10 April 2009

What a summer it will be!

As Ole Miss fans, we don't get too many summers like this one. Usually we are waiting to see if Lidney's put's us 5th or 6th in the SEC West. Rarely, we move up to 3rd.

Wow, have times changed or what? Top 10 in many preseason-preseason polls. Talk of SEC West champs and a re-match with Florida. It will finally be a pleasure (I think) to pick up the prediction magazines. I've even subscribed to ESPN the magazine in anticipation of all the positive articles that will be written.

Ok, so if you are just now starting to look for the stories, here is a little of what you've missed out on so far:

Newsday spoke with Mr. Snead.

Defense Shines in scrimmage

Ole Miss leaders put the pieces in place

2009 SEC preview

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