28 November 2007

WOW what a week

This is has been a crazy six days in Ole Miss football. Less than a week ago we blew a 14 point lead in the 4th to our in-state rival. The next day we fired our coach and today we got a new one!
When I watched the press conference today, I kept thinking this all seems odd. Houston Nutt is saying he is an Ole Miss Rebel. It's still surreal to me.
The press conference today went well. Nutt is definitely a motivator. While I am thankful of all the good things that Coach O accomplished while at Ole Miss, I was glad to listen to our coach without cringing.
So, I look forward to our football future. I think with Nutt we have completed our quest to find outstanding coaches in all sports at Ole Miss. We are now top notch all around!
Oh yeah, we are 5-0 in basketball.

27 November 2007

Welcome to Ole Miss Nutt

Well it seems to be official. We have a new but familiar coach in Oxford. Even though it hasn't officially been reported from all indications Houston Nutt will be taking over.
This is an interesting hire for the Rebels. We wanted an experienced coach and we got one. He comes into town with a good bit of talent waiting on him.

There are a lot of questions left to be answered but at least we know where to start.

Hotty Toddy

26 November 2007

Coaching Search begins

Deja-vu. Just a few years ago we were in this same situation. However, this time is different. The next Ole Miss coach will come into an ideal situation. We have talent. Many commentators have written about how attractive of a job we have. Here are a few snips:

"Look for the Mississippi job to attract a lot of attention, as Ed Orgeron left a stocked cupboard."--Sporting News

"Whatever the case, there will be a new sheriff in town, and he will have more than ample talent at his disposal.If the Mississippi State game was proof that game management was not Orgeron’s strength, it was also proof that the Rebels quite clearly have the talent to compete against a 7-5 bowl team.There was also talent enough for Ole Miss to play with some of the better teams in the conference, at least for periods of time.Orgeron’s successor will have something he never had, and that’s an SEC-caliber quarterback. Orgeron thought he signed such a player in Brent Schaeffer, but that attempt was incomplete." --Daily Journal

24 November 2007

Black Fri turns into Shakedown Sat

One day after a black Friday for the Rebels, Shakedown sat has begun. Coach O was let go this morning. After weeks of standing behind his man, Pete Boone said actions in the last two games changed his mind. There was speculation that Pete Boone would resign as well today but that didn't happen.
Stay tuned......

Black Friday indeed.

Another frustrating loss. Another depressing day. Black Friday has another meaning for us Rebel fans today.
What would have happened if we got the 1st or if we punted and pinned them? Who knows? No one can say for sure but it's likely the game would have ended 14-0.
Football is over for this year. I am happy to be moving on the Basketball.

21 November 2007

My favorite Egg Bowl

I've lived through a lot of Egg Bowls. (34) I have several favorite games. My first year at Ole Miss was an exciting game. MSU had numerous attempts within our 10 yard line in the last few moments to tie us in 1992. They failed. Then there was the immaculate deflection. I am not sure what year that was, but I don't remember the game.
My favorite game however was in 1997 when TT , with a gutsy call, went for two to beat MSU 15-14 in Starkville. Both teams were decent that year and the winner had the upper hand in going to a bowl game. We went on to beat Marshall in the Motor City Bowl.

What is your favorite Egg Bowl?

19 November 2007

Egg Bowl Week

It's Egg Bowl week again. No bowl game for us but we can keep the Dogs from going as well. If I am not mistaken in order to get an at large bid a team has to have at least 7 wins. No matter it's nice to beat State.

The LSU game was interesting for a while. It was nice to see the Rebs on National TV and in HD for the first time this year. Every football fan watched part of the game. All my friends up here in Ohio saw part of it. So it was good exposure.

Congrats to the University for getting the Presidential debate in 2008.

14 November 2007

Hotty Toddy from Mexico

Sorry I havent written a lot lately. I decided to take a cruise. Don't worry, I will be back in LA on Sat in time for the game. I am sure the Vaught and the Grove will be packed for the game! We are hosting #1...... It's time folks!

Hotty Toddy from Mexico!

I'm glad to see AK's boys off to a 2-0 start!

07 November 2007

Ultimate Pay Back?

Many years ago, before I was born, there was an LSU player named Cannon, who as J. Vaught said, "rained on our parade." He ruined Ole Miss's chance of winning a National Championship. This story, played out each year when Ole Miss & LSU meet, haunts Ole Miss fans.
What better chance than on national TV to change the story told in the future. Little Ole Miss can achieve the ultimate payback by ruining LSU's chance of playing for the national championship.
The story line is perfect. Ole Miss, 3-7, down on our luck, knocks off #2 LSU and secures national media darling Ohio State a national championship. The entire country will be pulling for Ole Miss. The entire country will celebrate a Rebel victory. What a signature win!

04 November 2007

Win 3

It was great to get another W. It was a bit depressing to have NWS rack up 400 or so yards of offense and score 31 points. It was also sad to have only 23K at a game. Perhaps this is the low point and it will only get better from here.

The rest of the season should be about spoiling our rivals seasons. We can keep LSU out of the National Championship. We can keep Miss. St. from going to a bowl game. So there is a lot still to play for. Win the next two and it can propel us into 2008.

02 November 2007

Basketball Begins

It's time for Rebel basketball. The Rebels take on Delta State in an exhibition game tonight in the Tad Pad at 7:00pm. I hope everyone will get out and support the Rebels this year, starting tonight. Andy Kennedy is a keeper and we need to do all we can to keep him here!

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