30 September 2007

Close for 3

The Rebels played great for three quarters Saturday before imploding in the 4th. The Rebel offense played good through most of the game. There were a couple of interceptions but other than that, they controlled the ball and had a good balanced attack. The run defense was horrid as Georgia ran all over Ole Miss.
This will be another week of negative posts and down & out Rebel fans. LA Tech is heading to Oxford this week. This one might be closer than folks think.

29 September 2007

Game Day:Georgia

It's that time again. Time to turn on the radio or find out where to listen to the game on the Internet. Everyone should be fluent in radio finding by now based on the lack of TV this year.

(I use yahoo, its $4 a month and it's worth it if you don't live in Miss.)

Here are some questions that will be answered in a few hours:

(1) Will this be O's signature win?

(2) Will the Rebels play "up" again?

(3) Will Seth Adams continue to surprise and play well?

(4) Will BJGE get his run on?

(5) Will the D play well against a traditional Offense?

Here's to a good, hard playing and injury free game.

Hotty Toddy! Go Rebels.

28 September 2007

Will Georgia be ready?

This seems to be the question that folks in Athens are asking. It seems, according to the Georgia masses, that the only way for Ole Miss to win is if Georgia isn't ready to play Saturday.

Tony Barnhart of the AJC was so sure of a Georgia win he wrote an article on the upcoming Georgia-Tennessee game. He drew a bit of criticism for this and responded with:

Yesterday some of you chastised me for writing about Georgia-Tennessee when
the Bulldogs have a game with Ole Miss on Saturday. That’s a fair criticism. So
let’s talk about it. IMO, the Bulldogs and their fans read way too much into
their Sept. 1 win over Oklahoma State and weren’t ready to answer the bell
against South Carolina. Will last week’s emotional win over Alabama cause
Georgia to come out flat against the Rebels? Georgia is a better team than Ole
Miss and they are playing at home. They need to post a solid win and start
building momentum for Tennessee.

Roger Clarkson of Online Athens says "Ole Miss game could be close". He says "On paper Georgia out-mans Ole Miss at about every position." He goes on to say that Georgia was better in every position against South Carolina as well but lost.

The Georgia Sports Blog wants to see Georgia come out strong against Ole Miss. This would be a good tune up for Tennessee. Paul says:

Basically, I want to see us come out and really set the tone for next week.
We need momentum going into Knoxville because we're facing a wounded animal next
week that has had an off week to get healthy and regroup.As a friend of the blog
stationed in Knoxville said, (paraphrase)"There are 10 coaches up here fighting
to keep their jobs and put food on their table. If Georgia wins this game, UT's
season may unravel and folks are going to get fired. We have to be ready to
match their desperation fueled intensity."

It's hard not to blame Georgia fans and the media for their comments. This won't change until we actually start winning games. Do I think Georgia is as much more talented than Ole Miss as they think they are? No. I think we too have a lot of young talent on our team. However, what we as Rebel fans think really won't matter until we get some more W's.

27 September 2007

Q&A with Carolina Dawg

We recently had the chance to ask a few questions to Carolina Dawg (A Georgia Blog) about this week's game.

(1) This will be the first offense we've faced this year that doesn't run some aspect of the West Coast. Tell us a bit about your offense. (style, key players, etc)

Georgia runs a basic set offense, we are one of the few teams in the country that still runs out of the "I" formation. The key players for Georgia are Sean Bailey and MoMass at receiver, Matthew Stafford at QB, Thomas Brown and Georgia's freshman sensation Knowshon Moreno at RB. Georgia uses alot of play action to negate aggressive defense and will occasionally take shots downfield to open up running lanes.

(2) Our offense seems to be much improved this year. We have a balanced attack. What will you do to keep BenJarvus Green Ellis and Seth Adams from having big games?

For Georgia to prevail, the first thing we need to do is stop BenJarvus Green Ellis and force the QB in passing situations on 3rd down. Seth Adams numbers have looked good this season 70/119 for 972 yards 7 TD's and 3 int. Georgia will have to keep pressure on him and not allow him time to find his open receivers.

(3) How are your offensive and defensive lines this year?

Our Offensive line is young this year, we are starting 3 freshmen on the line. However they are holding up fairly well, not allowing a sack against Alabama and only 6 sacks allowed on the season. The defensive line has played well this year. Their play has allowed Georgia to have the second ranked defense in the SEC and 16th ranked defense in the country. The have also manage 9 sacks so far this year.

(4) Where is the best place to tailgate in Athens?

I usually take my 10 year old with me to games and do not participate in much tailgating, so this one I am unable to answer.

(5) What is your prediction for the game?

I see this game playing out much as the Florida game did for Ole Miss. The game will be close for 3 quarters with Georgia pulling away to win by 10 in the fourth quarter. Georgia 31-21.

25 September 2007

Save the Band

It's time for us Rebel fans to stand up and help the band. The band is an important part of game day experience at Ole Miss. The band works as hard as any group on campus to give to the fans and the University.
An action by the University a few years ago severely hurt the band's ability to attract new members and compete with other SEC bands. Ole Miss use to waive out of state tuition for band members. A few years ago the University decided to do away with this policy. As a result, the Band has dropped around 80 members. The benefits of such a program far outweigh the costs. The out of state waiver needs to be brought back.

How can you help?

(1) Donate a few bucks to the band. Even if it is only $5 it helps. Let us know if you choose to help the band. This will encourage others to do so as well. To learn more about giving visit the Band's website.

(2) Sign the Online Petition to save our band.

(3) E-mail, call or write to the Chancellor and the Assistant Chancellors asking them to reconsider and reinstate the out of state tuition wavier. Please e-mail the Hotty Toddy Blog your comments to the Chancellor and or any information you hear back from his office. I will post the information so that everyone can see if we are making any progress. Here is there contact information:

Dr. Robert C. Khayat Chancellor

Lyceum 123

Phone: (662) 915-7111

Fax: (662) 915-5935

Dr. Andrew Mullins Executive Assistant to the Chancellor

Lyceum 123

Phone: (662) 915-7064

Fax: (662) 915-5935

Sue Keiser Assistant to the Chancellor

Lyceum 123

Phone: (662) 915-1192

Fax: (662) 915-5935

Shirley Stuart Secretary to the Chancellor

Lyceum 123

Phone: (662) 915-1100

Fax: (662) 915-5935

(4) Write an opinion letter to your local newspaper.

