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27 August 2008

Memphis fans share their thoughts

What are Memphis fans thinking about this Saturday's game? I stopped by a Memphis message board and asked the questions below. This year I received very few responses. Perhaps they are not as excited. Here is a link to last years blog.

(1)What do you guys think of our upcoming game this year?

No idea we have a lot of question marks at big positions I feel. QB and DB scares me.-GoTigersGo10

Looking forward to knowing that Sunday morning will be the most miserable experience in the Houston Nutt era for rebel fans - that walk to the Sunday Paper knowing the Tigers won.-griffin

It's always great to kick it off with a regional game and the games have been exciting the last 5 years.-Bill83

There are a LOT of questions for both teams in this year's matchup.-HLT2011

(2) What are your strengths and weaknesses this year?

Strength: WR by far! Weakness: DEFENSE-GoTigersGo10

Strength: Wide receivers, Offensive Line, RB (Miami 4 year Transfer) - QB - #7 ranked HS QB in the Nation and Defensive line.-griffin

Str- WR, DL Weakness- Secondary, Special teams-Bill83

Our most obvious strength is our unbelievably deep group of WR's. If Arkelon Hall can get the ball to them, we're going to light up the scoreboard every Saturday. Also, believe it or not, our defense should be much improved in 2008. I truly feel that DC Tim Walton will get things right on the defensive side of the ball in a hurry. As for weaknesses, our offensive line is getting painfully thin.-HLT2011

(3) What do you think about the Ole Mis v. Memphis series?

I like it cause I feel we are basically on the same level now. You see how I say now. I know Ole Miss owns the series but to say either team has dominated recently is just ridiculous. -GoTigersGo10

A bit stale but good to have - have grown to know we are now as good so the excitement to play the rebels is not there anymore - ready to move on to a greater challenge-griffin

It's very good for the region to help sell tickets @ both stadia and for fans to travel to but after all the drivel from your AD, I would just as soon play a Big East team (hoping for a future rival).-Bill83

It'd be a lot of fun if it weren't for Rebel fans. When it comes to the actual games, they're usually extremely competitive and always fun to watch. But dealing with Rebel fans, especially in Oxford, makes it just about impossible to enjoy the day.-HLT2011

(4) What do you think about Houston Nutt being the HC at Ole Miss?

Best move Ole Miss has made since I've been alive.-GoTigersGo10

Much better than what the rebels had - but the reality is that Mississippi had to hire someone who failed at a middle tier SEC school - who was about to get fired. Top tier SEC teams would never even consider such an option.-griffin

Hey, it beats Fred Flintstone.-Bill83

Like another poster said, this was easily the best move that the Rebels have made in my lifetime. Great hire.-HLT2011

(5) What will be the final score on Sat?

Close as usual...hopefully Tigers 31- REBS 28-GoTigersGo10

Memphis 27 Mississippi 24-griffin

With three Rebel D-Linemen out and Snead's first game I expect another nailbiter. 24-21.-Bill83

Very, VERY tough to call this year, but I'll say 24-20 Tigers.HLT2011

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