29 July 2008

2009 Schedule ?

Who will the Rebels play in 2009. As of now we only have two of the four Out of Conference foes selected. (@ Memphis & UAB). The SEC schedule for 2009 is as follows:
Away games -Vandy, USC, Auburn and MSU
Home games- Tennessee, Arkansas, Alabama and LSU

Here are some universities with open dates in 2009:

Arizona (BCS)
Ark. State
Ball St.
Central Mich
Colorado St.
Duke (BCS)
Eastern Mich
Florida Atlantic
Florida St. (BCS)
Fresno St.
Illinois (BCS)
Indiana (BCS)
Iowa (BCS)
Kansas (BCS)
Kansas St. (BCS)
Louisiana Lafayette
Louisiana Monroe
La Tech
Louisville (BCS)
Miami (BCS)
Michigan (BCS)
Minn (BCS)
New Mexico State
North Texas
Northern Illinois
Oklahoma (BCS)
Oklahoma State (BCS)
Rutgers (BCS)
San Diego State
Virginia Tech
Wash St.
Western KY
Western Mich

What's your two favorites?

28 July 2008

Powe will Play

The saga is over. Powe will play for the Rebels in 2008. Hallelujah.

26 July 2008

Questions for 2008

It's slow around Rebeland but soon the Grove will be alive with the sound of tailgating. Once again we are on the verge of a new era at Ole Miss. It was only a few long years ago that we were similarly situated. All we can do at this point is hope that this time it will turn out better.

Here are top 10 questions I have for the upcoming season:

(1) Is Jevan Snead the savior? Will he help boost us back above the water?

(2) Will Powe play at Ole Miss?

(3) Will O's recruits and Nutt's coaching put us back in a bowl?

(4) How fantastic will the new Jumbotron be?

(5) Who will win the 1st Nutt Bowl (Ole Miss or Arkansas)?

22 July 2008

2008-2009 Basketball Foes

Today the University announced this season's basketball schedule. It is much more exciting than seasons past. I am especially excited about the upcoming game in Cincinnati as I only have to drive 30 minutes to watch the Rebel's play.

Here is the lowdown on the some of the home Out of Conference Foes:

Home Games:
Arkansas St.
Last Season's Record: 10-20

South Alabama
Last Season's Record: 25-7: (NCAA, 1st Round)
Last Season v. Ole Miss: Ole Miss 81 USA 78

Morgan State
Last Season's Record: 22-10 (NIT)

Last Season's Record: 16-15
Last Season v. Ole Miss: Ole Miss 76 UCF 67

West Virginia
Last Season's Record: 24-11 (NCAA)

18 July 2008

Bruce Feldman: Expect more Wins for Ole Miss

We are getting some praise from ESPN as Bruce Feldman writes what most Ole Miss fans already feel. Below is a bit from his mailbag column:

"From Brett in Chicago: I know you've been touting Notre Dame to win a lot more games because of its easier schedule as much as the team is getting older (which sounds a bit like a cop-out to me), but I won't give you a hard time for that. What other mediocre programs are you going to go on record and tout?

Bruce Feldman
: I do expect ND to win at least eight games this year, and I also believe Pittsburgh and Ole Miss will make big jumps forward in the win column. The Panthers get a lot of their key players who were injured back, and they have matured along both lines. Ole Miss gets a huge boost from QB Jevan Snead, the Rebels have a terrific D-line, and their young receivers have kept improving. Vegas agrees with me about the Irish, as this Jeff Haney story explains."

To view the entire column click here.

17 July 2008

The Magnolia Bowl

The Ole Miss and LSU rivalry now has a name and a trophy. The game will now be known as the Magnolia Bowl and a trophy with a golden magnolia will be awarded to the winning team. Student Bodies from both LSU and Ole Miss decided to name the rivalry and picked Magnolia Bowl as the name. Magnolia is the state flower for both Mississippi and Louisiana.

16 July 2008

SEC's Top 10 games for 2008

With football just over a month away, I decided to take a look at the SEC schedule this year for the most exciting games. Here are my top 10 games.

(10) Auburn v. LSU- Should be the SEC West game of the year.

(9) Ole Miss v. MSU- AHHH revenge is sweet.

(8) Tennessee v. UCLA- Tennessee is making it's California rounds.

(7) Alabama v. Tennessee- Usually an exciting game.

(6) Arkansas v. Texas- Arkansas and Texas bring back the old SWC rivalry.

(5)Alabama v. Auburn- Will Saban stop the Tommy Curse?

(4)Georgia v. Arizona State- This will be a good SEC- Pac 10 matchup.

(3)Florida v. Georgia- This will be the game of the SEC East this year. I'm just glad that we only have to play one of them this year.

(2) Auburn v. West Virginia- One of the SEC's big boys plays THE Big East Big Boy.

(1) Ole Miss v. Arkansas- This will be billed as Houston Nutt's homecoming. Even if both teams haven't won a game this will be exciting.

Disagree? What's your Top 10?

15 July 2008

Ole Miss site gets new look & .tv renamed

The Ole Miss Athletic site unveiled a new website today. I personally like the new look. It has a more clean and symmetrical feel to it. Also .tv is now called Rebel Vision. What do you think of the new look?

AJC talks Snead

In the Atlanta Journal Constitution today Mr. College Football, Tony Barnhart, had this to say about Snead in an article entitled SEC Quarterbacks: Five Burning Questions:


How good is Javan Snead? Two years ago Snead battled fellow freshman Colt McCoy for the starting quarterback job at Texas. McCoy won and Snead landed at Ole Miss, where he sat out last season. Snead completed 20 of 26 passes in the Ole Miss Spring game. He’ll team with former Ole Miss quarterback Kent Austin, who returns to Oxford as offensive coordinator after a successful coaching career in the CFL. If McCoy is the real deal, and the people in Oxford swear he is, Ole Miss (3-9 last season) could be the most improved team in the SEC in its first year under coach Houston Nutt."

To view the entire article click here.

14 July 2008

Ole Miss fans say add more sports

Recently the Hotty Toddy Blog polled readers on what new sport they would like to bring to Ole Miss. With twenty-six percent of the vote, Swimming beat out Gymnastics and Hockey which received eighteen and sixteen percent. Seventeen percent of those polled believed that Ole Miss should compete in all three. Twelve percent wanted to add another unnamed sport and only five percent didn't want to add another sport. What do you think?

Feldman: SEC 3rd best QB conferece

Today is Feldman's blog he ranked the conferences based on QB. He ranked the SEC 3rd behind the Big 12 and the Big Ten. He did mention Jevan Snead, saying that expectations were high for him but he was still unproven.

I agree that the Big 12 should be ranked high but I don't understand how he can rate the Big Ten @2. He says "This is the opposite of the SEC and Big East -- conferences in which there is one big star and then a lot of unproven QBs in the mix." I guess everyone is entitled to their opinion.

If you want to read the article, click here.

11 July 2008

Ole Miss fans discuss the ACC

Ole Miss fans, in response to the ACC fans who shared their feelings about Ole Miss, answered a few questions about the ACC. Most Rebel fans feel that the ACC is a respectable football conference and the best basketball conference. It was also interesting to see how many Ole Miss fans disliked Miami. I wonder if other ACC fans feel the same way?

(1) What do you think of the ACC in general?