(5) Be persistent.

I am sure many of you care about the Band as I do. Let's get this campaign started. Let's save our Band.

24 September 2007

Florida fans' thoughts

I've received some e-mails from Florida fans about this past weekend's game. Here is what they are saying:

I made the trip to Oxford for the Gator game as a Gator fan and left a Rebel. Don't get me wrong I am still a Gator but felt a sense of belonging in Oxford. As far as the game goes I, like many Gators, were very impressed with the Rebels! That is quite a team you guys have up there in Oxford. The wins will come, especially if the Rebels keep playing with the "Show Me" attitude that says "you may be the defending National champs, but that was last year." The Rebels are just another reason why the SEC is the toughest conference in the County! Our conference is the closest thing Division 1 football has to a playoff system. Case in point, Auburn was the only team to beat Florida last year and Florida went on to beat the "best team in the country" for the national title. If you can make it out of the SEC then you deserve to play for the title. I'll be watching the Rebs from now on.Hotty Toddy,Lance

You Rebs are a CLASS ACT. We were made welcome everywhere we went. The Grove was a wonderful experience. The students were dressed up and polite. We watched the game from the west stands and had a great time. LSU, Tennessee, and Georgia could take a lesson (Gators too).
A Gator from Gainesville

Lack of TV

Again, another game not on TV. We have yet to be on national TV this year. In the past, the Florida, Georgia and Missouri games would have drawn national tv and the Vandy game would have been televised regionally. Even the Memphis game has been on national TV the last few years.

So why the sudden drop off? Does it have to do with our record? Probably. It also has to do with not having any interesting stories. Miss. State has Croom. That will often get them on TV. During the Eli years, we had, well Eli. Seth Adams could be a story. He is a walk on playing very well as the starting QB.

Bottom Line- Without a good story, we have to start winning to get that national exposure.

22 September 2007

Close but...

Another close loss for the Rebels against a Top 25 team. There is a lot of discussion on moral victories on the chat boards. Some folks are sick of them, others are really proud of our team. I fall somewhere in between.
I am really proud of the way the Rebs played today. No one, not even the coaching staff's wives thought we could beat Florida. Florida averaged just over 55 points a game before today's game. 55 points! WOW. To hold them to 30 and have a chance to beat them in the end, I think anyone would take that scenario. It didn't work out. It hasn't worked out the last 4 or 5 times in these situations. But, folks, if we keep playing this way, it will happen.
Yes, I am disappointed in a loss. A win today would have been huge for our program. A close loss, while surprising, is a loss. However, after today, I feel much better about the season. I think we can snatch a win or two against teams we are not suppose to win. That coupled with a couple of wins against La Tech and Northwestern State will put us in good position on Egg Bowl day.
Georgia is up next. Hotty Toddy, go get em Rebs!

Lowly Ole Miss hopes Florida gets lost.

That is about our only chance, according to ESPN. Today they called us lowly, a few days ago they said the only thing Meyer has to worry about is getting lost in Oxford. Is it me or does it seem the media really loves to pick on us when we are down? Yes, I know, winning would take care of that. Or would it? I remember being called "runts" when we were co-SEC west champs with National Champion LSU in 2003.
Maybe I just pay more attention to Ole Miss, but I don't recall MSU, Notre Dame or other teams being treated this way by the media. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Here are a few things to read while waiting for kickoff:

(Ole Miss fans: Hyped for Florida Game?)

(Ultimate Breakdown of game by Florida Rivals)

Hotty Toddy... Play em hard!

21 September 2007

Friday morning:Florida game

It's almost here, another Saturday. Here's to a Rebel miracle. Who is ready for the second coming of Ole Miss football? I am. But I don't think it's going to happen tomorrow. Still, I think we can make a lot of progress. If we can somehow stay close and make a game of it then it will give a lot of hope. Hope that maybe we will play up to our potential. Hope that we will turn the season around. Hope is about all we have right now. But, at least it's something.

20 September 2007

Blog Swap: Saurian Sagacity

This week the Hotty Toddy Blog is swapping a post with Saurian Sagacity, a Florida Gator Blog. Below is a post from Saurian Sagacity for the Hotty Toddy Blog. The views expressed in this blog are those of Saurian Sagacity. To view the Hotty Toddy Blog comments visit Saurian Sagacity.

Ole Miss. What can we say about Ole Miss? When we came up this blogswap idea, we thought about exchanging thoughts on the upcoming game and perhaps a few jabs at our opponents and their fans. All in the spirit of good fun, of course. But what to say about Ole Miss?Let's put it this way, both my co-blogger Mergz and I came up with the same thing: been to Oxford, nice town, other than that... we got nothing. What can be more deflating than knowing that there's no reason for us to hate you? That your presence on the schedule is seen as an automatic W for almost every other team in our league?Sorry, but it's true. I don't take in pleasure in that. Still that leaves me with nothing to say about Ole Miss. So here goes an attempt at a stream of consciousness:

Chucky Mullins. Sad. I was a student at Florida when he got hurt.Archie Manning. Unfortunately most of his QB genes went to Peyton.Rebels. How is it that Ole Miss can recruit a single black player with that nickname?Ron Zook. 0-3 against the State of Mississippi. A feat that will soon find you recruiting in the hinterlands of the great white north.Michael Oher and the Blind Side. Good book. Not as good as Moneyball but good.Ole Piss. Never heard anyone refer to your school that way, exception Internet message boards.I had a roommate from Oxford once. His father was an Ole Miss professor. He smelled. Bad.

I guess one thing I could do to cheer you guys up is pile on your in-state rival, Mississippi State. I had the misfortune of attending a conference once in Starkville. I turned on the faucet in the sink of my hotel room and the water coming out was the color of Coca-Cola. I called the front desk and explained that it seemed like unfiltered water was coming into my room directly from the mighty Mississippi river, complete with loads of sediment. The girl on the other end of the phone seemed amused. "That's the way the water is in Starkville." Note to self, never return to Starkville.

