31 December 2008

One more day

One more day at work and then off to Dallas I go. I'll be staying in enemy territory at the Anatole. My dad is flying over from AL to meet me. I ordered a blue Ole Miss wind breaker. I'm hoping it will arrive today. It seems all my Ole Miss clothes are red.

Well off to bed for me.

One more day........

26 December 2008

Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas!

I hope all you Rebs got all you wanted!

19 December 2008

When it rains....

Well you know the rest.

Chris Warren is out for the season with a torn ACL. We wish him a speedy recovery!

18 December 2008

Ole Miss: We stand by Andy Kennedy

The University issued the following statement:

In response to the charges made against Ole Miss Head Basketball Coach Andy Kennedy in Cincinnati, Ohio, Thursday morning, Athletics Director Pete Boone and Coach Kennedy issued the following statements:

"Clearly, this is an unfortunate situation. However, after a full discussion with Andy Kennedy and his staff, who were with him, I have the utmost confidence that once all the facts are known, Coach Kennedy will be cleared of all charges," said Boone, who is with the team.

"I regret this situation," Kennedy said. "The focus should be on the players and the game, not on me. I vehemently deny the charges levied against me, and am completely confident that I will be fully exonerated of all charges."

Coach Kennedy will continue his coaching duties.

Kennedy pleads not guilty

Kennedy is being represented by former Hamilton County Prosecutor Mike Allen. He is well thought of in this area.

Update on AK

Paul Daugherty, Cincinnati reporter said when asked about the AK report:

Yep, actually talked to Someone Who Would Know just a few minutes ago. He said the cabbie dropped a racial slur on a member of Andy's party as they got into the cab... AK and his four companions, all his assistant coaches, got out of the cab and hailed another. As they were on their way back to their hotel, cops pulled them over and charged AK with assault.

My source said AK assaulted no one and has 4 eyewitnesses to swear to it.
Given what I know of Kennedy from having covered him as a head coach and as Huggins' top assistant, I believe this account.

Of course, I could never believe a guy like C. Blount could be charged with possessing 29 lbs. of marijuana, either.

We'll see.

Hog Wash!

The media here in Cincinnati doesn't believe the allegations against AK and neither do I.

Once the truth is out, AK will be vindicated.

While this is all being worked out, take time to read the comments to the Cincinnati Enquirer's story.

16 December 2008

Cotton Bowl tickets arrived this morning

I received my Cotton Bowl tickets from Ole Miss. I will be selling these tickets as I also bought better seats from another source. So if you are interested let me know.

With the Cotton Bowl tickets I received a Fan's Guide with lots of good info.

Hotty Toddy!

15 December 2008

14 December 2008

More fallout from Auburn Hire

If you take a look around the blogasphere today, one thing is clear:  What the crap was Auburn thinking??

Cyclone Chronicles says: 

Dawg Sports:

Dead Guy says:

Garnet & Black

Get the Picture

Razorback Expats

13 December 2008

Wow, unbelievable!

Not a happy bunch down on the Plains. 

Who says Ole Miss doesnt travel?

As an Ole Miss fan, I know one of the biggest myths in college football is that Ole Miss doesnt travel well. 


Ole Miss has sold over 20,000 tickets to the Cotton Bowl.  20, 000 officially through the University.  Many other folks have bought their tickets elsewhere.  Ole Miss will likely have 30K plus in Dallas. 

11 December 2008

Screen Shots

As you have seen by now, Ole Miss has an opening page for the website selling Cotton Bowl tickets. I thought it would be interesting to see what the other SEC bowl teams had on their front pages.

Here is what I found:

Alabama- Nothing- Guess they are still upset over losing the SEC championship


South Carolina- Basketball pictures. I would think they would be excited about the Outback bowl.

Georgia- Nothing about their bowl game. Again, I think they are ho hum about the Capital One bowl.


LSU: Nothing about a bowl game but they did have a picture of the Tiger in the snow.


And Texas Tech:

Oh and even they are not going bowling, I couldn't resist: Miss St: I especially like the upper left picture.

Cotton Bowl tickets arrived yesterday

I received a set of my Cotton Bowl tickets. I ordered two from Ole Miss and two from a ticket agency. Only two of us are going but I wanted to make sure I got tickets. So I may have tickets for sale!

Hotty Toddy

08 December 2008

Texas Tech Traditions

So I'm curious about Texas Tech traditions. We've played there several times over the past few years. But none have been this big. I have heard they have a very good band, one of the best in the Big XII.

I also found something called Bangin' Bertha, a bell. I am not sure if it is rang or if the just have a bell. I assume they ring it.

They also have part of the Blarney Stone. Those who kiss the stone at graduation will be able to speak pretty.

Their fight song seems to be written about the same time as ours. Apparently they like to use the word "Fight" a lot back the. (Fight Fight for your Ole Miss & Fight Raiders, Fight! Fight, Raiders, Fight!)

Their hand signal is Guns up. According to the TTU site "the sign is make by extending the index finger outward while extending the thumb upward and tucking in the middle, little and fourth fingers to form a gun." (or just see the picture)

Their Grove is called Raider Alley.

06 December 2008

Should be a fun 24 hours!

After a week of bowl speculation, in 24 hours we will finally know where we are headed. It's a win win for Ole Miss.

Will it be Dallas? ESPN thinks so.

Will it be Orlando? According to articles written this week, the Capital One bowl representatives will meet tomorrow at 3:00 to cast a final vote.

I've written my preference already on the blog. Either way, it's great to be back in this position!

05 December 2008

This time Rebels end up on the right side

A few years ago Ole Miss was in a very similar situation with our coach and with Auburn. Last time didn't end very well for us. This time we end up on the better side. Thank you Houston.

04 December 2008

RBS (Restless Bowl Syndrom) and Rebel Basket ball in HD

Searching for Ole Miss Bowl related news, reading the message boards... waiting to see what Bowl we go to. What city should I price airfare and hotels? Dallas, Orlando? I know which one I hope to go to... Orlando. So Capital One Bowl reps if you are reading this, put on ABBA's "Take a chance on me" and get our invitation in the mail! Not to slight you Cotton bowl. I would be thrilled to spend some time in Dallas watching the Rebels play. I just want to play a Big Ten team since I live in Ohio.

I believe we are getting serious consideration from Capital One. Here is why: If they had already decided on Georgia it would probably have already been announced. I believe that both Florida and Bama will go to a BCS game regardless of who wins. I also believe that Capital One believes that as well. If they were sold on Georgia they could release Ole Miss to the Cotton knowing that it wold be Georgia unless Bama or Florida somehow fall out of BCS consideration. They have not done that. I think that's a sign of how serious they are considering Ole Miss.

It was nice to see the Rebels play WVU in HD tonight. I was hoping for a victory. But, well you know the score.

Oh and I won an award. But.. not a good award. I was slammed for ranking the Rebels too high on the CBS blog sportsline polls. Yes I know I only voted at the beginning of the season and in the last poll. And yes, I am somewhat of a homer but I do believe that ranking the 3rd best team in the SEC (one that Bama wouldn't want to play again and the only team to beat FL this year) at #11 is not out of the question. What do you think?

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