I think some of the ACC programs have a great tradition - Clemson, Virginia, Florida State, Georgia Tech, even BC. The past few seasons however, they have underperformed. I'm still waiting for the ACC to emerge as the all-powerful conference so many experts predicted five years ago. With that being said, I definitely look forward to watching some ACC football this fall and expect to see some great games.-Minnow123

Second best football conference in the land.-MarshallReb

Basketball conference, but somehow their attempts to strengthen football seem to be backfiring. Who'da thought FSU and Miami would suck and WF would be good? With BD at UNC and O'Brien at NC State, they could end up giving the SEC a pretty good run for its money if the traditional ACC powerhouses get it together. -PiedmontRebel

I usually don't, but of course, the basketball conference stereotype still jumps right out. -GeorgiaRebz

Basketball. Absolutely my favorite basketball conference. The level of play, tradition and rivalries aren't matched anywhere. A few very high quality baseball teams and some very good football, although for some schools it will always take a backseat to basketball.-r3b3l_fan

Solid all around conference in the big 3 - baseball, basketball and football.-goldengoat

I think the ACC is great conference overall. I think they have some good football and baseball programs and the ACC is probably the best basketball conference.-jacopass

I have a favorable impression of the ACC in general. The basketball is unparalled and it is a mixed conference in identity with everything from hockey to golf and some pretty good football.-

I'm surprised to see the recent drop-offs of former powers like Florida State and Miami. Right now, they're probably the fifth best overall conference. That shouldn't last long, though.-

Good football conference and great basketball conference. Nothing beats Tobacco Road basketball.-

Lately it's a SEC-wannbe conference. Lot's of southern US schools but basketball definitely rules there, even though they've added some real football schools with Miami and Fla State. Still not enough to match us. -

Basketball/baseball conference with a few power football teams sprinkled in.-

ACC seems to be down from what it used to be.-

ACC-good basketball conference but not as good as what people think. I would say 3rd best football conference. The ACC in general usually doesn't bring a lot of attention to themselves. You never really hear about them until basketball.-

Average fan probably still thinks of them as a basketball conference but now they are much more balanced-

I enjoy watching the ACC teams play as much as anybody outside of the SEC. I think that the ACC is a solid conference but seems to be down lately in respect to their historic programs in football.-RebelCrispy

I think the ACC goes back and forth between the 2nd and 3rd best football conference. FL State and Miami being down has hurt. They need to pick it up or the Big East may pass them.-

A good all around conference, but not great conference... Football has improved a lot, but basketball has declined.-

One of the top Basketball conference, underrated baseball conference, great campuses, great fans, great academics, good rivalries, my 2nd favorite conference.-

They need to stick to basketball....Great confrence for Basketball.-

Basketball Duke vs. UNC. Football, since the new teams joined the conference, it is very balanced. When Wake can win the ACC something is up. That would be like Vandy winning the SEC.-

It's a good basketball conference.-

Basketball comes to mind at first, but probably the third best in football (SEC #1, Big XII #2). Great baseball conference too!-

3rd best football conference from top to bottom, best basketball conference, second best baseball conference. -

Good conference. Better than the all but the SEC top to bottom, though their big dogs have been down the last couple of years.-

Excellent conf. Great sports (basketball and quality football) great education, beautiful locations for the most part (UVA is about as beautiful as you will find on a fall afternoon, second to Ole Miss, of course)-

I like the ACC. Being largely rooted in the South, it's more like the SEC than any other conference. -

Pretty solid overall conference. Probably the best basketball conference and does very well in baseball. Football hasnt done as well as expected since taking in BC, Miami, and VaTech. I like the schools in the ACC though, and they are great to visit on road trips.-

2nd Favorite conference to watch...I love UNC(2nd to Ole Miss of course), almost went to school there.-

Much more respected now that Miami and VT are in it. But I like a lot of them. But I still don't think they are as "big-time" in football as the SEC is, although I think they think they are.-MississippiKite

(2) What team would you want to schedule for an upcoming football series?

BC or Clemson-Minnow123

VT, would love to go to a game in blacksburg-MarshallReb

We've already got WF and GT and Clemson (I think)-PiedmontRebel

I do believe we'll be adding Georgia Tech, and then Clemson over the next 5 years? Of course, we're going to W.F. this year. I'd like to play Miami in a home & home. It would get national t.v., and we always seem to be in a recruiting war or two with a top ranked player with Miami. It would be good to have a couple of wins against them to use when recruiting.-GeorgiaRebz

UVA - I grew up close to Charlottesville and I'd love to go see Ole Miss play a game there.-r3b3l_fan

Miami, VaTech or Duke (want to wear the "A Cut Above" T-shirt)-goldengoat

Probably Virginia Tech, but it would be fun to take a trip to Miami.-jacopass

North Carolina, Miami, and Boston College would all be great games.-

Since we're playing Clemson and Georgia Tech, I'd like to schedule Miami or Boston College. If I wanted an easy win, I'd go with Duke or NC State (right now, that is).-

FSU-a lot of my friends go there and I would love to have a crack at beating them.-

Georgia Tech. -

I would love to Play UNC because of location and they're probably my favorite ACC team (also second best uni's in the country next tou ours) Would also love a chance at the powers...VT/FSU/Miami just for the fun of it (although it might not be that fun for the team)-

UNC. I've always enjoyed their fans and I think Butch Davis will have them competitive sooner than later.-

I would definitely like to schedule Boston College. It would be really interesting to see how the city of Boston would handle Dixie being played in the North.-

Boston College---it would be different to see us freeze up there and them wilt down here-

Virginia Tech for sure. A home and home please because I am moving to Blacksburg and would love to see the Rebs play in Lane Stadium.-

Va Tech they seam to be the best consistently.-

Anyone for football or basketball.-

Since we already scheduled Wake, Ga Tech, and Clemson I'd say Florida State - easier drive than most, one of the best traditions in ACC, and a fun place to watch a game. I'd also love a home in home with Duke to bring Cutcliffe back to Oxford!-

Virgina Tech and Georgia Tech would be the only ones i would care too see the Rebels play.-

FSU or UNC (although Duke with Cutcliffe returning to Oxford would be interesting).-

Georgia Tech-

Virginia and/or Virginia Tech.-

Miami- they're always overrated-

I would love to play any ACC teams, as long as it included a basketball home and home in the deal.-


Well, we've got Clemson and GT scheduled in the next few years (both of which I'm looking forward to). So, I'd have to say UVA. I've always thought any of those three schools would make good non-conf. opponents.-

After Wake and upcoming series' with Clemson and GT, I would say that UVA would be a great team to schedule. Or it might be fun to revisit ol' Coach Cut at Duke..-

Miami because I would love to beat the U.-

Virginia and Clemson and UNC. We already have Clemson.-MississippiKite

(3) If you could trade any SEC team for an ACC team which team would you trade and which team would you pick? Explain why.

