31 August 2007

Ole Miss v. Memphis: Where to watch

Ole Miss v. Memphis will be on CSS tomorrow at 2:30 CST. Since CSS is very limited, I wanted to let everyone know that the game can be viewed on CSTV.com.

For $14.95, Rebel fans can watch the game live on CSTV.com. To sign up click here. The $14.95 fee is for an entire month of CSTV.com's XXL. I went on CSTV.com a bit yesterday and discovered that they carry several college events, including volleyball and soccer.

Are you Ready?

It's Football Eve. We've been waiting a long time for tomorrow and it's almost here. The possibilities, the what if's, the chest pounding and the expectations will soon be replaced with reality.

There has been a lot of discussion on the message boards on how the Rebels will do this year. Many feel that with our tough schedule we will yet again be bowless at season end. Others, myself included ,see us as being a bit underrated. Will this be the year we win 6 and head back to Shreveport? I say YES.

Win 6, against who, you ask. Well let me tell you.

We will beat Memphis, Vandy, Louisiana Tech, Northwestern St & Miss. State. We will also beat at least one of the following teams at home: Missouri, Florida, Alabama, Arkansas or yes even LSU.
That's my Football Eve Prediction.
**Disclaimer: I have the write to change my prediction if and when we don't win 6 this year.

30 August 2007

The curse of my generation.

I've often wondered if my generation is cursed, at least from the stand point of being Ole Miss fans. It seems that since my birth Ole Miss has been mediocre at best.

I'm 34. I arrived just after the glory years of Ole Miss football. The first big win in my life I don't remember as it came in 1977 against Notre Dame. The first bowl game we played in was in 1983, I was 10. In my lifetime I've celebrated 195 Ole Miss victories and suffered through 189 defeats. In those 34 years we have only appeared 11 times in a bowl game. Only two of these bowls, Gator and Cotton, have been major. Against the power teams in the SEC, we have been horrible. Take Alabama for example, we are 4-21 against them since 1973.

What has caused Ole Miss to fall from it's College football powerhouse status? Is my generation really cursed? As, my southern baptist pastor dad would say, curses aren't real.

Is it because of our affiliation with the "old south"? Possibly, there is no doubt that other coaches used the "flag" and "dixie" against us to dissuade football players from coming to Ole Miss. It is also true that our image around the country was tarnished by our use of certain symbols and the happenings in 1963.

Has it been because of poor administration? We fell greatly behind in the 70's and 80's with our lack to "keep up" with the rest of the SEC. We have made great strides lately but are still behind.

Could it be because of our fan support or the size our fan base? Other universities located in similar states have done well. Alabama and Auburn have been able to be competitive and are still thought of as powerhouses.

I don't why we have fallen. Perhaps some of you with more "behind the scenes knowledge" know the answer.

It hasn't been easy being a Rebel in my life time. However, I wouldn't exchange it for any other experience. I live and die Ole Miss. And this is not just in football. I went to the Women's elite 8 up here in Dayton. I was so nervous, I couldn't eat. I kept thinking to myself, it's women's basketball, I don't personally know anyone on the team, why am I so nervous? I eventually realized it's because I so badly wanted Ole Miss to be ultra-successful in something. We seem to be on the cusp of greatness in some sports. We haven't been able to achieve super success in any sport with the exception of tennis.

It's time to take a step forward. Not a giant leap, baby steps. Six wins or more this year and we are on track. Perhaps we are already on track with our recruiting. I long to feel the tinge of something spectacular in the air. The way it felt at the LSU game in 03.

Who is with me? Forward Rebels, March to Fame....

BJGE's senior thesis

29 August 2007

Local News on the Rebs.

WREG Memphis- Discusses Powe and the Ole Miss v. Memphis game. Tuesday

WAPT-Jackson report

Powe: What they are saying.

We as Rebel fans are still reeling from the injustice handed down to Powe yesterday by the NCAA clearinghouse. We feel it's obvious that he has completed all things asked by the clearinghouse and therefore should have the right to play this fall. The "partial" eligibility perplexes all. It seems this is something new, perhaps created for a one time use.
We as Ole Miss fans are much more connected to the situation and therefore have knowledge that others don't. With that in mind, how are commentators, blogs and sports reporters reporting this? Are they as confused as we are with this new "partial", perhaps "Ole Miss" eligibility?
Let's see what they are saying.

Sunday Morning Quarterback, a popular blog, says this of Ole Miss's appeal of the clearinghouse decision:

Such pure humanitarianism is only possible motivating factor for the
university, which has obviously admitted a student whose qualifications - the
ones entirely invalidated by the NCAA - are woefully inadequate; according to
the Association, Powe's coursework verges on non-existent, but he apparently
will remain at Ole Miss until he finds a way onto the field, come hell or high
water, or, I dunno, bad knees. This is the kind of academic environment Steve Spurrier can

He comments on Powe's attempt by saying:

I will say this for Powe: he and his handlers are persistent, and getting
into school is a victory, even if his chances to play are delayed another year.
Powe, like everyone, will be better off on a college campus, with a shot at a
degree, and he has powerful forces in his corner. Assuming the planned appeal
fails next week - again, the NCAA invalidated basically all of Powe's previous
work - he's still right where he needs to be to achieve his goals by next
fall. At some point, he just has to meet the standard.

Rick Cleveland of the Clarion Ledger says it's time to move on. He advises Powe to enroll at a junior college. He says that is best for Powe. He then goes on to rant about Ole Miss fans' belief that the NCAA is out to get us. Here is what he said:

What is beyond me is how so many educated, otherwise intelligent people
believe that the NCAA is out to get Ole Miss or get Jerrell Powe.In the first
place, Ole Miss is the NCAA. Ole Miss is a member of the NCAA, the governing
body of college athletics. Robert Khayat, the Ole Miss chancellor, has been a
high ranking member of any number of NCAA committees. He has championed the
cause of academic integrity in athletics.That the NCAA would be out to penalize
a poor kid from Waynesboro just doesn’t make sense.What does make sense is for
Powe to do what he should have done in the first place. Think about it. Had he
gone to Jones — and passed — he would play in red and blue in Saturday’s opener
at Memphis, no questions asked.

I will continue to scan reactions and post any new information I find.

Memphis fans re-visited.

It's game week. I visited a Memphis chat board to ask Memphis fans a few questions.

(1) What will the final score of the game be?

Memphis 31, Mississippi 21--aTxTIGER

Memphis 38, Mississippi 14--HornLakeTiger

Memphis 27 UMiss 20--Original Sabretooth

Mighty Memphis Tigers 31 - Weebles 17--griffin

Memphis 39 Mississippi 21--SCConway

(2) Name one player every Ole Miss fan will be familiar with after the game on Sat?

