11 October 2007

Q&A with The Tide Druid

The Tide Druid was kind enough to answer a few questions about Alabama and this week's game.

(1) How do you evaluate QB Parker up to this point in the season?

If you look at his stats alone, he hasn't done horrible: 8 TDs passing, 3 TDs rushing with 1200 + yards and 4 interceptions. But, he just hasn't been able to play a consistently good game. He does have a bad habit of staring down his main targets. He is also prone to throwing off of his back foot when pressured, which usually ends up with Alabama punting. Most people want to blame him more than anyone else on the offensive side of the ball. Still, he has been able to score when it comes to crunch time. He's great with a no huddle or 2 minute offense. With the regular offensive play calling, he is adequate.

(2) How about your young O-Line, how are they doing so far?

They've been both good and bad at times. When they have given Wilson protection, we've been able to move the ball. But, they've also been a little to comfortable, allowing more pressure than a group this talented should. Andre Smith is a stud, but has been a little inconsistent at times, as have the others. Expect a new set up for the O-line on Saturday. Justin Britt's mother had a car accident (she'll be ok), so he probably won't play since he's been with his family most of the week. Antoine Caldwell (center) will be moved around as Evan Cardwell takes his place.

(3) What do you think the keys are to a Bama victory?

Ball control by the offense. Though our defense is thin, we've been playing better than most people expected. The problem is that our offense has a tendency to go 3 and out for long stretches of time, forcing our already thin defense to stay out on the field way too long. They end up tired when it matters. This would help to explain such events as the Arkansas comeback, the last FSU score, and the Houston comeback.

(4) What concerns you the most about Ole Miss this weekend?

My biggest concern is that Ole Miss comes out like they have something to play for, while Alabama comes out flat again. If we get behind quickly, I don't know how we'll react on the road.

(5) What's your prediction for the game?

The national nail bitters association should have a field day with this one. Alabama will either start hot, or end with a sudden offensive flourish after struggling most of the game. Ole Miss should be able to move the ball more as the game goes on. Both teams will have their fair share of mistakes I'm sure. To be honest, this game will probably come down to who keeps their mistakes to a minimum in the 2nd half. I think Alabama is capable of winning, but I'm not sure if they will.

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