I would trade Vanderbilt for Clemson. Vanderbilt seems more in line with schools like BC, Duke and North Carolina then the SEC schools. Clemson, on the other hand, seems like a nice fit for the SEC. -Minnow123

I would swap Vandy for Clemson. Vandy is all academics and clemson is a good athletic school with great football traditions.-MarshallReb

GT for Kentucky. Or one of the NC schools...maybe Wake. Makes more sense geographically.-PiedmontRebel

As much as I hate Mississippi State, and don't believe they'll ever be SEC quality, I would honestly trade Vanderbilt for Georgia Tech. Georgia Tech has some really historic rivalries with 'Bummer & Allbarn, and it would really be great to have UGA and GA Tech playing for an SEC game. Vandy would fit more into the basketball stereotype of the ACC, and of course, Ga Tech would bring us more revenue in the SEC. I would also consider Clemson. That would be good to have South Carolina to play their in state rivalry game as an SEC game, but it's still so damn hard to view the Gamecocks as an SEC team...even with Spurrier. I'd swap Vandy for Ga Tech. Of course, I'd take FSU before GA Tech, but trading Vandy for FSU just isn't a fair trade. You go from great academics in the SEC to the worst in the ACC. GA Tech would be an even trade for Vandy. -GeorgiaRebz

Clemson for Vanderbilt. Clemson is a solid athletic school all the way around, good baseball football and basketball, Vandy is out of place in the SEC, but It'd be hard to justify them geographically in the Atlantic Coast Conference.-r3b3l_fan

Clemson or GATech for Vandy. both good schools with sound academics and good athletics. good facilities, too. would add a level of competition to the east that has been missing since vandy joined the conference - football.-goldengoat

That’s a tough question. I would have to go with Vandy for Clemson or FSU. I think they both have good programs and traditions. I think both would be good additions to the conference.-jacopass

I would trade MSU for any of the ACC teams or even a just a couple of dirty towels and a dead mascot.-

I wouldn't change anybody, but Florida State, Georgia Tech, and Clemson the best geographical choices if we had to.-YeeOleMiss5

Vanderbilt for Duke. Same academics but Duke is better in athletics.-

Arkansas "feels" like an SEC program. South Carolina still does not. I'd trade them for Georgia Tech in a flash. Besides, one maroon team in this conference is more than enough. -

I would trade Alabama I'm so sick of that fan base and the whining they do. They get everything and then cry that they got screwed. I would trade them for anyone but Miami (we've got enough criminals in this conference)-

I'd like to trade UT or Bammer for either Va Tech or Florida State. The upgrade in fans would be great and they're quality opponents pretty much every year.-

I would definitely trade Vanderbilt and pick up Florida State. Or I would pick up Georgia Tech. Florida State or Georgia Tech would be a great addition to the SEC. Plus, Vanderbilt is the only team in the SEC that no one follows.-

Vanderbilt for Florida State. No offense to Vandy but...and Fla. State would really turn the SEC East into an even more major war with the Florida game looming huge-

I would trade Mississippi State because I would like to see what Ole Miss could do in the SEC if we were the only SEC team in our state and I would pick up Georgia Tech because of the same reason. I would like UGA to have to see what it is like to compete with another in-state SEC team. Either GaTech or FSU though.-

Ga Tech they were in and it would make the most logical choice. Plus it would pet more pressure on the Bulldogs.-

Clemson for USC for no other reason than USC just doesn't seem to feel like an SEC school IMO.-

I would trade Clemson for Florida or South Carolina for Florida State. Personally I feel like Clemson and Florida States campuses and fans fit into the SEC a little better than Florida and South Carolina. This could make the instate rivalries even more intense (if that's possible).-

I would Trade Vandy for Georgia Tech...they use to be part of our proud conference!-

Trade LSU and their fans. Take Clemson. Probably not possible, but the USC/Clemnson rivalry would get that much more intense.-

Georgia Tech for Vandy. I think Tech is a good all around opponent and should come back to the SEC.-

I'd trade Vandy and Mississippi State for Virginia, Virginia Tech, North Carolina, and/or Georgia Tech. All 4 of those schools seem to have well balanced programs, and all four appear to be cleanly run.-

Florida State for Alabama. I hate bammer with a burning passion.-

I would get rid of either South Carolina or Vandy. I would say Mistake, but they'd never find their way that far to play an away game. I would love to add one of the Carolinas to increase the recruiting and TV base for the conference, or add one of the Florida schools to give UF more direct competition in state.-

I would trade Arkansas for Clemson or GA Tech. This is due to the long history that Arkansas has with the old SWC and long rivals in the state of Texas and OK. I'll take the others to further enhance the rivalries within the states of SC & GA. OR maybe Louisville in KY.-

I've always sensed Clemson would fit right in with the rest of the SEC because of geography, tradition, passion, etc. I like USC and their fans I have encountered. But they - along with Arkansas - are still new members of the SEC relative to the other teams. So, I guess the easiest switch would be USC for Clemson . But if I could just summarily choose one team that doesn't belong in the SEC, I'd say Vandy. While they are a charter member and help skew some of the academic stats for the conference as a whole, anyone who has attended a game in Nashville can tell you it's just not SEC football. Despite the fact that they have become more competitive the last couple of years (They beat the Orgeron 2 out of 3 years...ouch), they still have a C-USA atmosphere. It's just not SEC football to me.-

Most are saying Vandy for Florida State. I say either Arkansas or South Carolina for either Fla. State or GT.-

I would trade Kentucky for UNC. Like I said, I love UNC. Plus they are a good school academically and Athletically. I would love a baseball series with them.-

MSU, of course. But that has nothing to do with the ACC. LOL. Who would I add? Probably FSU. -MississippiKite

(4) If you had to choose a favorite ACC team, who would it be and why?

I would choose Virginia Tech, I like how all their fans are so loud and into the game, and their entrance(enter sandman).-MarshallReb

WF... lived in W-S for a long time.-PiedmontRebel

I would say Clemson. My soon to be wife graduated from Clemson, and we catch a game or two a year there. Living in Atlanta, we have been able to hit several ACC games. Clemson has a very nice campus, great facilities, and a lot of great tradition when it comes to football. They have a fantastic balance between historic game day festivities, with a lot of current day influence. I can just never let myself yell out, "Go Tigers". Not only that, but it just doesn't seem that Tommy Bowden will ever get them over "the hump". We'll find out this season with Clemson being pre-season ranked in the top 10.-GeorgiaRebz

UVA - I mentioned above that I grew up very near Charlottesville. They were my favorite school growing up and I have a picture of myself as a little kid standing next to Ralph Sampson.-r3b3l_fan

Don't really have one, but for the sake of the argument, VATech - always liked Beamer, a real stand-up type guy who could have looked for a more high profile job during his successful stint but has stayed in place...gotta respect Frank.-goldengoat

My dad, brother, and a lot of my extended family went to Duke, so I’m going to have to go with Duke as my favorite ACC team. -jacopass

I like Maryland because I used to play rugby against them and UVA. Both have beautiful campuses and one of the prettiest coeds I ever gazed upon was at Maryland. I like Boston College because Peter Kreeft is one of my favorite philosophers and Doug Flutie is one of my all time favorite players.-

Florida State b/c of Bobby Bowden-

NCSU. Grew up a huge fan, was at the game where NCSU beat FSU first in Carter-Finley and was at Doak when they beat FSU in 01. Loved Phil Rivers, Torry Holt, CC Harrison, Anthony Grundy, and Julius Hodge the list could go on.-

That would be Duke, because I really admire their basketball program. -Greyman

Favorite UNC. Nothing I dislike about them. Virginia would be next, love the town (best band ever is from there) campus and the history.