Duke Calhoun...although i would think most Mississippi fans would already know him.--aTxTIGER

Without question, Duke Calhoun.--HornLakeTiger

Steven Black--Original Sabretooth

#50 MLB Winston Bowens--griffin

Duke Calhoun--SCConway

(3) Are you going to watch the game in person or on tv?

Neither, I'll try to watch it online here in Austin, TX.--aTxTIGER

I'll be watching it on tv since I live in Panama City, FL. A little too far away to come up for just a game. Besides, I am currently making plans to come up to Memphis during Thanksgiving week for a game.--SCConway

(4) Which Ole Miss player do you dread facing the most?

Benjarvis Green-Ellis...if we stop him, we win the game. If not...well...Spetember 1st in Memphis will look a lot like last year in oxford.--aTxTIGER

It's gotta be BJGE. We've absolutely GOT to stop him.--HornLakeTiger

I think Orgereon will come back with Brent Schaeffer after Adams fails to move the team, and he will have another big game against Memphis--Original Sabretooth

Eli Manning but since he is gone, I have no worries.--griffin

The only Mississippi player I can even name is Brent Schaefer and that is just because of that funny song that Chris Vernon did the last year or so, so I can't say I dread us facing anyone on Mississippi's roster.--SCConway

(5) Name the best place to eat before or after the game?

RP Tracks, Central BBQ, Tobey Field. --aTxTIGER

I'm all about some Corky's BBQ--HornLakeTiger

Central BBQ; Young Ave Deli; Soul Fish --Original Sabretooth

Before The Game - Any Tailgate Party - After the game Touhy's Taco Bell @ Poplar and Estate--griffin

The parking lot before and after the game.--SCConway

28 August 2007

Thought for the day:

Ole Miss fans talk about MSU and the Egg Bowl

(1)What are your predictions on our game?

tough fight but OM by 10 points--sampath

Rebs win 28-17 by using a strong rushing attack and Henig cries on TV again.--UM_golf

winner goes to the independance bowl..--jbird0021

Another streetfight. Too early in the season to call the winner or the score.--PiedmontRebel

OM 24 State 10-- starters not much of a difference early in the season, but by the end of the season our depth is finally a big difference.--msmafia

23-14 Ole Miss--cabebanes

28-7 Ole Miss--wckOLEMISSREBS

30 - 10 Ole Miss--electricreb

Ole Miss will win.--TheVaught

Ole Miss 24-12 2. --HightowerReb

Low-scoring affair, with an Ole Miss victory, similar to last year.--TGRebTpt1

Rebels win something like 24-19 --shaunp38

(2)What do you respect about MSU?

their campus.j/k. Have a lot of friends from MSU who are very smart and professional.--sampath


good looking grass on the field, cheese.--jbird0021

They have a good veterinary program.--PiedmontRebel

It is a Mississippi school!--msmafia

To quote Michael Henig, "....umm, I guess the cheese is good"--cabebanes


Most of the State grads are efficient fast food employees.--electricreb

I cannot think of anything.--TheVaught

think their cheese is good (man, what a claim to fame that is). I also dated a couple of young ladies from M$U (if you must know who they were just look for the ones not grazing). I couldn't date them any more, not because they didn't look half way decent, rather because they were, err, how shall I say it, dumb as a load of bricks? (Grad students -- go figure.)--HightowerReb

The cheese made on campus.-- TGRebTpt1

They do have a sweet mascot....--shaunp38

(3) What do you dislike most about MSU?

Jackie Sherrill era , Larry Templeton, Melvin Smith, lax discipline, Starkville, cowbells, and OM gets confused with MSU. Some national writers think OM castrates animals before games.--sampath

Football uniforms, cowbells, the junction b/c it is a knockoff of the grove.--UM_golf


Really, really ugly campus. Their fans have a massive inferiority complex when it comes to Ole Miss. Thoroughly dishonest athletic programs under Templeton -- definitely the Oklahoma of the southeast (minus the wins.) Probably more than anything else it's the cheating. If they'd clean their act up even a little, I'd like them a lot more. The comments their fans made about Powe shows just how ignorant they are about most things that involve OM. State fans talking about academic integrity or the character of their players is like Teddy Kennedy bragging about his sense of responsibility and accountability.--PiedmontRebel

Croom and his double talk on discipline. The crimnal incidents with MSU athletes is growing at a faster rate now than during the Sherril era(that is scary)--msmafia

Their campus --cabebanes


There fans thinking they are the biggest rival for Ole Miss, Starkville, the campus, cowbells.--electricreb

Their inferiority complex toward Ole Miss--TheVaught

Since I don't have all night I shall attempt to limit my response. A.) What on earth would possess someone to want to clang a cow bell as a rally cry? A bugle or something or maybe a drum, but a a cowbell? Perhaps it started as a mating ritual or something. B.) Let's see, hmm, Starkville. STARK - 1. a sense of dreariness. 2. Bland; plain; lacking any discernible flavor. Vile - 1. substance of disgust. 2. to disdain; dread. C.) The campus looks like it was thrown together on top of a soy bean field. D.) I grow very tired of being told we are snobs by a bunch of uncivilized rednecks. It isn't our fault we are just better than they are. E.) Favoritism toward M$U by such groups such as PETA. Had Ole Miss performed a sex change operation to a poor bull for kicks and giggles such as the "Kang" did, we would never heard the end of it. (Did they really cut a hole in the side of a cows stomach and install a plate glass window? Now that's just freaky!) F.) Did I mention I hate they are a leach on the state's resources, resources that could go to THE UNIVERSITY OF MISSISSIPPI? G.) I grow tired of all the envy smack. It is like all my friends from Canada, except one, that without fail possessed the strongest internal drive to state in numerous ways why Canada was better than the US. I suppose the $1 health care insurance is so great that all those people wait till they retire to Florida or something to have their surgeries done.--HightowerReb

(a) Ignorant fans who won't taunt you to your face, only as you make it a block or so down the road. (b) Violation of the artificial noise-maker rule is never enforced (c) The band playing that song with only 4 notes over, and over, and over..and over and over and over and over and over and over and over. There are only so many times everyone around us can yell "Eat %^* and DIE!" (d) Your colors (poo brown and white) (e) Melvin Smith (f) Dontae Jones (g) Traveling to Starkhole for games every other year--TGRebTpt1

Fans, Starkville as a town, school colors, rednecks at the game trying to start fights with their cowbells, the fact that they even have cowbells in there.--shaunp38

(4) What is your most memorable Ole Miss v. MSU game and why?