Actually, Ole Miss fans can take comfort in the fact that Florida actually trails Ole Miss in the series 9-11-1. But (and there's always a but) 7 of those 11 victories for the Rebels were before1959. 2 of the remaining 5 victories were against Gator teams that were (mis)led by the aforementioned Ron Zook. We don't count those years. If Florida were Russia we would have had Ron Zook's name removed from all the records and had him airbrushed out of all the team photographs. Steve Spurrier's Gators faced Ole Miss twice,winning both times. It's now up to Urban Meyer to return to the natural order of things and put the Rebels right back where they should have been all along, next to a penciled-in W on the Gators' schedule. The Vegas line for the game is 23 points.

Of course, having said all that, we probably just jinxed the crap out of ourselves. While losing to Ole Miss this year would be devastating, it would certainly give us a reason to hate you next year.

Good luck.

19 September 2007

Nothing to Lose

The Florida Gators are slinking into Oxford this weekend. We are bleeding and they smell the blood. No one in their right mind believes that Ole Miss will defeat the Gators. Stranger things have happened.

In 2002, Florida came in to Oxford ranked #6. Ole Miss had given up tons of yards on defense the previous two games. Ole Miss defeated Florida. Here are a few clips of that game.

This year is much dimmer than 2002. Even though we didn't have a great defense, we had Eli and a decent offense. Yet, one can always hope.

17 September 2007

10 Things to do after losing to Vandy

(10) Tell yourself, "Basketball is just around the corner." You know deep down inside that this won't make you feel any better but it might buy you a few hours.

(9) Win the SEC and National Championship on XBOX.

(8) Take a drive to Starkville on Sunday and remind yourself why you are a Rebel.

(7) Remember that Jevan Snead is on the bench and that he will save the day next year.

(6) Remind yourself of the good days by watching Eli, Deuce and P-Willie on Sunday.

(5) Avoid talking to family or friends who don't care about football for at least a day. "It's ok, it's just football". This is something you don't need to hear. They don't understand and they never will.

(4) Skip Church on Sunday. God will understand. The last group of people you need to see on Sunday are State fans. (Especially after the Auburn win).

(3) Skip work Monday. See explanation above.

(2) Wait 48 hours before reading or posting on an Ole Miss chat board. Misery loves company and the message boards exemplify this.

(1) Tell yourself it could always be worse, you could be an Irish Fan.

16 September 2007

Pics from the Vandy game

Here are a few pictures taken by Rebel fan Jody.

Keep your chins up Rebs

It's hard to swallow three losing seasons in a row. It's hard to stomach a 14 point loss to Vanderbilt. It's hard to look at our remaining schedule and see hope. This seems to be one or our lowest lows. Yet we must try to squeeze out something.

Last year we felt pretty low after losing to Missouri and to Kentucky. Some of us "gave up". We almost turned it around. A few bounces in different directions and we would have been in a bowl.

We must support our team. At the end of the year we can evaluate what changes need to be made and make them. But for now, the players, the university and the program needs our support. True fans remain solid during the toughest times. Are you a true fan?

15 September 2007

Game Day: Vandy

Get the Pep-Band warmed up, your best Ole Miss cap on and get ready to dismantle the Dores. It's game time. All the talk and smack is over. It's time to play the game.

Here are a few articles and tidbits floating around on game day.

The Ole Miss defense is the #3 thing to watch according to the Charlotte Observer. Here is what they say:

OLE MISS PASS DEFENSE: Rebels have allowed 673 yards through the air in two
games, face Vandy and skilled WR Earl Bennett today.

Parish Alford of the Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal Predicts a Vandy win over Ole Miss. Come on, where is your loyalty? Here is a bit from the article:

Notes: Ole Miss has never won more than one September game under Ed Orgeron. ...
Vandy cornerback D.J. Moore has posted a pair of pass break-ups, a quarterback
hurry and has returned four kicks for a total 75 yards. ... Vanderbilt was
penalized for 50 yards against Alabama. ... The infractions wiped out key plays
that could have changed the outcome.Summing it up: “The key to their offense is
Earl Bennett. He is an exciting football player.” – Ole Miss coach Ed Orgeron
Prediction: Vanderbilt, 28-25

The Dothan Eagle predicts Vandy to win by 4.

OLE MISS AT VANDY — The Commodores never had much of a chance against
Alabama last week, getting dominated in the trenches on both sides of the ball.
Chris Nickson may not be able to play, and that will help the Rebels, but
because they’re the home team, go with the black and gold.Vandy by 4.

The Sun Herald has an article entitled "Rebs won't get fooled again".

So what's hot on the message boards?

There is some discussion on both Ole Miss boards that Palmer may not play today. This worries Rebel fans as he has been a bright spot in the otherwise dim defense.

Vandy fans are hoping that there are more Vandy fans than Ole Miss fans. Last week they said that there were more Bama fans than Vandy fans at the game. Most Vandy fans are predicting a win by 7-14 points. Bama fans are wishing Vandy luck and hoping that they beat Ole Miss.

Good Luck Rebels. My Prediction:

Ole Miss 31 Vandy 20

14 September 2007

Q & A with Vanderbilt Sports Line

I posed a few questions to Vanderbilt Sports Line about our game this weekend.

(1) How is Nickson's injury? Will he be ready to play?

It didn’t look good earlier this week, with Adams (Nickson’s back-up) taking the vast majority of snaps on Tuesday. Wednesday, Chris Nickson and Mackenzi split their snaps, leading us to believe that Chris’ recovery is going better then we thought it would earlier in the week. With that said, Nickson’s performance on last Saturday was clearly affected by his hamstring. If he isn’t close 100%, there is no reason for him to start. Adams equipped himself reasonably well against Ole Miss last year in Oxford, and there is no reason to think he can’t do that again.

(2) Tell us a bit about Nickson's backup.

Adams showed signs of being able to get it done. Coaches have been saying good things about him all along. Nonetheless, he doesn't have the multiple dimensions of Nickson.

(3) Ole Miss has given up a lot of yards on Defense this year due mainly to the West Coast Offenses we've played. Vandy's offense at times runs West Coast formations. Do you think that Vandy will add even more West Coast plays to take advantage of our defense?

Hmmm... My instinct is to say yes, but I wonder if the coaches might be a bit more conservative with Adams at the helm. I think we should air it out and I suspect the coaches agree. As a practical matter, they're not going to change the whole offense to suit Adams -- he knows the system and can work within it. So, on balance yes, you will see West Coast plays, but I doubt any more than we'd throw at any other opponent.