Va Tech... good people, good school and a solid program led by a good coach.-

Favorite team in the ACC is probably Florida State. I like the Seminoles.-

UNC. I like their uniforms and they don't have the thuggish reputation of some teams-

VT for sure. People in Blacksburg are really nice people, remind me a good bit of Ole Miss fans. I will be pulling for them in the ACC!-

Virginia Tech I follow them and pull for them. I played for coach Beamer at Murray State many years ago and he was very good to me.-

I don't have a favorite.-

Virginia - I really like their colors, logo, fans, facilities, and it's one of my favorite campuses in the country. It also resembles Ole Miss than any other school.-

None really i am an SEC fan.-

FSU. Have several friends who work there.-

I don't have a favorite.-

I wouldn't really have a favorite. I guess either Virginia, Virginia Tech, North Carolina, and/or Georgia Tech-

Florida State- HOT women everywhere, very much like Ole Miss in that respect-

I don't know, maybe UNC. I lived in North Carolina for a few years, and followed them some.-

UVA, due to outstanding academics (best state univ. in the country?) quality sports programs and beautiful location and history.-

Hmm. I've never thought about that. I guess I'd go with Clemson. I like their enthusiasm. For some reason, they've always reminded me of Auburn in many different ways. (I'm no fan of Auburn, but I do appreciate their town, campus, traditions and fans)-

Would come down to UVA and GT. Father went to GT and games are a good time. UVA is beautiful and Charlottesville is a sweet town. Both are great academic schools.-

UNC..Classy Fans and a great college town.-

Virginia. Ole Miss' campus is modelled after theirs. And I toured their campus once. Very nice. They remind me of us.-MississippiKite

(5) Are there any ACC team you dislike? If so, why?

I'm not a huge BC fan because I don't like anything that has to do with Boston.-Minnow123

No not really-MarshallReb

VT. They're trying to supplant Miami for the title of ThugU, and they have a bunch of obnoxious walk-on redneck fans. At least they do here in Roanoke. -PiedmontRebel

Not really. I don't like many of them either. Miami just seems like it's run about as well as 'Bama when it comes to cheating. Still, Miami more leans towards the thug type of football that Mississippi State was really known for under that used care salesman coach they had before Croom. Jackie was a joke! I dislike WF I guess because we'll play them. The rest are an after thought until basketball. I tend to pull for Duke over UNC. -GeorgiaRebz

Georgia Tech - I can't explain this, I just don't like them.-r3b3l_fan

Never really liked NCstate or Maryland - very bland programs, look almost like twins.-goldengoat

Miami. I’ve always disliked their team and fans. They just seem like the most arrogant folks.-jacopass

Yes but it would be impolite and unjust to some students and alums to say which.-

North Carolina b/c they don't understand that their basketball success doesn't equate success on the gridiron. Also, Miami's history of thugs kinda turns me off too.-

North Carolina. Why? Because I do.-

Right now? That would be Wake Forest...-

Didn't have a problem with any until getting to know the Miami fan base. Don't understand how people could so arrogantly pull for criminals at a school they probably didn't even attend.-Pettey
Miami gets on my nerves...and especially when you consider how bad they've been lately. Clemson seems to waste a bunch of talent every year, but maybe Bowden will get a title eventually.-

I really do not like Miami. There football program is way overrated. Everyone saw what happened to Miami, once they joined the ACC. They weren't playing cupcakes every week. All of those great Miami football teams would have probably been a middle of the road team in the SEC.-

Miami. See #4 about thuggishness-

I really don't have any ACC team that I dislike that much.-

Miami and Boston College both are always over rated and cocky.-

Miami because they have traditionally been a rogue football program and have played virtual nobodies with the exception of a couple of games a season. It is easy for them to focus on those couple of games and get up for them due to the lack of competition that they had before they joined the ACC.-

Boston College and Miami - When I think of the ACC they are the last two teams that come to mind. From what I've seen their fans aren't as loyal as other ACC schools.-

Have no feeling toward any of the schools in the ACC.-


I really dislike Miami and it's just because -- starting with its president on down the line! I also don't like Boston College -- they were dumb leaving the Big East.-

If I had to choose one it'd be Miami. There seems to be a lack of discipline there - from the players to the tv analyst.-

Miami- I haven't liked Miami since the Jimmy Johnson days- they always seem to be loaded with thugs-

Miami. Never liked them. Their good teams in the 80s and 90s always seemed to have a thug type of mentality.-

Not really, no.-

Yes. Miami. Honestly, it probably just boils down to good ol' fashioned jealousy. I have to admit it ticks me off to see them enjoy so much success over the past 20 years considering they don't have much of a real, tradition-steeped, loyal fan base to speak of. When I think of schools like Clemson, Florida, UGA, LSU, Auburn, GT, Ole Miss, etc., I think "college football". When I think of a team like Miami, I think "semi-pro football". If you're going to enjoy the fruits of victory and success, you should be willing to endure the pain and suffering of failure. Before they became a semi-pro team in the early 80's, the interest in that program was so abysmal it was on the verge of getting axed completely. Think about that for a minute. No matter how bad things may get in the W/L column, can you imagine there ever being even a .00001% possibility of your entire program being abolished because of lack of interest? I can't.-MakersMarkReb

Probably Miami baseball right now. Maybe Duke and UNC basketball, but I'm probably just jealous.-

Dook!....They suck!-

GT. Because I have heard they think they are better than us in some instances. Like, I think the reason they got out of the SEC 50 yrs ago was because they thought they were "above" the SEC and wanted to be the ND of the South. Like ND, they soon found out they are nothing without a conference. And I have heard that when we first approached them to play them a home-and-home and they said they'd play us, but didn't want to come to Oxford. Like they were above coming to Oxford. Don't know if that is true, as it was years ago, but it's what I heard. The nerve. Of course, we are playing them in the next couple of years, and they are coming to Oxford. So that could be not true.-MississippiKite

(6) Would you like to respond to any comments made by ACC fans about Ole Miss? If so, please list comments below.

Thanks to those of you who were well-informed in your responses. Those of you who said we shouldn't have fired Cut should look no further than his list of HC job offers and where he is now. That should tell you enough about why we fired Otis.-PiedmontRebel

Va Tech fans should be proud of their basketball support. That was one of the most exceptional game atmospheres I have ever witnessed, and it far exceeded what Ole Miss fans have provided their own basketball team at home. Even though we won the game(NIT), the fans could not have been any better. Ga Tech fans are about as lack luster as Vandy(which is why it's such a great trade). Watch out Winston-Salem! We're come'n to stomp some Demon Deacon a! Other ACC teams not mentioned, Boston College-Maryland-NC State-Virginia, are not worth mentioning.-GeorgiaRebz

A lot of comments seemed centered on the Rebel Flag and Colonel Reb and old negative southern stereotypes. I'm not going to say those things don't exist, but in the 15 years I've been in Oxford, things have changed dramatically. There are no longer Rebel flags at games and they are generally frowned upon in most circles. The Colonel Reb mascot is being phased out, much to the chagrin of many fans, and the University has worked hard to shake off the negative stereotypes while keeping the positives... hospitality, pretty girls, good food and, God willing, good football. C'mon down and visit, we'll feed you.-r3b3l_fan

Yes I would. The Duke fans are idiots or they were just being "mean" in their thoughts about Ole Miss. Another thing that drives me crazy is the whole race issue that is still associated with Ole Miss. We’re not all racists because we went to Ole Miss or because we’re from the south. My freshman year in college I went to a school on a lacrosse scholarship and about 95% of my team was either from Massachusetts or New York. I loved all the guys on my team, but they were the most racist bunch of folks I had ever met. I never met anyone at Ole Miss that was more of a racist that any one of those guys from the north. Just because we’re from the south doesn’t mean we hate anything that’s not white. That is just an absurd assumption. The large majority of the people I have met in Oxford, with the exception of the police (they just hate life and Ole Miss Students), have been the most considerate and outgoing people I have ever come across.-jacopass