1997 Eggbowl --sampath

1997-Some of my state friends harassed me as they left with 3:00 minutes left so they could beat the crowd. --UM_golf

1997... jackie blew it--jbird0021

Sadly, the eggbowl is always memorable. The loss in 2005 stands out. As does 31-0 in 2003. --PiedmontRebel

don't really remember the date, but it was my first State OM game Forcade was the QB. I was probably 8 or 9. Ole Miss Won --msmafia

The shutout in 2003--cabebanes

31-0 Shutout of MSU in Jackie's last game, 15-14 2pt Conversion win--wckOLEMISSREBS

The wind blown fieldgoal attempt. It proved God is a Rebel fan!--electricreb

1997 -- Patridge to Peterson for two!--TheVaught

My most memorable game is either the two point conversion in Starkville. I was sitting among a bunch of drunk M$U fans ( I hope they were drunk the way they were acting). I had been heckled and taunted the entire game to the point when OM missed the field goal attempt and it appeared we were going to lose, the glass objects became airborn toward your truly and I felt it necessary to leave (perhaps would have unsafe to stay after the two point conversion. The other option is "THE STAND" in the '92 Egg Bowl. I had a great seat down on the twenty-five or so. I about froze my rear end off, but it was well worth it.--HightowerReb

This is a tie: (a) 1997- 2 point conversion in Starkhole 15-14 Rebels (b) Jackie Sherrills farewell to college ball 31-0 Rebels (c) 1983, "Immaculate Deflection"--TGRebTpt1

Tie between Jackie's last game and Croom's first. As much as we sucked in 04, Croom just looked clueless out there.--shaunp38

(5)Do you live in a divided Ole Miss/MSU family or household? If so, do you avoid each other or harass each other the week of the Egg Bowl?
My brother-in-laws, MSU grads, are indifferent. They think there should only one school with one football team and they don't care which uniform or team name is picked.--sampathMy wife graduated from State but after a season of the grove, she told me she was ready to convert b/c she loved our traditions.--UM_golf

State fans are like anyone else's...get them one on one and you can have a decent discussion about college sports. In groups, it's better to just move along. I had some good friends that attended MS A&M. I try not to hold it against them.--PiedmontRebel

Divided???, my wife holds an MSU masters degree, but has joined the good guys. She only wears Ole Miss, buys the kids Ole Miss, and keeps our Grove tent full of food. Her family was MSU only, but with the hire of Croom and the direction of the program they rarely even speak of it. Her father said he might watch again when the fire Croom.(HOPE THAT DOESN'T HAPPEN!!!)--msmafia

Technically, I do have a mixed marriage. My wife started at OM, but had to transfer to M$U due to a change in majors. She hated every minute of it and not only roots for Ole Miss to win who ever they play against, she roots for M$U to lose who ever they play against. I think her diploma is in a box in the closet--HightowerReb

I grew up in a divided house. It was more like an entire year of pure hatred between both sides. The plus was growing up in the 80's and early 90's...Ole Miss rarely lost.--TGRebTpt1

Well, everyone on my mother's side went to Ole Miss but that changed a few weeks ago when I had a cousin enroll at State. He'll be a freshman, wants to be an architect. Whatever. He's still a Rebel deep down and won't support MSU after he graduates from there.--shaunp38

27 August 2007

Miss St. fans talk about Ole Miss and this year's Egg Bowl.

(1)What are your predictions on our game?

MSU wins over uM--msujan

State over OM this year. We're at home.--BADDOG

MSU 31 UM 13--Bulldog Backer

Toss-up. Rebs by 1 at this time but this pick is destined to change.--kcmagnolia

I'll go with the home field.--zombiedawg

One team will win and one will be victory challenged--robobo

State wins. Home field advantage.--maroonmadman

state by 3 something like 24 to 21--jjnem

Close game, could go either way. I do think that the home field may help us this year.--WayneBullock

(2)What are your strengths and weaknesses this year?

Strengths: players and coaches; weaknesses: schedule--msujan

LB, OL, TE, RB are strengths. DL and stopping the run is a concern. Young secondary is a concern and QB/WR play is a concern. --BADDOG

OL, WR, RB, TE, LB, DE are all strengths. Depth at all these positions is the greatest weakness.--Bulldog Backer

Strengths: Offense, LB Weakness: PK, DL--kcmagnolia

Dixon, linebackers, Titus Brown intterrupting off the edge.--zombiedawg

Basketball and Baseball, weakness Football--robobo

Strengths , o line and defensive secondary , weaknesses , special teams.--maroonmadman

strengths: ol, rb, wr, de, lb weaknesses: dt, cb's, depth, special teams(again)--jjnem

LB and RB are strengths. Kickers and offense are weaknesses. The fact that we finally are getting some depth at most positions may also prove to be a strength as time goes by.--WayneBullock

(3)What do you respect about Ole Miss?

Respect and uM are usually not mentioned in the same sentence, but I'll try: I respect MSU's ability to beat uM when they play football.--msujan

Very hard question. I hate ole miss. Being perfectly objective, I have two very good om friends. One is an alumnus, one is not. Both are great folks, but other than those two, the rest of ya'll ain't worth two cents. Snooty, conceited and arrogant are the words that come to mind....and for what??? A beautiful campus? A great tennis team? Your football team sucks, your law school and med school are mediocre in terms of national prominance. All vestiges of academic integrity went out the window with the enrollment of Oher and Powe. Here's all you need to know about ole miss. There is a long list of Mississippi governors that are graduates of UM. So you might say that we've had a lot of UM leadership in this state over the years. Well where exactly has Mississippi ranked in every conceivable economic catagory for the last 100 years? Dead last. Yes, that's what UM leadership will do for you. --BADDOG

Respectable, not great, medical school. Good Shylock training. Cute girls. Decent, not great, Fine Arts School.--Bulldog Backer

I've met many nice Rebel fans (friends with none)--kcmagnolia

I have several cousins who went to OMS and I love and respect them, other than that I can't think of anything associated with OMS that I respect--zombiedawg

Your Tobacco Money--robobo

My late dad went to ole miss but all his brothers went to State , that's how I became a Bulldog fan. My family name is on one of the buildings at om.--maroonmadman

)ummm.........you know........yea and........help me out here........ i can't think of anything right now but i do hope they beat bama, which by the way will be the first time i've ever pulled for them.--jjnem

Tough question. To be perfectly honest, I used to respect the fact that your school took pride in its academics, as is reflected by the fact that you managed to charter a Phi Beta Kappa chapter there. However, one has to wonder what is going on these days with your Chancellor's policy of admitting students (football players) who can't even read. At a time when most schools are trying to raise the academic standing of their athletes, Mississippi seems to be heading in the opposite direction. "Dumbing down" the standards for football players will reflect upon your student body as a whole.--WayneBullock
(4) What do you dislike most about Ole Miss?