(4) How will Vandy stop BenJarvus Green-Ellis?

Good question...Uh, well, considering we're 10th in the conference in rush defense after two games, one of which was against 1-AA Richmond, I'd say we've got our work cut out for us. Injuries and suspensions have really hurt the defensive line, and it showed last week. The Ole Miss offensive line is a force (I happen to think BJGE's success is more a product of the Hotty Toddy Bodies up front than his being a great running back). So how do we stop him? Rely on great play from LBs Jonathan Goff and Marcus Buggs, and look for a big game from DE Broderick Stewart. I wouldn't be surprised if Ole Miss scores three rushing touchdowns and Vanderbilt cornerback DJ Moore maintains the dubious distinction of being the SEC's leading tackler.

(5) Do you expect a good crowd this weekend?


(6) What is your prediction for the game?

Vanderbilt 33, Ole Miss 28

13 September 2007

A look back: Sept. 15th / Vandy

Sept. 15

Ole Miss has played on four Sept. 15th's. (1-2-1). In 1973, Ole Miss traveled to Columbia, MO. The Rebels lost to the Tigers 0-17. In 1979, Ole Miss started the season with a victory over Memphis State in Memphis by a score of 38-34. Ole Miss tied Arkansas in 1984, 14-14, in Little Rock. Finally in 1990, Ole Miss lost to Auburn in Jackson, 14-20.

Here is a look at those seasons:


Coaches: Kinard, Vaught

Record: 6-5

Notable Wins: Tennessee (Jackson) 28-18




Notable Wins: Tennessee(Jackson) 44-20


Coach: Brewer


Notable Wins: None


Coach: Brewer

Record: 9-3

Notable Wins: Arkansas (Little Rock) 21-17 / Georgia (Athens) 28-12/ LSU (Baton Rouge) 19-10


Despite the fact that Ole Miss leads the series with Vandy, the Vandy v. Ole Miss game has become an exciting, nail biting experience. The most memorable Ole Miss Vandy game came on Oct 28, 1989 in Oxford. Chuck Mullins was severely injured and later died from a massive hit in that game.

Some other memorable Ole Miss /Vandy games:

  • 1990- Ole Miss 14 Vandy 13 (Nashville)

  • 1991- Vandy 30 Ole Miss 27 (Oxford)

  • 1999- Vandy37 Ole Miss 34 (Oxford) (OT)

  • 2002- Ole Miss 45 Vandy 38 (Oxford)

  • 2003- Ole Miss 24 Vandy 21(Nashville)

  • 2004- Ole Miss 26 Vandy 23 (Oxford)

12 September 2007

Q &A with The Vanderbilt Tailgate

The Vanderbilt Tailgate, a Vandy Blog, agreed to answer a few questions about Vandy and this weekend's game.

(1) How is your QB and will he play Saturday?
It seems like it isn’t as bad as we thought. So I do expect for him to start the game Saturday. Although if he struggles early he will be replaced by MacKenzie Adams.

(2) Most Ole Miss fans think of this game as a must win in order to get back to post season play, do Vandy fans feel urgency as well?
Absolutely we do. No offense to Ole Miss fans, but this is a game Vandy should win. Or at least that is what we think. It is at least a winnable game. We were all disappointed after the loss to Bama but in all honesty we were not really counting that as a win when the schedule was released. This game has been a very competitive game over the years so it is always a game that can go either way. And there is always something weird that happens in this game.

(3) Vandy gave up a lot of yards on the ground to Bama, what changes will need to be made in order to keep Ole Miss's BenJarvus Green Ellis in check?
I don’t know that they could stop him if they put 15 players on the field. If Vandy loads up against the run, Seth Adams may have a field day. Our defense has not allowed a passing touchdown this season. The only way to stop BJGE is for our defensive line to just plain step up. We are thin on the line so we don’t have a lot of options and to top it off our best defensive tackle Theo Horrocks has been banged up this year.

(4) What type of offense does Vandy run and how is it similar to the West Coast Offense?
Vandy runs a lot of formations. It seems there most common formation is 1 rb, 1 te & 3 wr. But they will motion out of that to empty backfield or into 2 rb’s. I don’t think it is so much of the west coast offense except they do throw a lot of short passes but they do go deep. They do not use the tight end like most “west coast offense” teams do.

(5) What is your prediction for the game Saturday?
24 – 20 Ole Miss

Big Game tonight

The Rebels' volleyball team (10-1) will face rival LSU(8-1) tonight in Oxford. The Rebels are trying to crack the Top 25 for the first time in program history. The game is at 7pm tonight in the Gillom Center. For more information visit OleMisssports.com

(courtesy of UMAA)

11 September 2007

Vandy Week: 82nd edition

This Saturday the Rebels and the Commodores will meet for the 82nd time. Ole Miss and Vandy clashed for the first time over 100 years ago back in 1894. Ole Miss wasn't Ole Miss or the Rebels then. We were simply the University of Mississippi. We lost 0-40. Hopefully we will fare better than our first ever meeting. Over the past 10 years Ole Miss leads the series 8-2.

This game is very important for the Rebels. In order to get back to post season this is a must win. We usually have quite a few Rebel fans in Nashville. This year, we should fill every empty seat we can find. If you haven't got your tickets yet, there are plenty available for as little as $8.88 on Stubhub.

As you prepare for the game on Saturday. Here are some good Vandy resources:

Vanderbilt Sports Line- A good Vandy Blog

God Bless the Freaks-Another good Vandy Blog

The Vanderbilt Tailgate-A Vandy Blog

The Tennessean's Vandy Page

Vanderbilt Student Newspaper

Campus Map

Around the Web, Vandy News

Game Week discussion with Vandy fans

(1) How is your QB? Do you think he will be ready to play this Sat?

He has a hamstring injury, I suspect that he will be able to play on Saturday. The fact that he was allowed to take a 2nd half snap last week makes me think that the injury does not seem that serious, and although it had a dramatic impact on his performance last week, could heal more quickly than most hamstring injuries.--Jake.Lowery

Nickson's hamstring has been a nagging injury for at least a year and a half. I don't know if he will be ready. I hope that Adams will get some serious practice time and expect him to be more ready to come in.--mrcommodore

Don't know yet. He has his moments as a passer, but he is really a dynamic offensive threat when he can add his scrambling ability.--Commodoredave1

I hope he is healthy, but I hope he doesn't start. If last week is any indication, he has continued his trend of having terrible accuracy. He's a phenomenal athlete, but any team that has a decent front 7 will beat us because we'll have no offense.--DallasDore

(2) What are your Key players and why should we be concerned about them?