To the guy who thinks we have skeeters in the Grove, I can only laugh. There may be some headaches the day after a game but it isn't from West Nile.-

Yeah, those of you who associate Ole Miss with the Confederate Flag, racism, and goood 'ol boy networks need to get with the times. We lost in Vietnam, Armstrong landed on the moon, and the Cold War is over. Similarly, those negative stereotypes you bring up are in our past and in no way reflect the fact that Ole Miss has more black students than almost every public university in the nation. Your broad-sweeping, outdated generalizations anger Ole Miss fans abroad (both black and white).-

Quit saying we shouldn't have fired Cutcliffe.-

Greyman -

Yeah I love the Col. Reb is racist idea...and they think Southerners are ignorant!-

I think it is completely ridiculous that people think of Mississippi in general as the most racist state ever. Most of the people that posted that, have probably never been here. You cant just say bad things about a place unless you have personally been there.-

I thought the comments were generally very respectful but it's even better at Ole Miss than most imagine-

I would have to second what other Reb fans have said about MS and Ole Miss being tied to racism. For one, it exists EVERYWHERE! Two, we as a state and University have worked hard to overcome our past and stereotypes. Come see for yourself.-

I wish some of these folks could come to a game here and spend a week in Mississippi so they can see things are not like the media has lead them to believe. I spent some time in the north, Boston area specifically, And there is way more racism there than here, at least it is more in your face. People up there said and did things I have never seen in 40 some odd years here.-

Overall I like the ACC and would enjoy playing any school in any sport.-

They would enjoy a gameday in Oxford a lot more than they think they would!-

No most are fair opinions. Except ones that mention racism. If those people were to visit Oxford today, I'm sure they would change their tune.-

Athens pales in comparison to Oxford. What artists have come out of Athens? R.E.M? Wow. Nothing but unintelligible, pompous, pseudo intellectual, phony, vegan crap.-

Yes. I am from just outside of Washington DC and grew up here in VA. I went to Ole Miss on a visit and fell in love with the place immediately. However, most (99.9%) of people have never been to Mississippi and base all of their thoughts and opinions on hearsay and rumor, with no personal experience. It's like the running jokes on West Virginia here and inbreeding, marrying your sister, yada, yada, yada. The sad fact is many still see the state of Mississippi as if it were 1963 and not 2008. Yes, there are a lot of things that still need to be address, poverty being a main issue. However, I have seen a lot more racism here in the DC metro area than I did in MS. I strongly believe that a greater attempt has been made to correct the injustices of the past in MS than in many other, larger, more prosperous states, including those in the north. People must set aside their preconceived notions of Mississippi and actually take some time to research their facts, spend some time here and then make up their own INFORMED opinion. This almost never happens and people continue to speak from ignorance. In court, ignorance of the law is no defense or excuse. Nor should it be with respect to the south.-

It's been like a week since I read the comments. So, I don't remember much about them. I do remember they generally had a better appreciation for my school than most of the Big East fans did in the last survey. (Those Pitt fans really had a chip on their shoulder.)-

They seem to have an overall attitude that MS and the South in general is a hotbed for incest, bigots, and rednecks. They are correct. Just kidding; I don't really appreciate the stereotyping, and I wish y'all would come and see for yourselves before passing judgment.-

Yes. We are stronger academically then people think. Don't look at our admissions standards and judge us(we don't set them, our state board does). Only 7 public schools in the nation have more Rhodes Scholars than us. Our honors college is ranked top 3 in the nation. And oh by the way, We are Hosting the 1st of 3 Presidential debates. I'm pretty sure they wouldn't just give some low tier academic institution such an important event. Come check out our school, we can hold our own. 74 percent of the students that applied to med school were accepted (the national average is 41 percent.) We don't care about academics? That is incorrect my friends. -

Posters from
RebelSports.net (Rivals)
Ole Miss Spirit (Scout)

A good read on Ole Miss Legend.

Recently I received an email from a reader saying I should check out a blog article written about Charley Conerly. The Blog article was posted on Bluenatic, a NY Giants blog. It's a good read. Everyone should take the time to check it out.

Click here to read the article.

10 July 2008

How we are perceived: ACC : Florida St & Wake Forest and Maryland

Our final two teams to weigh in on Ole Miss are Florida State and Wake Forest. Wake Forest fans showed a lot of interest as we have recenlty played them and will play them again this year. Up Next- What Rebel fans think about the ACC.

Florida State:

(1) What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Ole Miss?

Patrick Willis (I'm a 49er fan and that guy is a beast)-victor56

The Grove/Eli-bigzig8315

I think of Patrick Willis, but also their reputation for having some of the hottest coeds around. I've never been there in person and, come to think of it, don't ever remember watching any Ole Miss games on TV, but I keep hearing that they have some that actually rival ours.-nole96

1) HOT women2) Mediocre FBall3) Watching Eli elevate them briefly was fun, was happy to see them "up"4) Chuckie Mullins tragedy. You're hinting at "brand image" and Ole Miss doesn't have much brand momentum - that's not always a bad thing though. You guys can make-over that image in any fashion you wish (with time, money, and effort) unlike some of your SEC brethren who would need 100 years of re-imaging effort to scrape off the cheating/win at all costs stench.-Nolomite

Hot girls (married to one)-Hurricane Tebow (Florida Fan)


Rebels (colors, mascot - not in a bad way either)-Bamanoles

I can't believe they fired Cuttclif (sp) and replaced him with ED!!!!!!-nolehow

Rebel Flags, Greeks, bama bangs, No diversity, drunk frat boys in red ties-ryandinho

A false sense of superiority (see harvard of the south t-shirts)-pcbnole

The first thing I think about is when the band & cheerleaders come into The Grove for the playing of "Dixie". It is the coolest event I have ever seen on gameday! The number of hot women there is actually no more than you would find at most of the schools on gameday in the South. The main reason people think there are more hot women there is due to the fact that they wear cocktail and evening dresses to the games and have their hair & makeup fixed up. Don't get me wrong, there are hot women there, but no more than at FSU, Georgia, Auburn, etc.-villaricanole

Avery at running back running for a 70 plus yard touchdown against Arkansas in 1997(maybe '96?).-kellylexy

The awesome helmets-VolusiaNole

Archie Manning-PJD3883

A bogus mascot controversy - and trust me, I'm sympathetic to the school's fans because we have our own bogus mascot controversy.-Tiberius209

The hottest college girls I have ever seen.-spear7

Mediocre SEC team.-AtomicNole

James Meredith-jxnole

(2) What are your feelings about Ole Miss?

Never really thought or cared to find out about the school.-victor56

Indifferent about Ole Miss. Would like to see them better, but it's a tough sell in the SEC.-bigzig8315

Failure, bc>Ole Miss is the only team in the SEC West never to have played in the SEC Championship game! Ole Miss is the only team in the SEC never to have made it to Omaha! Ole Miss is the only team in the SEC never to have made it to the Final Four!-Hurricane Tebow (Florida Fan)

Ole miss mascot has a bad a stash.-I.AM.A.SEMINOLE

An occasionally bowl eligible SEC also-ran, prefer Ole Miss over Miss St-Bamanoles

Old Money, kinda stuffy-nolehow

Most fans are delusional, but some are level headed good folks-pcbnole

I like Ole Miss.-villaricanole

I think it is the most traditional southern School. -kellylexy

I like Ole Miss (especially when they play Florida), and wish they were more consistently successful-VolusiaNole

Tradition-rich school with only marginal success since Vaught left.-PJD3883

I would like them to be good enough to punk Florida every time they play, but I know that's unlikely for the most part. Other than when they play the Gaytes, I don't think about them at all.-Tiberius209

Beautiful campus, love the Hotty Totty cheer, did I mention the girls?-spear7

Ole Miss has the most beautiful campus of all the state's universities.-jxnole

(3) Would you like to play us in football or basketball in the future?