The attitude of most of their fans--msujan

I guess I don't like the folks that look down their noses at MSU. If they were being objective, they would admit that we've accomplished more in athletics (Big 3 sports) in the past 10-15 years, got a pretty good academic reputation, beautiful campus, and pretty girls in our own right. --BADDOG

The Sound and the Fury. It's posturing. The blatant academic fraud it uses to qualify marginal athletes at the sacrifice of it's academic integrity.--Bulldog Backer

Pompas, arrogance--kcmagnolia

It's an institution based on folly. A bunch of psuedo southern aristocrats who've, over time drained the State of Mississippi of it's competitive chances alst while preserving the vestiges of it's faded charms. To whom much is given, much is expected. Well, so much for expectations right ? Just pour another bourbon and make sure Daddy understands the direct deposit arrangement. --zombiedawg

If the Taliban played Mississippi I would more than likely pull for the Muslims--robobo

Arrogance towards us State folks and our university.--maroonmadman

i think they actually believe that they are the national champs every year their just the only ones that know about it--jjnem

Your fans. Oh, I have some good friends who are Mississippi alumni, and they are fine people. I'm not talking about them. I'm talking about the group of fans who feel that they are somehow better than everyone else. The ones who refer to us as "rednecks". This has always been laughable at best, as I have been to games in Oxford and have seen as many "rednecks" at your games as I've seen anywhere else. I also find in conversations with alumni of other schools that they feel the same way about Mississippi fans-they also pick up on the "air of superiority" that many Mississippi fans seem to project. It is amusing, even if it isn't factual.--WayneBullock

(5) What is your most memorable Ole Miss v. MSU game and why?

The game at uM where they wouldn't allow me to park in handicapped parking with a federally approved handicapped parking decal in my car and I had to walk on crutches for over a quarter of a mile just for the honor of climbing into the bleachers in the end zone.--msujan

1999. Throw Romaro throw.--BADDOG

Sitting in the V-H, and watching the FG to win the game get blown back, AFTER it had passed through the uprights. We won that game! The ball went through the uprights.--Bulldog Backer

Too many to choose just one. A great rival series that is hardly reconized on a national scale. The competition is fierce between the teams and fans. Some say we're tearing ourselves down by the hatred but I get up early many days just to avoid the rush of hating Ole Miss.--kcmagnolia

Pass, tip, kick, score. Then... "He has a man wide open at the 15..."--zombiedawg

CJ Sermones is wide open--robobo

1999 Egg Bowl , the pass , the pick , the kick.--maroonmadman

eli's first game to start against us. after listening to so much crap about him i enjoyed watching him hit his back numerous times while getting spanked by the dawgs--jjnem

Without question, "C.J. Sirmones is wide open at the 15 yard-line!" I believe that was the 1999 game--WayneBullock

(6)Do you live in a divided Ole Miss/MSU family or household? If so, do you avoid each other or harass each other the week of the Egg Bowl?

I used to; my dad, who passed away in 2003, loved uM as a young adult, even though his brother played football at MSU. For years, dad was a fan of both schools. However, he saw the error of his ways in his senior citizen years and became a true Bulldog. And, no, we didn't avoid each other or harass each other - he was a Bulldog at heart and wouldn't have done that to us.--msujan

No. My wife has a degree from Auburn.--BADDOG

No, although in the past I have had "girlfriends" who went to Ole Miss. ;-) --Bulldog Backer

No division in my family (some USM support, however). I grew up a Reb fan (Archie Manning, ya know) but changed the day I first visited the MSU campus and decided to become a student. What a great decision!--kcmagnolia

Well, I mentioned the cousins. We don't talk all that frequently some months so the last e-mail I recieved was some playful teasing about y'all being Omaha Bound.--zombiedawg

Divided, mostly respectful harassment --robobo

Yes , see no. 3. Also my younger brother went to ole miss , my sister went to Millsaps and married a huge usm (former player) supporter. Thanksgiving dinner at my family gets REAL interesting sometimes. The women of the family ended our annual game of backyard football one year when my younger brother got his shoulder seperated in a game of "touch" football. All my Dads' brothers went to State and one of them retired as a professor at State and has a chair in the engineering dept. named for him. --maroonmadman

Well, there are certainly graduates of both institutions in our family, although the State folks outnumber them about 80% to 20%. It is pretty good-natured-we are family, after all. My sister is a graduate of the University Medical Center. She did her undergraduate work at MSU. She graduated in 1975, and still refuses to this day to hang that diploma on her office wall. There has never been any doubt as to where her allegiances lie.......--WayneBullock

26 August 2007


It's time Rebel fans. Game week is upon us. Before we hit the field and take on those Tigers, I thought I would take a look at our schedule for some interesting tidbits.

This year if you are not sure who we play, your best bet is to guess either a bulldog or a tiger and you will probably be right. We face off against four tiger teams and three bulldog teams. We also play some Demons, Commodores, Gators, Elephants and Pigs.

Our overall record against all the teams we play this year is W259 L 272 T 16. We've played Mississippi State the most at 103 times and Northeastern State the least at one game. We've played Memphis more times than we've played Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Arkansas or Auburn.

We play seven game at home and five away. Our closest away game is at Memphis (81 miles)while the greatest distance we will travel is to Athens, GA (409 miles).

Below is a breakdown of how many times we've played each team.

Miss State (103)
LSU (95)

Vandy (81)

Memphis (56)


Arkansas (53)

Georgia (42)

Auburn (31)

Florida (21)

LA Tech (8)

Northwestern State (1)

24 August 2007

Ole Miss defeats #20 Missouri in Volleyball

The Ole Miss Rebel Volleyball team started the season off on a high note by defeating #20 Missouri in Oxford 3-2. A large crowd of fans cheered the Rebels passed the Tigers 16-14 in the fifth game. The Rebels will continue play tomorrow at 10:30am in the Magnolia Invitational against Arkansas State.

Volleyball is back

Ole Miss volleyball opens it's season today at the Gillom Center against #20 Missouri. Missouri along with Arkansas State and Jacksonville State are here to play in the Magnolia Invitational.

Last season the Rebels made school history by being the first team to receive an NCAA tournament bid. The game tonight is at 7:00pm.

23 August 2007

Ole Miss fans talk about the Auburn game

(1) What are your predictions for the game?

24-17 Auburn--Indiana Rebel

UM 21, AU 0--Yankeetown

Auburn plays us immediately after going to LSU and before UGA & Bama. The Tigers will be ripe for the picking at home, especially if it's an 11:30 JP game. Ole Miss 20 Auburn 17--paddler94

Close game...per usual. Jury's still out on Auburn. It could be a rude awakening for the War Eagles down on the plains. Nothing about The Tigers really impresses (no one position). Somehow, the wins that Ole Miss has gotten in this series lately ('03, '99) have come @ Auburn. I think this is setting up to be one of those years. OM 24, AU 21--CrossingDixie

The winner will be the one with the least injuries at that point in the season. Both teams seem to be bitten by that bug--shaunp38

I think we will lose by 14 points...not very close the whole game--BrandonReb58

Impossible question at this stage. We, yet, still don't know who our players are going to be. Neither do they, perhaps--Gluteus

Auburn gets upset this year. No running game--TexasReb

Auburn should win on paper. If the injury bug is kind to us and not them.....we could keep it close and possibly win. As much as I hate predicting a loss for the Rebs, I believe we will lose down there 24-17.--Lumberg

Very tight game, but in Auburn - Auburn 13 - 10 --tsreb

auburn by 10 --chumanfu2000

It is very difficult to beat Auburn on their field much less any field. I truly feel that we could beat them but we will have to play our best game and they would have to help us some. I think they will win but I think we scare the crap out of them again.--UncleTrey

Auburn victory. We might surprise 1-2 teams in the SEC, but Auburn won't be one of them. 17-28 or so.--PiedmontRebel

Tight game. But, Allbarn will probably win by 7. --MeridianOMRebel

(2)What do you respect about Auburn?