Earl Bennett is someone you likely already know about. Sean Walker continues to prove himself as a solid reciever and deep threat, you should be concerned about his speed and his hands. Jeff Jennings has re-emerged from last year's medical redshirt and shown himself to be the best VU back, you should be concerned if our coaching staff treats him like a featured back and not merely half of a platoon. On defense, Reshard Langford is a 3rd year starter who performed well last week despite a rib injury. Jon Goff at LB you likely already know about. Marcus Buggs is another linebacker who continues to emerge at Vandy, you should be concerned about his speed of persuit and ability to see where he needs to go to make a play. On our offensive line, Chris Williams at LT continues to post all-American calibur play week after week.--Jake.Lowery

Key players are all those you would expect; I won't add anything.--mrcommodore

Bennett had a huge game vs Ole MS last season with the backup QB playing. He's obviously the #1 threat. If Nickson is healthy and can run, Ole MS has major problems stopping those two considering their failure against Memphis and Missouri.--Commodoredave1

Key players are our MLB Goff (1st team all-SEC) and our D-line, which showed a few flashes against Bama. Bama has the best OLT in the country (Andre Smith) and a decent rest of O-line, and we still managed to get some pressure on.On offense, we need to be able to run behind our line. Our line will have at least 4 senior starters, including all-SEC OT Chris Williams. They need to put up this week.--DallasDore

(3)Grant ran for 173 yards against your defense last week. BenJarvis Green-Ellis ran for 226 yards against Missouri. Tell us about your D-line and what you guys will try to do this week to stop the run.

Our DEs are better pass-rushers than run-stoppers, and our DT is a very thin position that relies heavily on a healthy Theo Horrocks. The bigger problem last week, relative to our expectations, was that our linebackers had a tough time making stops before Grant got to the third level. To stop the run next week, I expect our linebackers to do a better job of wrapping up and making tackles. Execution must improve. --Jake.Lowery

I think our D-line is lot better than the stats from vs. Bama show. No D-line, with our depth, can hold up against the run that many times when the offense continues to fail to produce -- it's demoralizing, and of course tiring. So I think the D-line's performance will be very much linked with our QB's performance.--mrcommodore

Grant looks like a star to me. I know BGE is a good inside runner and that is of particular concern with Horrocks ailing. The coaches will get the Memphis tape and see what they did. Also I don't think we'll be up 35-7 at any point so going soft isn't a concern.--Commodoredave1

Grant was really good. Bama had to run toward the end of the game when our D was absolutely bushed. In that sense, I think the 173 yards was a bit of an abberation. It was more a product of our offense not having a drive of more than 6 plays until the fourth quarter. Our D-line should be fine, but I don't know enough about OM's o-line to have an opinion at this point.--DallasDore

(4) Please fill in the rest of this sentence: Vandy will win if ________

Vandy will win if we hold Green-Ellis under 125 yards, avoid red-zone turnovers, and do not make egregious special-teams mistakes.--Jake.Lowery

Vandy will win if the our QBs combine to complete more than half of their passes.--mrcommodore

They don't lose the turnover and special teams battles by a wide margin (big if). Anything close to even should do, but we always find a way to blow it against Ole MS, even when we control the game start to finish. Vandy also needs a healthy Nickson.--Commodoredave1

Vandy will win if: we have good numbers in the passing game. We have a really good team, but no team in the country can win a competitive game if their QB can't hit the broad side of a barn. End of story. We should win this game, but I'm afraid that Nickson might play--and if OM has any kind of defense at all, we're in trouble.--DallasDore

(5) Please tell us your prediction.

I think the staff will watch the QB situation carefully and hopefully have a better plan B for if Nickson struggles. With a healthy Nickson, I say 27-17 Vandy. If Nickson is a little off, then it's pick'em. If Nickson doesn't play at all, then 17-13 Ole Miss. Unfortunately I think pick'em is most likely.--mrcommodore

I'll withhold my prediction until I know the injury situations with Nickson and Kirchoffer (sp?). If Nickson goes, I can't predict without knowing how OM's defense is. If someone else is the starter, then I'll go with Vandy in the usual close game, probably a bit sloppy, and not very high scoring.--DallasDore

10 September 2007

Missouri fans talk about the game, Ole Miss & the Grove

(1) With a big lead in the 3rd, were you happy with the final outcome of the game?
Only idiots aren't happy with Wins... YES!--AWOLTiger
A win is a win, but not happy the way our defense let Ole Miss back in the game.--ozarkdave
Obviously happy with a win but...........not pleased (again) with 2nd half. We've got some work to do.--Panthera
(2) If you attended the game, what did you think of the Grove? (Did it live up to all the hype?)
great and yes--FieldHouseDrinker
Didn't attend, but heard great observations from others.--AWOLTiger
The Grove surpassed the hype. It was great!!!--ozarkdave
The Grove is awesome and for me definately lived up to the hype--Panthera
(3) If you attended the game, what did you think of our campus?
didn't see much other than the grove and the stadium--FieldHouseDrinker
Beautiful campus and even more beautiful co-eds.--ozarkdave
(4) If you attended the game, what did you think of our facilities?
stadium was very nice. Good sight lines, short bathroom lines.--FieldHouseDrinker
Vaught-Hemingway Stadium was nice but our north end zone seats were hard to find.--ozarkdave
Thought the stadium was just fine and loved the shuttles giving rides!!--
(5) Would you like to play Ole Miss as a regular OOC foe in the future?
Yeah, but our AD is limiting our OOC to one Div1 opponent.--AWOLTiger
Yes.--ozarkdave, Panthera
(6) What impressed you the most about Ole Miss this year?
the girls--FieldHouseDrinker
Seemed to have improved quite a bit.--AWOLTiger
Your beautiful co-eds in dresses and high heels!!!--ozarkdave
Don't know how to answer that one. I think you guys are getting some better athletes. Most of the fans I talked to before during and after the game are not happy with the coach--Panthera

Monday Morning Thoughts

Missouri game:

I had some time to think about the game on the drive back from Oxford. I've decided that our team is headed in the right direction. I'm hoping that the 3rd quarter Saturday will be the turning point back to bowling and winning seasons.