Playing Ole Miss is of absolutely no benefit to FSU Football; Basketball whatever-Nolomite

Like to see Ole Piss play you in football. -Hurricane Tebow

I don't know a thing about the basketball team, would be an okay OOC game for football-Bamanoles

Sure, we can take any easy win we can get these days! lol-nolehow

Yeah so we could beat the crap out of them-ryandinho

Sure, since I live in MS, it'd be enjoyable to watch a couple games with my Ole Miss buddies-pcbnole

Either sport would be fine.-villaricanole

Sure and sure.-kellylexy

Yes, and we recently did play in basketball.-VolusiaNole

Sure. If they had 60K seats in Mobile, that would be an ideal place to play.-PJD3883

Honestly, I think there are better match-ups. The only reason to play these types of games is if they give a recruiting edge. (1) Mississippi isn't a recruiting hotbed, (2) we don't get many players from there (see #1), and (3) Ole Miss isn't the type of national game you sell recruits on. So I guess I don't see the point.-Tiberius209


Sure thing, especially if it was at Oxford so I could actually attend.-AtomicNole

I have no interest in seeing FSU play Ole Miss.-jxnole

(4)What do you think about the SEC in general?

I cant stand all the SEC hype, however they do boasts some of the best teams in the nation.-victor56

Best conference in the country by far. Root for everyone to beat Florida-bigzig8315

SEC plays good football but is too corrupt - too much "old boy" crap (we're not in the 60's anymore!!!)-Nolomite

Best conference in the land!-Hurricane Tebow

You already know what everyone in the ACC thinks about south eastern crime.-I.AM.A.SEMINOLE

SEC? Wish every football season that we were a part of it. More natural rivalries, closer away games, would make for an infinitely more interesting football schedule. Toughest football league top to bottom.-Bamanoles

Great conference, but not nearly as good as the "SEC FAN" thinks they are!-nolehow

Good football conference with alot of under the table deals -ryandinho

Great conference in football, but a little narrow-minded when it comes to other conferences-pcbnole

Wish we were in the SEC.-villaricanole

I agree with the 'corrupt' and 'cheating' terms mentioned above. THe history of probations at just about all the schools. Nowadays, so many things get swept under the run at FU(one of the biggest offenders in the conference) now so that perception will linger as long as the conference and schools withing the conference continue to do what is convenient instead of what is correct. Just ask Cervone and Foley...nevermind, they are holding those brooms...-kellylexy

I know this is a minority opinion among FSU fans, but I respect and like the SEC and most of the SEC teams.-VolusiaNole

Playing its best football at the present time, but their teams dog good opponents during the regular season and they are not as "deep" as they are made out to be.-PJD3883

(1) Obnoxious and mostly delusional fans. (2) 8-9 programs leeching off the reputation of 3-4. (3) Tennessee and LSU play tough OOC games, but UGA and FU duck decent OOC competition every chance they get. Auburn is mediocre in this regard, and the rest of the programs are irrelevant. (4) Yes, they are clearly the premier football conference but not so far superior as their fans (see #1) seem to think. (5) With the exception of Vanderbilt, they're all party schools, though the one in Gunsville actually think it's an academic juggernaut (see #1).-Tiberius209

Currently the best it has ever been as far as overall talent and coaching, passionate fans, big stadiums, lots and lots of cheating. -spear7

The absolute best conference in America, but not strong top to bottom like some say.-AtomicNole

I hate the SEC ! Just kidding, living and being from Mississippi there arent too many FSU fans here. Really, national football isnt important at all here. It's ALL about the SEC. I love the passion that the fans and players exude in ALL sports!-jxnole

(5) Have you ever visited Oxford on game day? If yes, what was your experience? If no, what have you heard about our gameday experience?

Oxford? Where is that lol-victor56

No, but I"m going this year for the Auburn game. Can't wait. I hear the Grove spells like bourbon and Chanel No. 5. Sundresses everywhere. I'm pumped.-bigzig8315

Never been to Oxford, never heard anything about gamedays there.-Nolomite

Yes for all sporting events. They have the best pork nachos! Ole Piss is 98% greek, so guys wear a suit to the game and girls walk in wearing the big azz heel shoes, but walk out off the stadium barefeet bc they have blisters from walking. All girls must wear dresses and are spoiled. Hotty Totty really is the best way to describe Ole Piss.-Hurricane Tebow (Florida fan)

No. But i would love to watch florida get there ass kicked in oxford and pre game at the grove.-I.AM.A.SEMINOLE

Never been to Oxford.Don't know about the crime element, but the casinos sure seem to be a great funding source for the state government. The state in general should be commended for the actions of most of the residents following Katrina.-Bamanoles

No, but I would like someday as long as I don't have to dress up!-nolehow

Yes, if you like dressing in shirt and tie and hearing dumb hotty tody all day be my guest. But if you ever do wind up there its ok when LSU, Florida, or Bama come to town. Also eat some abners chicken tenders.-ryandinho

I want to-pcbnole

Yes, versus Arkansas. I have visited Oxford on gameday and had a great time. It was the game where the rebel flags were 'officially' banned in the stadium. Everyone complied and seemed ok with it. The fans were great. Atmosphere was good. Nothing negative at all to say about the weekend in Oxford.-kellylexy

Never been to Oxford but I've heard the Grove is where it's at as far as tailgating and lady-spotting goes.-VolusiaNole

No. Just about the player's walk...which everybody is now doing and pre-game at the Grove.-PJD3883

No. A snippet here or there on College Gameday, but nothing I can remember.-Tiberius209

Yes, I went to the 2005 game that Bama won 13-10. Loved it, especially the grove, did I mention the girls? -spear7

Yes, I've been to two Bama games and one Auburn game there and I'll be going to this year's Auburn game. (Yes, I realize that it's strange to like both Bama and Auburn.)I found it odd that everyone was dressed up and noticed the sheer volume of people that were tailgating. There seems to be a surplus of rude, drunken frat kids there. Also, the Hoddy Toddy stuff was slightly annoying. Oh, and I couldn't help but notice how many drunk people there were hobbling up the stands over the course of the game. -AtomicNole

Yes, I have been to Oxford. The campus is second to none, as well are the athletic training facilities. The Grove was pretty neat ( especially the food ). As an African American male, there are many stereotypes about Mississippi and Ole Miss specifically that MAY be true in some cases. However, racism may rear it's ugly head anywhere. Mississippi, nor the University of Mississippi deserve some of the negative publicity they sometimes receive. I have been to many Ole Miss games and my experiences there are just as pleasant as my experiences at Jackson State or Alcorn State games. I love the people of Mississippi and the fans of Ole Miss. I look foward to making the trip up I-55 once again this year. Good luck Rebs.-jxnole

Posters from:

NoleDigest.com (Scout)
Wake Forest:

(1) What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Ole Miss?