How loud their stadium can get during a game.--Indiana Rebel


I respect their home field advantage. Their stadium is always loud. They were the only team last year to beat two teams ranked in the top 5 (LSU & FLA.) They also have the friendliest fans of any other team in the SEC West. --paddler94

Well...my wife is an Auburn Grad, so I respect a lot. If I'm not cheering for Ole Miss, I'm cheering for/watching Auburn. Some of the nicest fans you'll ever meet. (Hell of a lot cooler than Bama fans) The have great gameday traditions in the Tigerwalk and the Eagle. Tailgating is a nice mix of The RV crowd and the Grove style Tent crowd. It's a great program and a great Atmosphere. Not to mention The Shot Bus at The Supper Club.--CrossingDixie

Fear the thumb! I appreciate them making Alabama a basketball school.--shaunp38


I respect that fact that, though they live in Alabama's shadow and likely always will, they STILL find a way to keep up with the best in the league in terms of the hiring of coaches, budgeting their athletic department, having top facilities, and generally speaking, "playing above their heads" from a historical standpoint.--Gluteus

That they have a good in state rivalry unlike arkansas--TexasReb

Facilities. And the fact that they got that thumb ring against Bama last year! I hope they keep that streak alive.--Lumberg

Bo Jackson, the Eagle is one of a kind--tsreb

Always have a good D and the women. My high school sweetheart went to school over there.--chumanfu2000

They always represent the SEC well OOC (save USC game). They have a fantastic venue for a Saturday afternoon game. It remains one of my favorite road trips. Loyal fans and they should have played for the national championship in 2004. That was a disgrace.--UncleTrey

The HC, the style of play, the fact that they've embarrassed Alabama for most of this decade now.--PiedmontRebel

Nothing at all.--MeridianOMRebel

(3)What do you dislike most about Auburn?

That they always complain about us doing our cheer during their alma mater back in the 90's when they went and negotiated with our coach (during the season)and took him and act like that is no big deal. I also hate how they let their athletic dept. run their University.--Indiana Rebel


Spending $100Mil+ on a basketball arena. Paying off coaches who have been fired(I think Bowden may still be on the payroll.)--paddler94

I used to really hate Tuberville, but that has faded in the last few years. Don't really "hate" much of anything.--CrossingDixie

Tubs, some of their fans.--shaunp38

They think that they are classy but in all honesty they are the Mississippi State of Alabama--BrandonReb58

Deliberately forgetting that when it comes to real success, like State, they have had very little of it from an SEC historical standpoint.--Gluteus


I hate it that they stole Tommy Tuberville from us.--Lumberg

Not much, but they seem to think they have a great amount of tradition that they don't have.--tsreb

the campus leaves alot to be desired.--chumanfu2000

Not really anything.--UncleTrey

How many other teams could end up in the NY times for grade scandals and have nothing come of it. There's just an overall air of shadiness surrounding the administration of the fb program. Other than that, they're fine. Hope they beat bama this year. Again.-PiedmontRebel

Their fans are egotistical. Maybe they can stay off of SACS probation for a little while longer.--MeridianOMRebel

(4)What is your most memorable Ole Miss v. Auburn game and why?

The most memorable is the 2003 game when I was in their stadium and watched us beat them when they dropped the TD pass. They always forget that we (Collins) also dropped a TD pass right through his hands earlier in that game and than we missed the field goal attempt. --Indiana Rebel

Gator Bowl- Archie almost whipped them with 1 arm.--Yankeetown

Auburn at Ole Miss in 1998. The outcome wasn't memorable (Auburn won), but it was a huge turning point in my life. I grew up in south AL a HUGE Auburn fan, going to at least 3 games a year. After graduating from Troy I went to grad school at OM. When Auburn came to town in '98 I was pumped and ready to pull for my Tigers, then I felt so guilty during the game, I ended up cheering for neither team. But since that day, Ole Miss has been and will always be #1.--paddler94

Most memorable Auburn game...I was sitting upper deck at Jordan-Hare for the Obamanu Drop game in 2003. That propelled Ole Miss to 6-0 in the SEC and set us up for a show down with the eventual National Champions, LSU. That was huge.--CrossingDixie

Winning down there with Eli--shaunp38

Ben Obamoanaowhatshisname dropping a wide open pass. Sitting in the Middle of the Auburn section watching 80k+ fans go from Wild and Crazy to a dead silence...it was awesome. --BrandonReb58

3-way Tie: (chronologically) 1. Gator Bowl, 1971/reason was that we would have likely pounded them had we not been forced to play with one arm literally tied behind our back. 2. 1992/Cassius Ware. 3. 2001/Eli put on his first All-American performance to bring us back from the depths. The referees literally stole that game from him and gave it to Tuberville. Omar's "non-touchdown" is one of the most infamous atrocious officiating blunders in all of SEC history, ranking right up there with the Florida-Kentucky game (same year, I think) and Justin McClintock's three-yeard-loss/first down conversion in (I think) 1997. I have it recorded and it clearly, clearly shows Omar planting the ball of his left foot cleanly within the endzone, only for the remainder of his foot to come down on the line as a result of the tackle. It was the difference in the game. --Gluteus

Ben O dropping "THE PASS"--TexasReb

My most memorable game is the 1992 game in Oxford. Cassius Ware was a terror that night!! And we finally took them to "The Woodshed" to quote then quote Pat Dye winning 45-21.--Lumberg

First year with JL Dunn as our DC. We had Stan White on his butt all day in a game that was supposed to be an easy SEC opener for Auburn.--tsreb


I guess the '99 game when we won on their field the year after Tubby left. That felt great and it was my first trip to Auburn. Fantastic experience.--UncleTrey

Probably Tubby's first year as their HC (1999?) It was good to see the rebs beat them at J-H. I was also glad to see that we made them pay the price for taking repeated late shots at our qb's knees early in the game.--PiedmontRebel

(5)Are you planning on going to the game?