Missouri fans that I met were very nice and seemed to enjoy Ole Miss and the Grove.

For a Missouri perspective on the Grove go here. (The video is on the Right and it takes a few moments to load)

National Rankings after the Missouri Game:



BenJarvis Green-Ellis National Rank: #10 Yards per game: 152.50

Passing Efficiency:

Seth Adams National Rank: #41 Percentage: 59.15 Rating: 134.8

Total Offense:

Seth Adams National Rank: #46 Yards per game: 249.5

Receptions Per Game:

Mike Wallace National Rank: #62 Receptions per game: 5.50

Marshay Green National Rank: #92 Receptions per game: 5.00

Receiving Yards Per Game:

Mike Wallace National Rank: #26 Yards per game: 92


Dustin Mouzon National Rank: #3 Interceptions: 2

Ashlee Palmer National Rank: #31 Interceptions: 1


Justin Sparks National Rank: #32 Average Yards per punt: 45.50

Kickoff Returns:

Marshay Green National Rank: #71 Average Return Yards: 22.29

Field Goals:

Joshua Shene National Rank: #78 Field Goals Made: 1

All Purpose Runners:

BenJarvus Green-Ellis National Rank: #41 Yards per game: 152.50

Marshay Green National Rank: #56 Yards per game: 138.50

Points Responsible For:

Seth Adams National Rank: #54 Points per game: 12


Seth Adams National Rank: #30

Total Yards Passing:

Seth Adams National Rank:# 24 Passing Yards: 506

Passing Yards Per Game:

Seth Adams National Rank:#29 Passing Yards per game: 253.00

Total Receiving Yards:

Mike Wallace National Rank: #25 Receiving Yards: 184

Total Tackles:

Ashlee Palmer National Rank: #15 Total tackles: 24

Greg Hardy National Rank: #36 Total tackles: 20

Jamarca Stanford National Rank: #36 Total tackles: 20

Kendrick Lewis National Rank: #95 Total tackles: 17

Solo Tackles:

Greg Hardy National Rank: #31 Solo: 13

Jamarca Stanford National Rank: #31 Solo: 13

Ashlee Palmer National Rank:#31 Solo:13

Terrell Jackson National Rank: #86 Solo: 11

Pass Sacks:

Greg Hardy National Rank: #9 PG: 1

Daverin Geralds National Rank:#99 PG:.50

Forced Fumbles:

Jamarca Stanford National Rank:#17 Forced Fumbles: 1

Passes Defended National Rank:#26 Total passes defended: 3

Dustin Mouzon National Rank:#26 Total passes defended: 3

Jamarca Stanford National Rank:#72 Total passes defended: 2

Tackle for Loss:

Greg Hardy National Rank:#9 PG: 2

Ashlee Palmer National Rank: #31 PG:1.75


Rushing Offense: National Rank: #59 Yards per game: 151.50

Passing Offense: National Rank: #37 Yards per game: 253.00

Total Offense: National Rank: #51 Yards per game: 404.50

Scoring Offense: National Rank: #71 Points per game: 24.00

Rushing Defense: National Rank: #78 Yards per game: 171.00

Pass Defense: National Rank: #110 Yards per game: 336.50

Total Defense: National Rank: #109 Yards per game: 507.50

Scoring Defense: National Rank: #83 Points per game: 29.5

Net Punting: National Rank: #45 Net average: 36.63

Punt Returns: National Rank: #4 Average yards: 28.00

Kickoff Returns: National Rank: #73 Average: 20.70

Turnover Margin: National Rank: #51 Margin: 0

Fumbles Recovered: National Rank: #56 Number recovered: 1

Passes Intercepted: National Rank: #7 Number intercepted: 4

Fumbles Lost: National Rank: # 110 Fumbles lost: 4

Passes had intercepted: National Rank: #30 Passed had intercepted: 1

Turnovers gained: National Rank: #18 Gained: 5

Turnovers lost: National Rank: #86 Lost: 5

Passing Efficiency: National Rank: #41 Rating: 134.84

Pass Efficiency Defense: National Rank: #83 Rating: 134.90

Fewest Penalties per game: National Rank: #25 Per game: 5.50

Fewest Yards Penalized per game: National Rank: #11 Yards per game: 33.00

Punt returns Defense: National Rank: #44 Yards per return: 6.75

Kickoff returns defense: National Rank: #86 Yards per return: 23.63

Sacks: National Rank: #65 Sacks per game: 3.0

Tackles for loss: National Rank: #38 PG : 7.0

Sacks allowed: National Rank: #45 PG 1.50

Tackles for loss allowed: National Rank: #42 PG 5.00

3rd down Percentage: National Rank: #47 PG: 44.0

4th down Percentage: National Rank: #70 PG: 33.3

3rd down Percentage Defense: National Rank: #95 PG: 46.9

4th down Percentage Defense: National Rank: #79 PG: 66.7

Time of Possession: National Rank: #76 PG: 28:59


I've asked Vandy fans some questions about this weekend's game. I will post them as soon as I have responses.

The thing that stands out the most to me is that Bama's RB Grant ran for 173 yards against Vandy last week. Maybe BJGE will have another outstanding game this weekend.

09 September 2007

Late to the Party

After a hot and humid day in the Grove and a 34-7 score in the 3rd quarter, I was ready to head for the exit. I am glad I didn't.

This lost boils down to a poor spot by the officials, a fumble in the second quarter and a couple of bad calls. I am not taking anything away from Missouri. They have a great QB and he runs the West Coast offense superbly. They remind me of Ole Miss in 2003. In order for them to win they must outscore their opponents.

It was nice to see a productive offense. We moved the ball well. It was nice to see the offensive line show up. I was very pleased that the team didn't quit like 15,000 or so fans in the 3rd quarter. (Like I wanted to.)If our offense can move the ball like we did in the second half and we catch a few breaks, I feel we have a great chance to go bowling again this year.

Now it's on to Vandy. Vandy runs the west coast offense. Their QB was hurt yesterday and I haven't heard if he will be back or not. But Vandy does not run this offense like Daniels and Missouri. Vandy is a key game this year. I feel we must win this game in order to win at least six.

