12 October 2007

Its time to beat Bama Blue

We've only beaten Bama Blue 8 times since the late 1800's. There have been a lot of close games but in realty we are to them what Vandy is to us. The Bama game is usually one of our biggest games of the year. I would put it third on the list behind LSU & MSU. Of course to hear a Bama fan talk they are out biggest game of the year. (A bit inflated but not unusual considering the source.)

I was born in Huntsville and grew up in Tennessee , a few miles (spitting distance) from the Alabama border. I had to endure Bama, Auburn and Tennessee fans growing up in the late 70's- early 90's. We only beat Bama once during that time that I can remember. It was a good one, the year that the Bear Bryant museum was dedicated. Shortly after that victory, bricks went flying and one ended up in the coaches office. He was gone after that year. I also remember the year we went up 21-0 over Bama and lost the game 62-21.

A friend of mine here in Ohio asked me who to pick in the Ole Miss v. Bama game. I said, I think we have a great shot of beating Bama but you might want to go with history. I told her the series record and she said, I'm going with Bama. I couldn't blame her.

Oddly enough it seems that we always feel as though we have a good shot at Bama but end of losing in the end. We should be use to losing to Bama and I suppose we are.

8 times in 50+ tries... It blows my mind. I am a glutton I suppose but I wouldn't have it any other way.

Hotty Toddy! Beat Bama Blue!

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Anonymous said...

I was at the 21-0 Bama Game - WHY WHY WHY WHY did you have to bring that up again? The game was in Jackson and the Rebel players were celebrating like the game was over and it still was the first quarter.

The Rebel Cheerleaders played "Sweet Home Alabama" on the speakers before the game turning down the volume when the words "Sweet Home Alabama" were to be played. Everyone in the crowd yelled "Go to Hell Alabama". The next week after the game someone from Alabama wrote a letter to the Editor of the Daily Mississippian saying that Ole Miss lost because we had told Alabama to go to Hell.

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