Yes, I will be there for sure.--Indiana Rebel, shaunp38 , Gluteus

I'm not planning on going to the game. Going to Jordan Hare to pull against Auburn is still awkward (did it once.) I'll be cheering loud for Ole Miss from the couch.--paddler94

You're damn right I'll be in Auburn. Kill two birds with one stone. I get to see the Rebs, and my wife gets to tailgate with her friends. It's a win/win...even if the Rebs don't.-CrossingDixie

Maybe...if i can get off work!--BrandonReb58

not sure yet--TexasReb

Yes. I like going to Auburn, unlike Tuscaloosa. The typical Auburn fan is cordial and well educated on College Football as a whole. Alabama fans are usually uneducated and all they know about is Bear.--Lumberg

No, but I have been in the past and enjoyed it (this had a lot to do with an Auburn gymnist I was seeing).--tsreb


Can't wait--UncleTrey

22 August 2007

Auburn fans talk about this year's game.

(1)What are your predictions on our game?

Being at Auburn, I predict an Auburn victory in the neighborhood of 14-20 points.--obert82


1. 2. 3. The girls!!--beachbum4209

I think AU will win, but I think Ole Miss will have a better year than most are saying.-- kwajmahall

Ole Miss like other teams in the SEC are a mystery type team. I will give my opinion after the Memphis game.--action54

OLE MISS IS GOING TO ATLANTA ! aint you heard?--damabama

Pain for Ole Miss. Lots of pain.--AUSheff

AU by 2 to 3 TD's..--root4au

A close Auburn victory. 24-17.--TinyTerryTaterTot

Yaw Yaw Yaw AU win.--tunacan

Auburn 24 Ole Miss 13--ever43

A thoroughly judicious thumping. I'd say 27-17 Auburn.--auguru

Game a long ways off, but right now we should be at least a touchdown favorite--eagle70


I think it`ll be a close game, just as it was last season.--AUTiger22

(2)What are your strengths and weaknesses this year?

Strengths: RB, QB, TE, DefenseWeaknesses: New OL, QB, WR--obert82

Strengths: D-line, RBs, QB; Weaknesses: LB depth, O-line (probably will be pretty good, but they are inexperienced)--JB1020

My concerns are O-Line and Kicking Game. Tailback, Sr. qb, and defense are pluses.--kwajmahall

Strengths - compared to OM, everything. Weaknesses - for OM, not enough--AUSheff

Strength = Senion QB. Weakness = WR and OL--TinyTerryTaterTot

Yaw Yaw Yaw defense--tunacan

Strength: Defense, RB's, Sr. QBWeak: OL, Kicking Game--ever43

Strengths-D-Line depth, very talented RB's Weakness-young o-line, young WR's--eagle70

D'line, tight ends...unproven wideouts IMO --Nontoxic

(3)What do you respect about Ole Miss?

Johnny Vaught, Archie Manning, the Grove, a true "southern" institution.--obert82

Hot girls, cool little college town--JB1020

Many things since I was concieved in Water Valley, MS..Many family/friends at Ole Miss. My daughter is going to Ole Miss in 2 years. I can't sell her on AU, but as long as she goes to school somewhere I am happy.--kwajmahall

BBQ nachos in the stadium--AUSheff

Wonderful college town. Great gameday setup.--TinyTerryTaterTot

Yaw Yaw Yaw sundress--tunacan

Refuses to yield to the PC crowd by still playing "Dixie."--ever43

Always gonna be a hard fought SEC type game--eagle70


(4) What do you dislike most about Ole Miss?

Not much. Fans maybe have too high of expectations.--obert82

the constant belief that you matter, the overrated-ness of the Grove--JB1020

I don't like all the conferederate stuff but that's a topic for another board.--kwajmahall

They suck and regularly embarass the rest of the SEC by losing to Memphis--AUSheff

Hung up on ancient football history. Like Bama lite.--TinyTerryTaterTot

Yaw Yaw Yaw Brent Schaffer--tunacan

Superior attitude towards Souther Miss and MSU--ever43

Nothing really--eagle70

pompous a-holes...bama fan without the "tradition"--Nontoxic

(5) What is your most memorable Ole Miss v. Auburn game and why?

The 2004 game.--obert82

Tubby's return to Ole Miss in 2000 (Rudi vs. Deuce)-- JB1020

The one we lost when we dropped the short wide open TD.--kwajmahall

1990-ish game in Jackson. Hottest game I've ever been to.--AUSheff

The beatdown in Oxford in 1992. This was the beginning of the end for Pat Dye.--TinyTerryTaterTot

Yaw Yaw Yaw footbwall--tunacan

2000 game. Ole Miss was ranked, AU was coming off two bad seasons. Rudi stole the show from Duce.--ever43

Mid 80's game. OM got 2 first downs on the first 2 plays from scrimmage, then never got another one the rest of the game. Total domination.--72and82

Can't remember the year. Stan White was our QB, we were down 21-0 come roaring back to make it 21-14 and driving before the half, LB crushes Stan white he fumbles Ole Miss picks it up runs for a TD,.instead of 21-21 it was 28-14 We never could recover.5A- Ben Obamanu drops a touchdown pass in endzone in 2003. I felt so sorry for Ben, but showed what a class act he was after the game in the interview. Ben you will always make auburn fans proud.--eagle70

Tubs first yr. You a-holes cheered and shouted during the alma matta. Also one of the few victories I ever remember you all having against us. I've wiped the Ben O. drop from my memory--Nontoxic

(6) What is one thing every Rebel fan should do or check out when they visit Auburn this year?

Toomer's Corner, maybe the Davis Arbortoreum--obert82

Always exciting to see the eagle flight and Tiger Walk--JB1020


One thing every rebel fan should do in Auburn is keep their mouths shut when AU's alma mater is played.--AUSheff

I'll second that! It's a good way to get your Hotty Totty ass kicked. . . God I hate Ole Miss!--TheMadGerman

Go see the pine box that Tubby was transported to Auburn in.--TinyTerryTaterTotYaw Yaw Yaw War Eagle!--tunacan

Toomers for some lemonade--ever43

TigerWalk and the Eagle flying before kickoff {20 minutes or so before}--eagle70

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21 August 2007

Ole Miss soccer picked 2nd in SEC West

The Rebel soccer team was picked to finish 2nd in the SEC west behind Auburn by SEC coaches. Florida is projected to finish 1st overall in the league. The season starts on Aug 25th with an exhibition game against Samford in Oxford.

20 August 2007

Ole Miss v BCS history

A few days ago CBS rated our schedule as the third hardest in the country. Since then there has been some discussion on the message boards about our out of conference opponents. Should we schedule hard non-conference foes when our conference is arguably the best in the land? Will it bring us more national attention if we schedule teams from other BCS conferences?

All this talk made me curious. I wanted to check out our all time records versus teams from the BCS conferences. How have we fared in the past?


We've played an ACC opponent 18 times in our 114 year football history. The most recent was last year when we lost to Wake Forest. We have never played Duke, NC, NC State or Virginia.