I am heading back to Ohio. The drive will be a bit easier than I thought sitting in the stands in the first few minutes of the 3rd quarter.

08 September 2007

It's nice to be back at Ole Miss

After a long 8 hour drive from Ohio to Oxford, I am glad to be back at Ole Miss. We set up our tent for the first time ourselves. I wasn't sure what to expect. We got to the Grove around 11:00pm and the vast majority of tents had already been set up. They must have let people start early. We still found a good spot and it was a breeze setting up the tent.

We saw the new ribbon boards from a distance and they look good!

I've only seen a handful or Missouri fans. It doesn't look like many made the trip down here. They don't know what they are missing...

Oh, the fried pickles are awesome at Ajax. We use to get them at the Sonic growing up. They were called Pickle-O's. Anyone else remember those?

07 September 2007

Go Rebels, Off to the game

I'm packed and I am ready. I am heading off to see the Rebels meet the Tigers in Oxford. I'll be making my way from Ohio, through Kentucky, on through Tennessee and finally into Oxford. I hope that the Rebs show good improvement from last week.

I'll see you in the GROVE.


06 September 2007

Mizzou: Welcome To Oxford and Ole Miss

Welcome to our place, Tiger fans. We are very proud of our campus and traditions. This blog is a brief introduction to Oxford and Ole Miss.

To get started watch the video below on Oxford:

What about food?

Oxford has many unique locally owned restaurants. So drive past those chains on West Jackson Ave and make your way to the square. You can't go wrong with some down home southern cooking at Ajax on the square. Another good place is City Grocery, also on the square. For a list of places to eat, check out the Oxford Dining Guide.

Other links to look at on Oxford:

The Grove:

To reach tailgating heaven make your way to the Grove. There is no way to describe the Grove on a football Saturday. You have to experience it yourself. Once you do, you will understand how this is one of the top sporting experiences in the country.

A "must do" in the Grove is the Band Pep Rally one hour and twenty minutes prior to kickoff. Make your way to the Victorian building (Ventress Hall), stand just in front of the stage and get ready to see this:

It's ok to get goose bumbs, even if you are the opposing team.

CNN visited the Grove back in 2003 and filed this report:

The Alumni Association put together a video on the Grove. It's in two parts below:

Part I

Part II

If you would like to tailgate in the grove here are a few things to consider:
  • The Grove opens midnight Friday and has a 15 minute unloading zone.
  • No space is reserved and can be claimed on a first come basis
  • Portable generators are not allowed.
  • Open Flames are prohibited
  • The team walks through the Grove two hours before kickoff.
  • For more info visit: Tailgating in The Grove.

Hotty Toddy:

Hotty Toddy is an Ole Miss Cheer. Here is how it works:
Someone shouts "Are you ready" and the crowd yells:

Hell Yes, Damn Right

Hotty Toddy Gosh Almighty

Who the Hell are We?

Flim Flam, Bim Bam

Ole Miss, By Damn

For more information on Ole Miss Traditions visit the official Ole Miss website.

I hope everyone that makes it to Oxford this year has a great time while visiting the city and while tailgating. I just hope you have a miserable time at the game!

05 September 2007

Vote for Anne

Anne, an Ole Miss Cheerleader, is representing the SEC in Athlon's Sideline Spirit competition. She needs our vote! Let's get her out of last place!

Vote for Anne here.

For more information view the official release here.

SEC Power Poll: Week 1

The Hotty Toddy Blog takes part in the SEC Power Poll hosted by Garnet and Black Attack. Over 20 bloggers rank the SEC teams each week. Here are the rankings for this week: Here is the break down:

1.LSU (13 out of 19 potential first-place votes), 219
2.Florida (3), 209
3.Georgia (2), 188
4.Auburn (1), 152
5.Tennessee, 144
6.Arkansas, 142
7.Alabama, 123
8.South Carolina, 99
9.Kentucky, 81
10.Vanderbilt, 60
11.Ole Miss, 44
12.Mississippi State, 24

Q & A with RT from Every True Son

I recently had a Q &A session with RT from Every True Son, a Missouri Blogger. Below are his answers to my quesitons:

(1) Reading the Missouri message Boards it doesn't seem your fans are that excited about our game this year. Is this true or am I not finding the right message boards?

RT: It's hard to say because Missouri fans generally fall into two categories: 1) The eternal pessimist (who will tell you Missouri is walking into a MAJOR trap in Oxford, which, perhaps they are) and 2) the Mizzou kool-aid binge drinker, who debuted this year now that the team is expected to be halfway decent. I think the fans are less excited because this seems like a no-win situation. Missouri fans, myself included, think the Missouri should beat Ole Miss. If Mizzou wins, everything is like it should be. If Mizzou loses, it's "here we go again." I think there is less excitement this year than last because Mizzou felt like they had something to prove against a BCS-conference opponent last year. This year, I think Mizzou fans think the point has been made, and the Tigers have only something to lose.

(2) What did you think of Tyler Luellen's comments on Chris Strong?

RT: As much as Missouri did NOT need to throw out any bulletin board material before a road game in the SEC, Luellen might have a point. Last week, the Mizzou offense spread out and wore out an underrated Illinois defense. However, Illinois MLB J Leman had one hell of a game against Missouri, finishing the day with 20 tackles. But, even with 20 tackles, he did not have that big of an impact on the Mizzou offense. Missouri went four- or five-wide on nearly every play and ran hooks and outs to death, forcing linebackers all over the field. I fully expect this to happen in Oxford. But again, I'm not particularly happy Luellen gave a 280-pound MLB even MORE reason to want to decapitate Chase Daniel.

(3) How do you think your close win against Illinois will affect you this week?

RT:It's hard to say, because you never know which Mizzou team will show up and for how long. Hopefully, last week's escape forced the team to focus on running the ball, stopping the run, wrapping up on defense and improving the red zone offense. If Ole Miss dominates the line of scrimmage the way Illinois did last week, BenJarvus Green-Ellis is going to rip apart this defense and the Mizzou running game will once again be worthless. However, traditionally Missouri finds a way to choke away games like the one last week, so maybe holding on for that win is one small step and one small sign that this is a different Missouri Tiger football team.

(4) Your offensive seems to be your strong point this year, tells us about your special teams and defense.