Archie and Eli-DeaconCBC

The Grove-JaredShelton

Pretty girls in the Grove.-KitchinDeac

Michael Oher-81deac

The Grove-VitaminJ3

The mannings-RocketDeac

Hot Chicks!!!-SgtHulka

Very pretty women/Rebel flag. 1st is a huge compliment. 2nd thing isn't.-NazT Deac

A wonderful experience in Oxford, one of the best of many road trips. Hospitality from fans and students including the band. I have encouraged everyone to go to Oxford if given the chance. Now an Ole Miss fan in the SEC.-stpman

The Grove-mattwfu99

My redneck friend from jersey who goes to school there. He wanted to go somewhere he could fit in intellectually (not too smart) and culturally (wishes he was born in the deep south).-P4nthers11

I know they have a really good defensive line so we better come ready to play (they will probably recall 2006).-Concordeac

I was in the airport in Memphis last week and met a couple of players for Ole Miss who were going home for the holiday weekend. Really nice, polite young men. One young man was a freshman CB from Richmond, and he seemed really pumped for the upcoming season, and was excited about the prospects of seeing some PT. It will be hard not to cheer for him . . . but for one weekend I won't.-RoRo

Going to the game in '06 with my buddies. This included a lengthy stop in the Grove, watching your band in the Grove, the rain delay, LIGHTNING, pulverizing an SEC team on its home turf, etc.-uscdeac


Archie Manning-krunk94

Beautiful ladies at the Grove!-MIKEDEAC

The Grove and beautiful southern girls.-DeaconCav06

It's stuck in 1955 southern thinking.-94Deac

Women that rival Charleston, SC women.-truifh0

William Falukner. Then the flag waving that went on in the early 80's.-DemonDKE

The Grove and beautiful southern girls-MaplewoodDeac

(2) What are your feelings about Ole Miss?

Ole Miss seems like a good school with a beautiful campus. I hear the fans are very hospitable.-DeaconCBC

Growing up an LSU fan, I hate them. But their mediocrity over the past few years makes me not hate them quite as much :)-JaredShelton

I like the Grove.-KitchinDeac

Good feelings about Ole Miss and her people.-81deac

Have hospitable fans from what I have heard, some strong traditions, yet pretty much a basement dweller in the SEC-VitaminJ3

Indifferent, orgeron seemed pretty incompetent as a coach.-RocketDeac

Average state school-SgtHulka

Actually a nice place. Seemed to be good people. Stepchild of the SEC. Not as much athletic success as other conference members. Thank God you got rid of Orgeron. He didn't represent Ole Miss well. Too many good people there to have a guy like that as your figure-head.-NazT Deac

Beautiful campus but has some recruiting disavantages compared to other SEC schools, Mississippi is not a large state etc.-stpman

Relatively ambivalent, but because of the relative lack of success over the past few years, I'd say they're among my favorite SEC teams.-mattwfu99

Not very successful football program as of late-P4nthers11

One of two teams I root for in the SEC (Vandy being the other)-uscdeac

It's amazing how many cross over Wake Forest-Ole Miss marriages there are. I know of four separate ones in my close knit group. I'm not sure why that is but it's always good to see how my friends root for both schools.-DonaldRoss

A good program that is unfortunate to have to play in a league as tough as the SEC-krunk94

Nice campus, very "Old South", great fans, looks like a nice place to go to school and live.-MIKEDEAC

It's a decent southern school with beautiful girls and a great football atmosphere.-DeaconCav06

Get rid of the confederate flag and the anti-American "rebel" and my feelings will improve.-94Deac

Don't mind them as Auburn has their old coach.-truifh0

About the same as the rest of Mississippi -- stuck in a time warp.-DemonDKE

I'm starting to get tipsy just thinking about time spent there.-MaplewoodDeac

(3) Would do you think of our upcoming football game? Would you like to play us in basketball?

I think Ole Miss is going to come into this game with something to prove. They have a lot of question marks, but they also have some players with great potential. Jevan Snead and Enrique Davis are the biggest unknowns for me. Houston Nutt is a proven winner and was treated badly by the administration at Arkansas. I really hope you guys put the hammer down on them in the next few years. I think Wake will win the game, but I really like the fact that we are getting you guys early in the season. I think Ole Miss will start clicking once you get a few games under your belt and will cause a lot of teams in the SEC some headaches.-DeaconCBC

I think the game will be very exciting. Ole Miss has a lot to prove, especially with a new coach. Houston Nutt is a great football coach, in my opinion, and the Rebels did a good job by nabbing him when he left Arkansas. I wouldn't mind playing Ole Miss in basketball.-JaredShelton

I hope I make it to a game in the Grove.-KitchinDeac

Upcoming football game - I believe it is quite an honor for Ole Miss to be playing the inaugural game in the improved Groves Stadium. I expect the Deacs will be way too strong for Ole Miss in this one and it probably won't be that close. Looking forward to seeing Oher play in person. I'm ambivalent on whether we play in basketball.-81deac

More worried about the game then most of Deacon faithful counterparts. Extremely curious what Jevan Snead is going to bring to the table. Where is he projected on that depth chart? Absolutely hate Houston Nutt and interested to see how that hire plays out. Could care less to play you in basketball.-VitaminJ3

I think Wake wins the game but Ole Miss will improve and be challenging for a bowl. Would be glad to play you in basketball as it would help prepare us for ACC season.-RocketDeac

Really looking forward to it because SEC opponent and first home game with Deacon Tower.-SgtHulka

Upcoming game will be much like the last one, except Ole Miss will hang in there for a little while. WF has too much defense for Ole Miss to keep up. Indifferent about basketball. Not particularly excited about the prospect of playing Ole Miss in bball.-NazT Deac

Looking forward to the game, any game against an SEC team is big. I expect to be favored but experience tells me never overlook anybody. Would love to play Ole Miss in basketball, a good team, SEC etc. and a chance to go back to Oxford. -stpman

I hope Wake wins. I would not have a problem at all playing Ole Miss in hoops, as I think it's a decent enough major-conference game, although I can't say you'd be among my first choices for an OOC matchup.-mattwfu99

We are going to win-P4nthers11

I hope you can teach these W-S folks how to tailgate (but that none of you manage to find tickets to the game itself)! I think you'll be better toward the end of the season and would not look forward to playing the Rebs in November, but as it's our home opener in the soon-to-be-completed Deacon Tower and our team is very, very good, hopefully we can pull out a win. Don't care one way or the other about basketball-- would it help our RPI?-uscdeac

I think it's a good time to be playing the Rebs. They are going to get better as the year moves on so I'm glad we're getting you first. Would love to play the Rebs in hoops. With the exception of the UHallesque design, Tad Smith is the perfect size and location for Ole Miss. Andy Kennedy is going to continue to improve your team but I would enjoy the game.-DonaldRoss

I think it will be close game. Basketball Yes-krunk94

Cautiously optimistic, opening Deacon Tower and first home game in a long awaited season, we'e got D, you've got some interesting new pieces on O and a good new coach. It'd be fine to play bball.-MIKEDEAC

I think we should win the game, but I'll never discount a team from the SEC.-DeaconCav06

a- Another SEC game, another WF win. b- Sure, why not?-94Deac

I think we will beat you, but you guys could be a sleeper team in the SEC, so I am a little worried. I am indifferent about playing you in basketball unless your hot women travel well to road basketball games.-truifh0

We will win. We're all jacked for the game and you guys were terrible the last time we played. I'd rather have a higher profile opponent for an ooc bball game, especially if the team is going to have to travel that far.-DemonDKE

I think we should win the game, but I'll never discount a team from the SEC. Basketball? Not really. -MaplewoodDeac

(4)What do you think about the SEC in general?