Boston College (3-0-1) Last game (1951)

Clemson(2-0-0) Last game (1933)

Duke (Never played)

Florida State (1-0-0) Last game(1961)

Ga. Tech (1-2-0) Last game(1971)

Maryland (1-1-0) Last game (1953)

Miami (2-1-0) Last game (1951)

North Carolina (Never Played)

NC State (Never Played)

Virginia (Never Played)

Virginia Tech (1-1-0) Last game(1968)

Wake Forest (0-1-0) Last game (2006)

Total: 11-6-1

Big Ten:

We've only played a Big Ten team 3 times. The most recent was in 1991 and prior to that 1932. We are 0-3 against the Big Ten. We have never played IL, IN, IA, MSU, NW, OSU, PSU or UW.

Illinois (Never Played)

Indiana (Never Played)

Iowa (Never Played)

Michigan (0-1-0) Last game (1991)

Michigan State (Never Played)

Minnesota (0-1-0) Last game (1932)

Northwestern (Never Played)

Ohio State (Never Played)

Penn State(Never Played)

Purdue (0-1-0) Last game (1929)

Wisconsin (Never Played)

Total 0-3-0

Pac 10:

Arizona (Never Played)

Arizona State (Never Played)

Cal (Never Played)

Oregon (Never Played)

Oregon State (Never Played)

Stanford (Never Played)

UCLA (Never Played)

USC (Never Played)

Washington (Never Played)

Washington State (Never Played)

Total: 0-0-0


We've played Big XII schools 22 times. The most recent last year with the defeat to Missouri. We have never played Colorado, Iowa State, Kansas or Kansas State.

Baylor (0-1-0) Last game(1975)

Colorado (Never Played)

Iowa State (Never Played)

Kansas (Never Played)

Kansas State (Never Played)

Missouri (1-4-0) Last game(2006)

Nebraska (1-0-0) Last game (2002)

Oklahoma (1-0-0) Last game (1999)

Oklahoma State (1-0-0) Last game (2003)

Texas (1-5-0) Last game(1966)

Texas A&M (0-4-0) Last game (1980)

Texas Tech (2-2-0) Last game (2003)

Total: 6-16

Big East:

The only team we've played in the Big East is West Virginia.

Cincinnati (Never Played)

UCONN (Never Played)

Louisville (Never Played)

Pittsburgh (Never Played)

Rutgers (Never Played)

USF (Never Played)

Syracuse (Never Played)

West Virginia (0-1-0) Last game (2000)


Notre Dame: (1-1-0) Last game (1985)

We are 18-26-1 against non-conference BCS teams.

18 August 2007

Ole Miss fans discuss Arkansas game.