RT: No doubt the offense is the team's strength, but don't look at Mizzou's 40 points last week and think it was all on one side of the ball. In fact, 13 points came from a 66-yard punt return for touchdown and a 100-plus-yard fumble return for touchdown. Throw in three points off a special teams fumble recovery that led to a half-ending FG on a two-play drive, and the Missouri offense attributed for about 24 points. On special teams, the aforementioned Maclin is a burner and a threat every time he touches the ball, one year removed from a devestating ACL injury in camp that cost him his freshman season last year. Jeff Wolfert is an outstanding kicker, and Adam Crossett has one of the strongest legs in the conference - but can never control it. Throw in poor blocking, bad snaps, Crossett's inconsistency, and the punting game is an adventure every time out.
The MU defense is quite an enigma. The squad allowed Illinois and its backup, redshirt freshman quarterback to run ALL over the defense in the second half. The linemen got blown off the line of scrimmage and there were massive gaps for runs and large seams for passes. The linebacking corps is athletic but inexperienced, and can follow an outstanding play with a blown coverage that kills momentum. The secondary played fairly well against Illinois, especially considering the amount of time Illinois had to throw the ball. I would tell your fans to keep an eye on LB Sean Weatherspoon and DB Pig Brown, who was recently named Big 12 Defensive Player of the Week
But for MU to meet any expectations this year, they MUST find a way to stop the run and wrap up rather than trying to tackle the ball. How Mizzou adjusts to Ole Miss should be very telling.

(5) How many Missouri fans do you expect to make the trip to Oxford?

RT: To be honest, I really do not know. The Alumni Association has been organizing trips and tailgates to bus people down and back because they know what an amazing experience a game in The Grove is for college football fans. I've tried to get a feel for the numbers, but any number I could give you would be a complete guess. There will be a decent presence, but don't expect an avalanche of black and gold come Saturday.

(6) What is your prediction for the game?

RT: Mizzou 31, Ole Miss 17 - Green-Ellis has a big day, but it doesn't matter once Mizzou takes the lead and the game is in the hands of Seth Adams.

To view my responses to his questions, click here.

04 September 2007

YouTube Review: Memphis

First Score of the year:

Blocked Punt:

Pick 6, 99 yards

More highlights:

Is Missouri taking Ole Miss seriously?

Last year was a good old fashion beating by Missouri. It was the kind where you turn off the TV or radio early and go try to find something to keep your mind off football. It was our worst game of last season. As a result, I think Missouri might be lulled into a sense of false security.

Towards the end of last season we improved greatly. We lost to Alabama and LSU in overtime (both away from home), we took Georgia and Auburn to the wire and came very close to going to a bowl game. Our 4-8 record last year was a bit deceiving. True, the media and pundits pick us towards the bottom of the SEC west again this year. Most of this due to our youth and having the nation's 3rd toughest (CBS) schedule.

I don't know if Missouri realises how dangerous we are. I've been surfing message boards, blogs and news articles. There hasn't been much discussion of the game on MO's Scout or Spirit site. Here is one prediction I found:

"Missouri should score 45+If you allow that many passing yards to Memphis, then
Daniel should have a field day. Missouri isn't happy with Saturday's finish....
they will be out to play much better. Missouri 45 Ole Miss 19"
There have been a few Missouri fans who've posted that they think it will be a difficult game. Yet still the message boards don't seem to be hopping.

If the fans aren't talking much trash, the players are. Offensive tackle Tyler Luellen, talking about Chris Strong, said this:

“It’s going to be rough for him. With as fast as our offense is, he’s going to
be running a lot. They’re going to need to be subbing a lot or something, I
don’t know, to keep him going.”

Maybe Missouri will drop mule leaflets on the players this week in practice like Tennessee did many years ago. wink wink

I personally like all of the non-attention from Missouri and its fans. In the past it has worked to our advantage. Could Missouri whip our tails again this year? Sure. However, I get the feeling we may be getting a lot more attention in Missouri when the game ends.

03 September 2007


It's time to focus on our next foe, the Missouri Tigers. Missouri comes into town with high expectations this year. They are the pre-season favorite to win the Big XII north.
Last year Ole Miss played a horrible game in Columbia and the Tigers took it to the Rebs. This year the Rebels will be looking for revenge.
Missouri's first game was a lot like the Rebels' first game. They started off strong and fizzled towards the end. They held off Illinois in the last few minutes to win.
This will be the first trip to Oxford for Missouri. Ole Miss and Missouri played in Jackson in the 70's. The lone win against Missouri for the Rebels came in Jackson.

Here are a few Missouri resources:

Behind the Strips- A blog written by Dave Matter. Here are his early thoughts on the game:

As of this morning, I can't get a read on this game. Missouri's defense
overwhelmed Ole Miss last season, but with Adams managing the offense, I think
the Rebels will be in fewer third-and-long passing situations and Green-Ellis
will be more of a factor. I didn't think he was particularly explosive last year
when he rushed for 69 yards on 16 carries. Under third-year Coach Ed Orgeron,
whose weekly media conference is pushed back to tomorrow for the holiday, the
Rebels have gone 6-7 at home, with wins over The Citadel, Kentucky, Memphis,
Vanderbilt, Northwestern, La., State and Mississippi State. I'm leaning toward a
close Missouri victory.

Tiger Tracker- A Missouri Blog from STLtoday.com

Every True Son- A Blog from a Missouri Fan

KansasCity.com's Missouri page

St. Louis Dispatch Missouri Page

Columbia Tribune Missouri Page

The Maneater- Student Newspaper

01 September 2007

Rebs win: 1-0

I have a headache. Watching a full game on my computer was not easy! Watching us blow a big lead was even more difficult. However, I'm not worried.

First games are usually error filled. We are Memphis's biggest game of the year and they get fired up for our game. It's time to put this game behind us and move on to Missouri.

I watched the Mizzou, Illinois game briefly. There is no doubt that Missouri has a talented offense and will give us fits. However, I wasn't impressed with the defense. They lost some key players and they let Illinois put up 34 points. I think it will be a much closer game than last year.

On a side note, I'm a big App State fan now. My Michigan fan neighbors are in pain tonight!

Hotty Toddy, Bring on Mizzou!

It's Time

Are you ready?

Hotty Toddy

Gosh Almighty

who the Hell are we?

Flim Flam

Bim Bam


OLE Miss 28 Memphis 10

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