings about Ole Miss?

I can't figure why they fired Cutclift.-Lawwuf

I love them, 2nd favorite team (I am a member of Rebelgrove too) My dad and his entire family went there. If they were closer I would have gone there instead of NCSU.-ncrebel574

Pity and understanding. we lose more than our fair share of games too.-bdstolar

(3) Would you like to play us in football or basketball in the future?


Yes, two teams that are on the rise in football. B-ball they have a very good Coach in Kennedy -ncrebel574

Sure, why not?-bdstolar

(4)What do you think about the SEC in general?

Powerhouse in football, Basketball is right there with ACC.-Lawwuf

Power conference. Very good with great athletes -ncrebel574

It must be easy being 1 of the 2 BIG schools in states where football is feed through baby bottles.-bdstolar

(5) Have you ever visited Oxford on game day? If yes, what was your experience? If no, what have you heard about our gameday experience?

Drove through coming back from a Deer hunting trip never stopped.-Lawwuf

Yes try to go every year. Grove is amazing, stadium isn't the loudeset but a very fun time.-ncrebel574

No, but I've heard average noise/exciment, classy, and hot co-eds.-bdstolar

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The Wolfpacker (Rivals)

Virginia Tech

Again, not many responses from VA Tech fans. Also, once again I was denied access to the Scout Va Tech message board.

(1) What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Ole Miss?

Mannings (Eli & Archie)-hokyfn451

Eli Manning-VTBen26

You've never lost a tailgate, and you redshirt Miss Americas.-RiverVTguy

I’m old - I still think of Archie Manning when I hear Ole Miss.-hokie_ckc

(2) What are your feelings about Ole Miss?

Not real much of one, I know the program has seen better days, that's about it (i'm only 20)-hokyfn451

I am neutral on Ole Miss. No reason to dislike them, and I don't know enough about them to love them.-VTBen26

I really have none.-RiverVTguy

(3) Would you like to play us in football or basketball in the future?

Sure, but that's a bit of a drive, could maybe see hosting you guys in FB, might make for an interesting game. But honestly probably wouldn't be going out of my way to see the two schools compete. New competition is always nice though ;)-hokyfn451

Just played you in basketball, would like to have a regular season series sure. Would love to play in football.


I love SEC football and would love to be in it. I’d love to play an SEC team every year - Ole Miss as much as any-hokie_ckc

(4)What do you think about the SEC in general?

It's tough as nails, and fast as hell. In my opinion, they just play more football in the South, so they get more kids to choose from. JMO though.-hokyfn451

The SEC. Had a national champ the past two years and has been tough the past two years. Was mediocre in 2005 and a couple other years this decade. Awesome football conference as far as tradition goes. But too many fans that cling to the mantra "I am an SEC fan which is by far the best conference" (true the last two years, but not every year) I have figured out that most of the time when someone claims to be a fan of the SEC rather than a specific college team this means "I like a team in the SEC other than Georgia, Florida, or LSU. My team could win any other conference even though we can't win the SEC." Garbage talk. This mainly comes from fans of programs with strong traditions that have been irrelevant for ten years or more (Alabama, Tennessee) or teams that have never been that good that like to think they would be better if in another conference (South Carolina). Don't know whether Ole Miss fans feel the same or not.-VTBen26

It is the best football conference, for sure. That said, being in the SEC doesn't make every member superior to all other teams, the nation over. SEC is real good football. No doubt. Atmosphere, stadiums, tradition, and quality play.-RiverVTguy

(5) Have you ever visited Oxford on game day? If yes, what was your experience? If no, what have you heard about our gameday experience?

No. and nothing.-hokyfn451

No have never visited. Heard of something called the Grove and have heard lots of hot chicks. Heard its a great campus. Would like to visit sometime and might now that have family stationed at a military base in the area.-VTBen26

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