I feel the SEC is the most powerfull football conference in the country.-DeaconCBC

I think the SEC is the best football conference in the nation, period. Football is just handled differently in the SEC. That being said, conferences go on swings, and soon another conference might take the place of power (although I think it will be the SEC for at least a few more years).-JaredShelton

I wish all SEC fans were as much fun as the Ole Miss fans in the Grove.-KitchinDeac

Minor leagues for the NFL, great pipeline with smaller salaries, but coaches in general who don't have as good a reputation as Bill Belichick. Most SEC schools don't get too caught up in that "education" thing. ("The Blind Side" did nothing to dispel this notion, by the way.)-81deac

Believe the SEC is the strongest conference in the country, hands down, but also believe it to be the most corrupt conference. How many national championship coaches are in the SEC while we are at it. Fulmer, Miles, Meyer...-VitaminJ3

Good football but anything goes attitude (legal or illegal)-RocketDeac

Full of a bunch of cheaters and soon to be criminals. (except Vandy...all hail the magnolia league!)-SgtHulka

SEC=best fball conference. SEC=worst academic conference and general lack of institutional control.-NazT Deac

Emphasis on football has tarnished the reputation of some schools. Too many cases of looking the other way when questions about character arise, but we have some of that in the ACC.-stpman

I despise the SEC. I am sick of hearing how great the SEC is at football compared to every other conference in America, and I think most SEC schools are scum as actual student-athlete institutions.-mattwfu99

Great football teams and awesome athleticism. Joke standards and sham "student"-athletes-P4nthers11

There are few good things I have to say about it. I understand neither the win-at-absolutely-any-co$t mentality (basically everything that is bad about college sports) nor the SEC-loves-itself-so-much that if you don't like it too you ought to go straight to hell (and I'm proud that Wake is in the ACC, want the conference to do well, but still very much love to see our rivals lose).-uscdeac

The SEC is so different from the ACC. The ACC strengths are the SEC's weaknesses. That makes for some great turf war-DonaldRoss

Most years, the toughest football conference in the country-krunk94

Football Powers, all large state schools but for Vandy, at least we have a few other private colleges in our league.-MIKEDEAC

It's the toughest conference in football, but it doesn't have the greatest reputation for discipline or academic integrity.-DeaconCav06

Win at all costs; don't care if they go to class; getting arrested is okay; went to one college but fan of another.-94Deac

War Eagle!!!!-truifh0

I like the SEC, especially UGA. I find UA, USC, and LSU tolerable. I hate UF, dislike UT and AU. I'm ambivalent about the rest. -DemonDKE

Best football conference and best football go watch. -MaplewoodDeac

(5) Have you ever visited Oxford on game day? If yes, what was your experience? If no, what have you heard about our gameday experience?

Never been there, but I would like to go one day. I hear it is a great experience.-DeaconCBC

Yes, I visited for the Ole Miss-LSU game during Eli's senior season. It was a fantastic experience, not only because my LSU team won, but also because of the atmosphere there. The people were friendlier than any SEC fanbase I had ever been around. I was very impressed.-JaredShelton

Yes. Awesome.-KitchinDeac

Couldn't make it last year. I've always heard what a great place it is to visit.-81deac

Never been to Oxford, would love to go. Heard it was flat out amazing.-VitaminJ3

Didn't go to the Wake/Ole Miss game in 2006 but all reports were very positive, especially the tailgating.-RocketDeac

No, but I have heard one of the best gameday experiences on the planet.-SgtHulka

Yes. Went down for the deluge in Oxford 2 years ago. The Grove was MOST impressive. Great setup. Great people. Lots of beautiful women. Parking was more convenient than I thought it would be. Easy to get around. Stadium was okay. Game day experience was solid. I'd go back if WF played there again.-NazT Deac

Yes, I came down for the Wake/Ole Miss game a couple of years ago. I liked your gameday atmosphere - the Grove is certainly a great place for the variety of tailgates, although honestly I'd say about 50% of the people are concerned with the game and the other 50% are just there to be seen. But the entrance of the players into the square in front of the Grove was really cool, as well as having the band and everything else there. While I had a good time, it wasn't the best gameday atmosphere I've ever seen - it paled in comparison to gameday in Lincoln, but I think that's because for me, it's better when all the fans are just all about the game.-mattwfu99

No. you bring fine glassware to football games ive heard.-P4nthers11

Yes. Unbelievable tailgating, generous hospitality, some politically incorrect comments about Katrina (and I'm NOT a PC whore: "those LSU fans...they're looters"), the Rebel Band in the Grove, unbelievably delicious BBQ Pork Nachos that I still dream about, I could go on..-uscdeac

I hope I get to a game in the Grove again this year. I guess I've been to one each of the last five years. Maybe it's time to take a bye week trip somewhere else but there is just something refreshing about a fall trek to the Grove.-DonaldRoss

I heard Ole Miss has a lot of hot chicks drinking before the game-krunk94

Best away game experience ever, rivaled the enjoyment of a home game there were many factors, site, grove, gracious and inviting fans in the Grove, we few who were there from Wake waiting for the rain to stop(lightning actually), singing, cheering... hope we get to do it again some time soon.-MIKEDEAC

No, but I've heard it's amazing from a buddy I have there, and I plan on making it there before I die.-DeaconCav06

A- No. b- Heard good things but rarely take anyone's word for anything.-94Deac

No, but I want to go there so bad to experience the Grove.-truifh0

No. I've heard it's great and would like to give it a try.-DemonDKE

Yes, and it was an amazing weekend overall.-MaplewoodDeac

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Not much interest from Maryland Fans. I was not allowed to post the questions on the Rivals site.

Here is what the Maryland fans had to say:

I for one didnt think about Ole Miss until Coach Orgeron went out there and started recruiting a bunch of our socal guys. I wayched him offer Mike Herrick when no other school in the country would and I wanted to watch his development. 3)If we were going to play an SEC team Id like for us to play one that would generate a rivalry of sorts. So some one fairly close to us like a Georgia. A place where we recruit and already play Georgia Tech.-CrespiBoylol

Don't think about Ole Miss much, but would be interesting to play you sometime. Too hot down there so you need to come up here.-ATerp

I'm an older college football fan whose first known rivalry as a kid was Army-Navy but I'd probably have to say LSU-Ole Miss was the next one I became aware of. Johnny Vaught was the Rebels coach then (late 50s-early 60s). One season, in particular, Billy Cannon beat Ole Miss with a punt return, 7-3 (or something like that) but Ole Miss stuffed them in a rematch in the Sugar Bowl, 21-0 that same season. Otherwise, the Terps haven't played too many SEC teams in the regular season over the years. A home & home with Ole Miss would probably be good competitive matchups and financially better than the ones we start with California this season. I wouldn't mind seeing it happen now with 4 ooc games but I doubt that it will. Cal, notwithstanding, we've been focussing on playing more Big East teams which makes sense for geographical reasons. Who knows what the future brings, though? Perhaps, some seasons we could play one BE team instead of 2, for an SEC team. Otherwise, it's doubtful that we'd schedule 3 BCS ooc games in a season. It's not the SEC but the ACC is tough enough. Realistically, our chances of meeting in a bowl are better, IMHO. Have a good season, Ole Miss!-Terpengr

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