(1)What are your predictions on the game?
Ole Miss. Arkansas is the most unpredctable team in the SEC this year. Could win the West or finish 5th (just above MSU). I'll take us in the upset at home.--paddler94
Ole Miss by 3. Time for an upset.--bwebb77
According to preseason forecasters this is supposed to be an automatic win for Arkansas but I think this is going to be much closer than last year. We were a young inexperienced team and will be far more competitive this year. Our DL will be much better which will help take some of the sting out of the loss of Patrick Willis. If our passing game is average, I think we win by a close margin- say 21-17. If our passing game looks like last year and we don't control McFadden and Jones, we will lose by 2 TDs. We won't know how we have progressed until probably the third game of the season but Memphis and Mizzou should a barometer.--sampath
Too many intangibles.....for instance, if Powe, Strong and Laurant are all on the field, I think they could be the difference makers by shutting down the hog running game. I like the Rebels at home by 6.--LudlowReb
Ole Miss 17 Ark 14. (By the Ark game our DL will be the best we have had since 1993. Running will be difficult with our defensive speed @ the ends and huge DT's.--Indiana Rebel
Close game. Dmac and Felix give Arkansas a good chance of dominating a team by running the ball. Since it's at Ole Miss and I'll be there I'm saying Ole Miss by a FG. 24-21--JesusL...TRYING
We Put 9 in the box to stop McFadden, harass DICK and win by a FG.--Valley_Reb
I think It'll be alot closer than people think they have alot of internal problem with coaches and players. We're also at home so that will give us a little more of an advantage. And if we get all of our studs on defense we could shut down mcfadden and jones and thats the key to beating them.Im thinkin a swing either way but i think Ole Miss will pull it out in the 4th quarter.--futurepanther
Ole Miss 24, UPIG 21...Assuming the NCAA doesn't shoot us from the grassy knoll, Laurent and Strong, and possibly Powe all get in and our strength will be the front seven. We should be pretty strong against a one dimensional offense. By that point in the season our QB situation will be settled and the offense will be clicking.--thegroveguru
OM by 10,,,,,,,,27-17--RedNeckRebel
I fully expect to lose by a lot if McFadden has a career game, which I expect him to do. Even with their questions at QB, if Dick can manage to throw the ball into the air, Monk will catch it. As long as they aren't putting in the towel boys at QB because Dick went down due to the weak o-line, then we will get it handed to us.--University_grey
Ole Miss by 10. They've got last year's backfield, not last year's team. If it were in Arkansas, I'd say arky by 2 td's--PiedmontRebel
Ark wins a close one, most likely.--shaunp38
Gonna be a lot closer this year at our place. Our DL is 200% better--TexasReb
I think we will see a much closer game in Oxford than we had last year in Arkansas, we all know what went on right before the game last year, we never seam to play well up there. 17 - 14 Rebs --chumanfu2000
a decent upset chance for ole miss. IF our D can contain the running game, we have a great chance. containing it won't be easy though... i'd pick an arky win but won't be surprised either way. --rebmus
I predict an Ole Miss victory.--MidtownReb
Close game. Winner has the best passing game that day.--rebelliousb
Rebels win a close one....24-21--germantownrebel
(2) What do you respect about Arkansas?
Very tough. Always have a solid running game.--paddler94
Like LSU they get their pick of any player in ARKY.--bwebb77
Natural beauty of the state. I think the mascot is unique. --sampath
Probably Frank Broyles--LudlowReb
They have nice facilities.--Indiana Rebel
Not Frank Broyles, that's for sure. Now that he's out of there they may actually do something. I respect the good fans, laugh at the delusional ones because we've all been there, and feel bad for ignorant ones.--JesusL...TRYING
I respect nothing about them, other than they had the balls to move to the SEC.--Valley_Reb
Not a damn thing. The fans are the most ignorant, inbred, hillbillies in the league...even worse than Tennessee fans. For all the money Walton pumps into that dump, they still don't have diddely to show for it.--thegroveguru
Thier Diamond Field, that's all--RedNeckRebel
I've heard they have a beautiful campus and a great stadium, though I've never been there. Although you would really have to try hard NOT to have a great looking campus in that area of Arkansas. Pretty nice fans.--University_grey
Frank Broyle is a class guy. They've stuck to the win-by-defense-and-running-game style that's characterized the SEC for so long. --PiedmontRebel
Very little... maybe their success in track.--shaunp38
Fans all over the state are welcome unlike Ole Miss--TexasReb
I respect the Razorback fans, they have always been nice to me and our group one year inparticular.--chumanfu2000
typically, a great group of fans.--rebmus
Fayetteville is a nice town.--MidtownReb
I respect that they joined SEC, instead of going the other way--rebelliousb
Beautiful campus, city, and stadium. They usually have at least pretty good team, even when the "experts" say they won't be.--germantownrebel
(3) What do you dislike most about Arkansas?
The terrible drive to Fayetteville. It's practically in Big 12 country!--paddler94
Oink, Oink, Sowie little Piglet. The fans, unfortunately I have not meet any real nice fans, mostly hicks wearing overalls, and tearing up the grove with homemade lean-tos. --bwebb77
I was somewhat put out with the way some of the fans, on national recruiting boards reacted in the wake of the great success that Arkansas had last year and to some degree the way the Springdale kids were treated by associates of Nutt. Mitch Mustain was labelled a crybaby but I think there are two sides to that story. Having said that, he should did sour a very up year for Arkansas.--sampath
How do you pick only one?--LudlowReb
Somehow, just b/c they have two wealthy donors (Wal Mart & Tyson) they feel like it is their money. Their fans are mostly arrogant without reason. --Indiana Rebel
I guess I could say their disdain and superiority complex to Ole Miss (don't get me wrong, there are some at Ole Miss that have a superiority complex to everyone, but that's not Ole Miss as a whole.) Don't really understand it at all because we are very similar, and Fayetteville has just as many hoity people in their upper social ranks.--JesusL...TRYING
I hate "PIG...SOOEY!"--Valley_Reb
The horrible fans I live in arkansas so i have to hear them whine and complain about every little thing and I hear about their national title aspirations every year in every sport. And they're unwillingness to play Arkansas State just drives me crazy--futurepanther
The fans, by far the worst in the league.--thegroveguru
Just something about Ark. that it should be North of the Mason Dixon line--RedNeckRebel
Whoo pig suie (or however the hell you spell it), and that stupid female hog mascot. It's as dumb as the female gator at UF. But...looks who's talking about mascots.--University_grey
Fans are pretty obnoxious. And the program as a whole is the worst train wreck in the SEC. Pushing the top QB in the country to go there (when he didn't want to) and all the ensuing contraversy has been one of the worst examples of program managment I've ever seen. Houston Nutt is on the hottest seat in the SEC right now and nobody's talking about it. --PiedmontRebel
Houston Nutt, their fans, the drama of this past season.--shaunp38
Very unrealistic expectations year end and year out. plus ZERO rivalries--TexasReb
Those ugly hats.--chumanfu2000
too dang unpredictable. you really never can guess how this team will do year in and year out. --rebmus
Nothing in particular. I seldom watch them or think about them unless Ole Miss is playing them.--MidtownReb
Their "recollection" of the W-L records against Ole Miss--rebelliousb
Those bedpans they wear on their heads.--germantownrebel
(4) What is your most memorable Ole Miss v. Arkansas game and why?
In Fayetteville of 1999, sitting through 30 degree temps in the rain, freezing after giving my coat to a cold kid beside me. It was a JP game so 2 buddies of mine and I drove up after classes on Friday and slept in the back of my blazer in the stadium parking lot. It was homecoming night so we got to tour the campus and join in on homecoming activities at some of the sorority houses. Anyway, we got killed, but did not leave the game early b/c a few weeks before my buddies and I left the SMU game early and missed a 21 point comeback by the Rebs in the 4th qtr. --paddler94
The 7 overtimes. Too bad we got the short end of the stick on that one.--bwebb77, sampath, Indiana Rebel, shaunp38, TexasReb, chumanfu2000, rebmus
The 1970 Sugar Bowl. Had great tickets for the game, but 3 days before, came down with pneumonia and ended up watching from a hospital bed.A close second was the '97 embarrassment in FayeteNam sitting in the cold rain all day and then having my brand new pickup break down and having to spend the entire weekend there while I waited for a Dodge dealer to open up on Monday.--LudlowReb
7 overtime no doubt. I was so glad to see Matt Jones get out of there because I can't remember a player that could make a diamond out of a turd so often.--JesusL...TRYING
The hit!--Valley_Reb
I'm gonna have to say the 7 OT game where it just went on and on but unfortunatly they pulled it out i remember the final score was like combined for over 100 points--futurepanther
The night Deuce returned the opening kickoff and waved to himself in the jumbotron as he raced down the sideline. Syniker Taylor followed with an 80 yard bomb for TD. We waxed their rear ends that night. Also, the 99 yard run John Avery had...I was sitting in the endzone right behind that play.--thegroveguru
7 OT, and the Games with Ark. while they were in the SWC--RedNeckRebel
Obviously 7OT in 2001 in Oxford. I suffered through every second of it. Close second would be 2003 in Oxford, "The Rain Game." Started pouring down so quickly that you didn't have time to get under cover before you were soaked, so everyone in the student section just stayed. We sat out in the pouring rain for the entire game.--University_grey
Fayetteville in the rain (97 or 98.) Embarrassing.--PiedmontRebel
The 38-16 Ole Miss win in 1999. It was one of Cutcliffe's few moments of head coaching excellence--MidtownReb
Marathon over time game. I needed to pee, SO BAAAAD.--rebelliousb
The 7-OT game. Need I say more? But my FAVORITE memory is Chris Mitchell's "The Hit" in 1990 to preserve a 21-17 Rebel victory.--germantownrebel
(5) Name your second favorite SEC team.
Auburn. Long story.--paddler94
LSU, family thing.--bwebb77
You've got to be kidding. I'm an Ole Miss fan - first, last and always. There are NO other SEC teams that matter to me. Now, on the other end of the spectrum, you can start with lsux and work your way down!--LudlowReb Florida--Indiana Rebel, TexasReb, chumanfu2000
Arkansas. I live there and I'm an Ole Miss fan in a Hog family. They josh with me quite often.--JesusL...TRYING
I hate them all!--Valley_Reb
I go for all SEC teams when they're playing other teams (minus LSU and depending on my mood arkansas)--futurepanther
I don't really have a second favorite. If you made me pick, I'd probably say South Carolina. Their fans are the best in the league. And you gotta love the Ol' Ball Coach throwing barbs through the media every week. Plus, they're an underdog.--thegroveguru
LSU tied with GA. I just love Cajun Food & Peanuts.--RedNeckRebel
If I had to chose, it would probably have to be South Carolina or Georgia--University_grey
Georgia.--PiedmontRebel, shaunp38
tie between lsu, florida, and msu. i don't really dislike any sec team... but root for msu b/c they're in-state. i also have always been fond of lsu and florida for whatever reason.--rebmus
Tennessee if I had to choose one --MidtownReb
Florida or Georgia.--germantownrebel

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